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    Bromacia and joining the wild unicorn movement

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    Duckymarshmallow (EU) Duckswillfindyou (NA)
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    It's always going to be Duckymarshmallow

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    don't know but it's huge and has blue LEDs all over it, this case is my little beast and bites so watch out.

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  1. To all the EUW players!

    Count me in :) I've fixed my pc so I can play league again!
  2. What's your take on gnar?

    But isn't ranked there to be serious? I see normals there for fun games. People make professional gaming and streaming careers through there rank as it attracts viewers (you'd be more likely to watch a diamond player than a gold player). So far I've had a few Gnars in my games and have found them to lose out to many of the current top picks. When you are wanting to gain elo having your top lane lose is a major issue. 
  3. The New Tier in League of Legends

    Will definitely be a good thing in my eyes, will stop pro players from having multiple accounts in challenger and taking up spots from diamond players with the aim of being noticed for streaming/pro play although it will also screw a lot of other challengers that cannot play consistently enough to stay in their current rank.
  4. Im the NEW Recruiter for LOL

    The European side is growing larger and larger so looking forward to having an European recruiter to deal with incoming apps and community advertisement :)
  5. EUW side of ADK

    I would definitely become active again if an EU west side was introduced. I disappeared due to lack of support for any games I actually played so this idea would fix my few issues with this community.
  6. Hi I'm donky

    No problem Donkaroo
  7. Hi I'm donky

    Roses are blue Violets are red Drunk I'm not shut up My Donky is name
  8. Yo :o

    Roses are black Violets are black I've been blinded Shroom shroom shroom
  9. Who's got your bet for Worlds?

    I'm rooting for Fnatic, they're doing very well this year
  10. Hello from britain

    Hello I'm Ducky and I'm a rare female, british gamer. I play a lot of league of legends and am starting to play warthunder. I'm often on teamspeak and spend most of my time gaming, even when I shouldn't be. I hope to be able to join ADK as I'm on the TS so often and it's about time I joined. 
  11. My thoughts on Lucian

    First black champion? what happened to Karma?

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