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  1. Origin Account Hacked

    Nope nothing at all. No email from them etc. Learned my lesson and added an authenticator, swapped email accounts and changed the password. Guess I really dodged the bullet on this one.
  2. Origin Account Hacked

    @[member='ColColonCleaner'] Yep, and it dates back a week or so. Ironically, going through all the reports, the only thing that has really happened is the guy has dropped my skill rating for whatever thats worth and has been trolling hardcore servers. He's also unlocked a few items for me so yay? 
  3. Origin Account Hacked

    So my Origin account has been hacked.   I noticed today after a round or two of playing that I had about 10-12 mysterious battle reports on a few servers in Russia and am in the process of looking back over my other reports to see if anything stands out. I have since changed my password, added an authenticator and am trying to change the email of the account now. Any thoughts on what else I could do?  I have already tossed a message to EA support about the issue as well. 
  4. Spring Patch Discussion Thread

    Shotguns are now the go to's in most scenarios. The updated damage model makes them stupidly ridiculous...11.2 as max damage, min is 5.6. Something like 19-21 pellets on the 870, uts and spas. Combine this with an increased hip fire accuracy and tighter shot pattern (full choke and update) and that thing is clear cut above any other weapon to take at ranges below 50m. Lag seems to be more evident and choppy. I've had multiple people tell me the game seems to crap out and get choppy more frequently. I've had FPS drops from 100-40 or so at the same time as various others (so its more than likely not my GPU crapping out) Someone on reddit was saying its server side CPU issues...I don't know enough to say what really is the case.  One hit kills and various hit detection things like @[member='Surdawi'] said appears to have gotten worse...I occasionally see the bullets that kill me fly by my arms or go way wide, only to be hit by them. Pretty sad when I think I've danced around a guys shotgun blast only to get pulled back and killed but c'est la vie.  Tracers. I wonder if this was testing for battlefront? Fun note. I think on the LSAT (or M60), if you ADS and fire, you can see the tracers appearing half way through your barrel.  Headshots are still a bit wonky IMO but that's balance for ya and 2 shot headshot requirements. Nailed a guy in the face with the mare's leg across the metro, no kill (I have my headshot markers a different colour, so I know I landed it) Also pretty sure you can't break shield glass with the mare's leg (surprising since its .44, but I think they coded the round differently and wouldn't be surprised if they forgot that buff) AN-94 is ridiculously easy to use on burst. Shoots stupid fast, minimal recoil. Muzzle brake, angled foregrip and you can easily compensate for whatever recoil there is. As for the head glitching fix, I guess its working. Its weird user end when you see your gun clear a wall, only to fire and shoot the wall.  SRAWs are supposedly giant paper weights now as well (have yet to test them)   And everyone's kits got reset to...yay! At least that's consistent. Overall, I think this patch is sketchy. Not amazing (fall patch was actually pretty good) but not outright shit either. I just forsee a giant uts and shotgun spam in the future.  
  5. Only in Battlefield

    @[member='Pepsi'] Oh joyyyy. Thankfully It's a new card that is still under warranty (for another 3 years).  And I've only gotten artifacting once and that was right here. I'll see how it goes in the next few days over various games, but there still is a chance that it could be a driver / software glitch and not a full on hardware problem (super super doubtful as it was random, and haven't seen it since)   I will also start monitoring temperature more and see what it peaks at. Probably will just RMA it within the next month or so when I start work again and won't be playing as much. @[member='creamybanana'] There was no one standing there lol. It was a randomly spawning cardboard box that was in really weird places on the map.  
  6. Best weapon ?

    MG4 is the clear cut winner. Has about the same if not less recoil than the 416, fires faster I believe and a 200 round drum mag. Perfect for room/hallway/wall clearing. Throw a silencer on it and you are a 1 man wrecking crew. I personally like the m416 the most though. Silencer/Hbarrel, stubby, holo, flashlight. Turn on the flashlight if you are outnumbered or surprised, side strafe, and very good chance you will win any 1v1. 
  7. Ways To Improve The Phantom Bow

    Ever try to load a bow designed like that quickly? That weird lip it has as a handguard and the sight above it makes it stupid clumsy if you go too fast. Your guy has enough problem reloading some of the guns as is...anything tougher and well lol. I still think making it better would be having it as a gadget or sidearm, not a main weapon. Hell I would only ever take it to troll on metro. Would be great if they brought back the sensor arrow, or the ability to change arrows.
  8. Just watched the Final Stand preview video and...

    Except the maps are huge...the throw ins for BF2142 are pretty epic to...one map has man cannons...yes. Man Cannons. Most exhilarating and wreckless feeling ever being shot across a map in a drop pod.  From those that played 2142, the map called Hangar 21 has a titan mid production, while another has walkers in various states of production, and even one blown up at the front door.
  9. Fastest and Easiest Round Of Lockers :)

    See this is why we can't have nice things :P I joined a game earlier tonight. Before each team was below 950 it was a battle for A. Fun times...
  10. Giving it a Try Again

    you can actually hit things with all the guns firing full auto.  The famas and f2000 are legit weapons now, a heavy barrel is pretty decent to take now to. LMGs are even more stupid easy to use. 
  11. Tech clan, and concerns/ping limiter #3

    Oh boy, please tell me this isn't going to be another "Invictus" clan like dealing. We also used to manually balance and forcibly intervene in cases where there was a full clan stacking. Have we turned away from that path or is it just a case of not enough admins on at the right time to do anything?    I personally enjoy playing against clans. They be creative + helpful fellas. Nothing more rewarding then clearing out all the HIT guys form 3rd floor metro.
  12. Tech clan, and concerns/ping limiter #3

    What are you getting at... Like the Tech guys split up on dif teams, and one guy on Team A would tell the tech guys on Team B where Team A was? or Team B telling the rest of Team B where they think enemies are? Honestly there is no rule against this, and there probably (99.9999999%) wont ever be a rule against this (proof is next to impossible to get) . 
  13. A thought on US #2 and #3 servers.

    We had an explosives metro before in BF3. It was...interesting trying to keep it populated, and was no where near as popular  the no-ex one. It was fun getting m320 smoke kills though. Also had a lockers explosives server I believe and we swapped that out as well recently. Just my 2 cents. 
  14. Kicked Ping [missing]?

    So for the last 3 days, whenever I've been playing in metro, I jump on, play for 5 mins then I get kicked for ping [missing]...the weird thing is though after I rejoin I am perfectly fine for the rest of the day/session. Any idea what might be the cause?

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