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  1. Amazing quality headset, if you wanna get more details on it though. I would suggest watching some unboxing and review videos on Youtube.
  2. Hello from Arizona

     Console here also, welcome to ADK though. 
  3. Thanks for this, helped out alot!
  4. Team Speak Channels - Being In Game

    Good to know, seeing i was in the main BF channel while playing on ADK's server.
  5. Introduction to ADK.

    Hello everyone, kinda new here so here it goes. Names Chris but i go by Silver or SilverX online as you can tell by my name. I'm 22 years old from Virginia. Joined this site looking for a better experience than my last. Seems like I've actually found an amazing gaming community full of friendly guys and gals. I've played PC games for the last 7 years off and on, actually just starting to get back in the vibe of things. I play almost any type of games, but i enjoy FPS games alot more than others. I've been playing on ADK's Battlefield server for the past two days, hope to see you guys on the battlefield sometime.

    Origin id - 5ilverX   (Name was already taken)  :unsure:

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