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    =ADK= Arious
  1. Anyone Else Have It?

    Eh? There are multiple levels, you just have to be playing multiplayer lol
  2. Member Picture Thread

    Chip and I hangin out!
  3. Helloooooo

  4. the dickwhistle

    Lol yeah that was pretty much my issue with t-tops, bad seals are such a bother...
  5. the dickwhistle

    N/As run great, though my baby needs a lot of work. I lent my car to my father when he broke his and he has destroyed all the work I put into it =/ Runs worse than before I fixed it up now. The 95 is nice but I prefer the slickback top, most of the post 93' models are all T-tops with the glass, which is cool too. You won't find a turbo 95' that's not a t-top unless you do a conversion from my understanding. The JDM body parts are also so nice though...I may get a 95' down the road and do JDM conversions, but we'll see cause that's quite a ways down lol.
  6. Amo21000

    I third Chips college thing :] I'd also second Gamer's statement but being Asian...the straight A+ was like a prerequisite to being able to enjoy life hahaha... otherwise yes!
  7. the dickwhistle

    91' 300zx N/A 2+0 A blacked out TT 2+0 does sound super sexy :]
  8. the dickwhistle

    I drive a 300zx, good car :] Were you looking for the Twin Turbo version or an N/A? :]
  9. Whaaaa?!?!?! ADK is awesome thats WHAAAA!!!!!

  10. Welcome to the New Website!

    Lol whoa you're right, there's a mobile version, that's pretty sick!
  11. Welcome to the Return To Greatness

    LOL @ tangy, that's so freakin awesome!
  12. All about Arious

    Oh no there aren't enough posts about cats yet to keep them happy!
  13. All about Arious

    What up all! Real Name: Justin In-Game Name: =ADK= Arious Gender: Male Age:21 Location: Las Vegas My name is Justin and I'm a student at UNLV- University of Nevada, Las Vegas! More stuff on the way, I'm making an intro to rival Chips!
  14. Welcome

    Woot now we just gotta get all our stuff up and awesomeness will ensue!

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