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  1. ''As i live,all will die!''

    1. SomethinglikeEA


      "Your legacy shall drift away, blown into eternity, like the sands of the desert."


  2. Aatrox has carried me through two divisions

    :D aatrox is really fun,what do you build on him ? (ruins,masteries,items)
  3. im interested in knowing what team in the LCS is you're favorite and who are you chearing for ? (doesnt matter if the team is from NA or EU or anywhere) my personal teams would have to be curse from NA and ninjas in pijamas from EU :)
  4. hi guys,i just wanted to ask what would u guys build for renekton ? im trying to be a better renekton player (cuz i wuv him) and i would <3 it if you guys could help me out with recommended masteries,items,runes and etc. :) thnx
  5. =ADK= League of Legends - Friends List

    i am ALEX10727 :) im lvl 23,so im not lvl 30 yet,but i will try to be there as soon as possible :P
  6. My thoughts on Lucian

    hahaha very funny music,it isnt like he is the first black skined champion in all league of legends tho :/ ,well,classic champion skin wise,he may be,but other champions are also black if u buy a specific skin for them :).examples are pantheon,kassadin and a few others,people shouldnt be making such a fuss.he does seem abit overpowered,i mean he can run/dash while using his ulti,if u watch his spotlight u can see how he can use his ulti to his advantage in so many situations.but we will have to wait and see.i do think putting this song would be funny tho :P
  7. perma ban ?

    k thnx for telling :) good to know i wouldnt lose my acc just cuz of client dced or internet issues.
  8. perma ban ?

    does anybody know how many bans it takes to be perma banned ? i have been banned around 4 times due to internet problems in the past,last time i was banned i had to wait a week to play again (havent had any internet problems in along time now so im doing good right now) but if anybody know i would appreciate the shared info :)
  9. Techniz introduction

    thats my pizza delivery boy ! :) im also new,hope we have fun :D
  10. ello everybody :D ALEX10727

    i plan on buying BF4 :) i got PS+ and BF3 was free (still currently is) i have been playing it and it is awesome,single player had a few bugs for me :( but they were not enough to take too much away from the fun :) i cant say i mainly play it since i dont perma have it :/ but i might soon :D
  11. New Yi Too OP ?

    i guess the new yi is more balanced,now that all his abilitys are just as usefull,instead of just building AP and using alpha strike as a main source for damage,now that he builds AD and not AP alot of different playstyles will open up for him :)
  12. New Yi Too OP ?

    do you guys think the new yi es better and stronger,or did u prefer the old yi ? let me know :)
  13. hi everybody,i wanted to join my friend techniz....and dreamazing into a clan so we came here :) hope we all get along,i like fish,my most played games are league of legends and call of duty,i play call of duty on my ps3,soon ps4 :) hopefully.im ALEX10727 on both PSN and STEAM so feel free to add me if u like,unless u dont like fish ¬¬,jk jk XD GL and HF.GG !

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