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  1. [Let's Get This Game Going] for (Satisfactory)

    Lots of Early Access info! Localisation, save files, balancing, Early Access release time (spoiler: #5pmGMT) + more. Also Content Creators, a lot of info in here for you too. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  2. Sky Laboratory-Remade

    #Version has been uploaded to Curseforge and awaiting approval * Added Rocky Core * Added RandomPatches should fix the issue with timing out and getting kicked from servers when you first try to join * Added EMC Values to Light Matter * Added EMC Values to Dark Matter * Added Flux Furance Recipes * Updated Actually Additions * Updated Industrial Foregoing * Updated Hammer Core * Updated Pam's HarvestCraft * Updated AIOT Botania * Updated Woot * Updated Splash Animation * Updated Construct Armory * Updated Bonsai Trees * Updated Forge to * Updated Applied Energistics 2 * Updated CraftTweaker * Updated FTB Guides * Updated FTB Utilities * Updated FTBLib * Updated Hatchery * Updated Immersive Engineering * Updated Iron Chest * Updated Reborn Core * Updated Signals * Updated Soul Shards Respawn * Updated Ultimate Car Mod * Updated YABBA * Updated Ender IO * Updated Advanced Rocketry * Updated Building Gadgets * Updated Carry On * Updated Chisel & Bits * Updated Client Tweaks * Updated Cyclic * Updated Default Options * Updated Dragons Mounts 2 * Updated NotEnoughIDs * Updated Obfuscate * Updated Pewter * Updated Thermal Expansion * Updated Waystones * Updated Extra Utilities * Updated Forge MultiPart CBE * Updated McJtyLib * Updated MrCrayfish's Vehicle Mod * Updated UniDict * Updated FPS Reducer * Updated NuclearCraft * Fixed having 2 graves For some reason every time I would disable the graves in open blocks it would reenable itself somehow * Fixed Astral Sorcery Recipes for the starter crafting table and wand * Minor tweaks to CFG's * Removed Thaumcraft * Removed Thaumcraft 6 Aspects for JEI * Removed Thaumic JEI * Removed Thaumic Tinkerer * Removed Thaumic Inventory Scanning (Thaumcraft Addon) * Removed Thaumic Equivalence * Removed Thaumic Computers * Removed Thaumic Periphery * Removed Rustic Thaumaturgy * Removed The Beneath Fixed TPS ISSUES * Removed DecoCraft2 Causing too many TPS ISSUES * Removed PTRLib * Removed Dimensional Cake Rebuilt * Removed Random Things Fixed more TPS issues * Balanced Aroma1997s Dimensional World Recipes to require Environmental Tech materials. * Balanced Sieves Recipe for the base Sieve now requires to be made out of treated wood and resin * Cleanup of Script names and better organization of scripts * Removed Random Things Fertilized Dirt Recipe * Removed Rustic Fertile Soil Recipe * Removed Garden Cloche Recipe * Fixed Crop sticks to now work with hatchery fertilized farmland * Fixed Crop sticks to now work with hatchery fertilized dirt * Fixed Crop sticks to now work with farming for blockheads fertilized farmland rich * Fixed Crop sticks to now work with farming for blockheads fertilized farmland healthy * Fixed Crop sticks to now work with farming for blockheads fertilized farmland rich stable * Fixed Crop sticks to now work with farming for blockheads fertilized farmland healthy stable * Fixed Crop sticks to now work with farming for blockheads fertilized farmland stable * Fixed Crop sticks to now work with End Steel Seeds * Fixed Crop sticks to now work with Sky Stone Seeds * Fixed Crop sticks to now work with Snad * Fixed Crop sticks to now work with Red Snad * Added All crops to the correct Hatchery and Farming for Blockheads new soil types * Added All Crops that use sand to support Snad * Disabled Vanilla Farming * Disabled Quantum Quarry Fixed more TPS issues * Disabled Deep Dark Fixed more TPS issues * removed Vanilla End portal so use sky resources 2 end portal * File size reduction cleaned up 1.2MB of cfg files that most of these mod updates left behind with garbage files no longer used by the mods due to updates and many mods changing where they store the config files way to go mod authors changing how your mod stores the config files and not having your mod clean up after itself
  3. Sky Laboratory-Remade

    There has been a lot of updates and changes to the modpack and been uploaded today and waiting for approval
  4. Sky Laboratory-Remade

    This is a modpack i made and I am going to be updating it to 1.13.X once forge is updated to 1.13.x but this modpcak is under active development right now
  5. Sky Laboratory-Remade

    The past few months I been working on a project and sorta disappeared from adk for the past few months working on this project for Minecraft 1.12.2 I will be updating it to 1.13.X once forge is updated and the mods used to make this modpack. Sky Laboratory-Remade Based off of FTB Presents Sky Factory 3 from minecraft 1.10.2 It's skyblock like then you will Love this. With High Tech mods with full automation as well as Magic which will make your enemies bones melt! Sky Laboratory Remade starts the player in the void with nothing but a tree and a single piece of dirt between you and certain death! . If your ready to get started just come and pick up your achievement book today and start your journey into Sky Laboratory-Remade! you can download this modpack off the Twitch App, FTB Launcher, or MMC the project page is found over at Curseforge https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/sky-laboratory-remade @Oz111 has helped me get a few bugs fixed and I finally Feel confident with this pack to post it here to share with the minecraft community that is apart of this great community
  6. Wildcard cracks down on cheaters.

    yea leave the cheating to single player games keep it out of the multiplayer aspect
  7. Battlefield V - Live Reveal May 23rd

    Hope it is not another let down like 4 was
  8. DESOLATE Earily Access Game

    Patch 0.7.68 DESOLATE - WapaQapa Greetings, Volunteers! New patch with the improvements for the marauders and New Light soldiers, custom difficulty and customization for the room. Changes & Additions Custom difficulty is now available when creating a server. You can change some aspects of the game the way you like it. Marauders and New Light soldiers can use kicks now. It can counter you block or a heavy attack. Marauders now use Molotov cocktails. New light soldiers can use grenades and a new type of melee weapon (right now it is just a heavy weapon but in the next patch they will be able to set the player on fire). Madmen kick attack was rebalanced. Previously they could use it even when the player used fast attacks, now they will only use it to counter blocks and heavy attacks. You can buy some customization for your room in the Oasis shop now. The rooms have player names in front of them. Fixes Boxes with crafting parts were still given as a reward for some quests — fixed. No symbols on the road signs in some languages — fixed. During the main quest in the Podzemka facility the trigger which opened doors did not work correctly — fixed. In the last quest enemies did not spawn during alarm — fixed. In the craft section the durability of the backpack and armor was negative — fixed. Trophies could not be researched from lootable objects — fixed. In some cases the posters did not appear in the room after being collected by the player — fixed. Broken tools did not have any visuals to show their durability is 0 — now they become red when you can’t use them anymore for craft. 15 places with wrong side of the stones or cliffs visible. 6 places where enemies could get stuck. 10 objects above ground. 4 places where players could get stuck. A reminder, if you are stuck , please report the place and write /unstuck in chat. You will be teleported to a safe spot. Changed the loading volumes in the P.I.T. to fix the falling through floor. And of course, if you’re enjoying the game - please don’t hesitate to give us a review! 🇺🇸🇬🇧Please write your comments in English only 🇷🇺Новость и обсуждения на русском в официальном сообществе Вконтакте
  9. Discord Bot Suggestions

    do we have any service status discord bots for each of the sections we have private boxes for?
  10. Discord Bot Suggestions

    we need a music bot XD

    Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition is out now and the Steam Workshop is live! MARCH 6 - DANIELS Happy launch day everyone! Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition is available now and we are also proud to announce that the FFXV Steam Workshop is also up and running! MOD support has always been an important aspect of Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition and alongside the launch of the full game, we are proud to launch the FFXV Windows Edition Steam Workshop! This is the home of all FFXV Windows Edition MODs on Steam and you can find it by clicking here The FFXV Modding tool is not available straight away at launch but the development team are working hard to release it as soon as possible. At first the modding tool will be quite limited, but over time the FFXV team plan to add more and more functionality to the tool to give you the freedom to do a host of cool things in FFXV Windows Edition. We want anyone, even those who have never modded a game before, to be able to pick up the tools and use them confidently. Initially you will be able do things like swap costumes around but in the future, the tools will allow you to do much more. That is, if you want to! This is a big step for us at Square Enix as we’ve never opened up one of our games to MOD support like this before. This is incredibly exciting for us and we hope you are all excited to help create and experience this with us too. That being said, this is going to be a bit of a learning experience for us so there may be some teething issues. We will of course, endeavour to give you the best possible experience with both the Steam Workshop and MOD support more generally. We want the FFXV Windows Edition MOD community to be a welcome and open one and we will need your help to achieve this. If you see a particularly awesome and creative MOD, be sure to rate it highly, share it around and give credit to its creator(s) when the time comes. Keep an eye on the FFXV Windows Edition Steam Workshop and remember if you pre-purchased or purchase FFXV Windows Edition on Steam before 1st May, you can get the Half-Life Pack from the FFXV Windows Edition Steam Workshop for free!

    Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Benchmark Tool, pre-order info and more revealed! FEBRUARY 1 - DANIELS A special message from director Hajime Tabata: YouTube™ Video: FINAL FANTASY XV WINDOWS EDITION: Hajime Tabata Community Message Views: 21,953 Director Hajime Tabata addresses the Steam Community! Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition is coming out on 6th March 2018 and today we’ve released a FFXV benchmark tool to help you optimise and prepare your PC so you can get the best possible experience when the game launches in just over a months’ time. You can find the FFXV benchmark tool below for your corresponding region: North America[www.jp.square-enix.com] | Europe (English)[www.jp.square-enix.com] | France[www.jp.square-enix.com] | Germany[www.jp.square-enix.com] | Japan[www.jp.square-enix.com] FFXV Windows Edition supports native 4K and 8K resolutions with HDR10 and Dolby Atmos along with ongoing mod support. Below is a handy chart that will give you the rundown on minimum, recommended and 4K HDR PC specs: From today, you can also pre-order FFXV Windows Edition on Steam! Steam pre-order bonus If you choose to pre-purchase FFXV Windows Edition on Steam, you will receive the “FFXV Fashion Collection.” This bonus pack contains a selection of t-shirts for Noctis to wear and each one has a special buff. The Episode Gladiolus t-shirt enhances strength, the Episode Prompto t-shirt accelerates your HP recovery rate, the Episode Ignis t-shirt increases your critical hit rate and the Comrades t-shirt increases your maximum HP. Click here to pre-order FFXV Windows Edition from Steam There will also be more early purchase bonuses (on top of the ones listed above) revealed soon so keep an eye on FinalFantasyXV.com for more details in the near future. In case you need a refresher on the additional features in FFXV Windows Edition then here’s a handy list: Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition features: Expanded Map: Insomnia City Ruins – all-new side quests and enemies such as Cerberus and Omega will be available through the expanded map of the Crown City of Insomnia. Players can also take on a battle with the Rulers of Yore A fully-controllable Royal Vessel boat, expanding the world of Eos and allowing players to explore the area between Cape Caem and Altissia. Players will also be able to fish aboard the vessel and discover new fish and recipes A new accessory that can activate the new action “Armiger Unleashed” - players will be able to unleash powerful attacks while the Armiger is summoned. After collecting all of the royal arms, players will be able to find an accessory in an unidentified part of the world, enabling access to Armiger Unleashed A new first-person camera mode, allowing players to experience the game from Noctis’ perspective More than a dozen pieces of downloadable content including weapons, Regalia car skins and item sets All current season pass content including: Episode Gladiolus, Episode Prompto, Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades and Episode Ignis Archive – players can review the “Cosmogony” stories scattered throughout the Final Fantsay XV world. Additional local myths and legends will also be placed in various new locations. Through them, players will be able to obtain more information about the world Quest to obtain and Strengthen Regalia Type-D Remember to keep an eye on our social media channels to hear all the news and updates about FFXV Windows Edition first!

    Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Benchmark News FEBRUARY 6 - DANIELS We would like to thank the gaming community for all the feedback on our recently released FFXV Windows Edition benchmark tool. Your feedback will help us fine-tune the performance of the game. We wanted the benchmark tool to approximate the level of visual quality and performance you can expect from your PC environment when running Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition. A Level Of Detail (LOD) issue has been discovered that affects the benchmark scores. The benchmark also suffers from stuttering; both of the issues will be addressed in the shipping game. While the settings in the benchmark are largely pre-selected for simplicity’s sake, the final game will feature highly customizable settings with On/Off options for a wide variety of settings. The benchmark will give you an idea of how beautiful the game will be upon release, but for the reasons stated above, the benchmark may not accurately reflect the game’s final performance.

    Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition playable demo and exclusive bonus items! FEBRUARY 22 - DANIELS Next Monday, on 26th February, a free playable demo for Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition will be available to download! It will be available on the FFXV Windows Edition Steam page and will contain the entirety of Chapter 1. Not only will you be able to fully explore the tutorial and enjoy the opening main quests but you will also be able to test your PC to see how well FFXV Windows Edition will run on it and how high you will be able to push the graphics options. UPDATE: Click here to find the FFXV Windows Edition Playable Demo. Hajime Tabata, the director of FFXV (and FFXV Windows Edition) also has another special message for you and the steam community. If something looks a bit… different… don’t worry, it won’t leave you scratching your head: YouTube™ Video: Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition: Hajime Tabata Community Message #2 Views: 15,313 Director Hajime Tabata addresses the Steam community and elaborates on today’s announcements, with one very special collaboration! FFXV Windows Edition will be released on 6th March 2018 and you can pre-purchase and find the playable demo (once it is released on Monday) via the link below: FFXV Windows Edition Steam page We hinted before that there would be more early purchase bonuses for FFXV Windows Edition and today we are proud to reveal what else you can get by purchasing FFXV Windows Edition early on Steam! If you pre-purchase or purchase FFXV Windows Edition on Steam before 1st May 2018, you can claim the Half-Life pack via Steam Workshop! This pack features an in-game costume for Noctis based on Gordon Freeman, star of the legendary Half-Life video game series and the pack will also be available for FFXV Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades as well. This means your in-game avatar will also be able to wear Gordon Freeman’s suit!! The items included in the Half-Life pack include: - HEV Suit - Scientist Glasses - Crowbar All of these items will come in addition to the pre-purchase bonuses we have previously announced. You can find more info on these bonuses on a previous announcement post by clicking here. Remember to keep an eye on our social media channels and our website to hear all the news and updates about FFXV Windows Edition first! Twitter Facebook Instagram[www.instagram.com] YouTube FFXV Website[www.finalfantasyxv.com]

    Pre-load Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Now! MARCH 1 - DANIELS The title says it all really - you can pre-load FFXV Windows Edition right now so you'll be able to jump straight into the world of Eos as soon as the game launches next week on Tuesday 6th March. Here's also a casual reminder that if you pre-purchase or purchase FFXV Windows Edition on Steam before 1st May, you can claim the Half Life Pack for free! Click here for more info. If you want to try the game out before you pre-purchase it then you can click here to download the free FFXV Windows Edition Playable Demo otherwise we will hopefully see you when the game launches on Tuesday! UPDATE: If you have downloaded the FFXV Windows Edition Playable Demo, you will lose access to the demo if you pre-load the full version of FFXV Windows Edition. You can however, download the demo again if you wish to. Data including game saves/progress from the demo will also not transfer over to the full game.

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