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    EZ skins Ez life ez game ez money :D

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    Windows 10 64bit
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    AMD FX 8350 eight core
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    Gigabyte GTX 970 Windforce OC
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    Hyper X blue 16GB
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    Sharkoon Drankonia,Steelseries g6v2,Plantronic RIG 500
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  1. Will You Be Buying Battlefield 1?

    Me + BF1 =<3 I will play just after the release more than 12h in a row XD
  2. BF1 PC upgrades!

    Na I dont have to upgrade for now with the Gtx 970 Bf1 will be running perfectly in the higher settings XD But which card did you put ?? @Blackbird4503 The new 1080/1070??
  3. Battlefield 1 BETA

    If it would be so ez XD
  4. Battlefield 1 BETA

    They did a stream Today with a desert map it was really good ,there was also a train XD
  5. Battlefield 1 BETA

    Ea please give me the key now XD
  6. BF1 will be big

    @Bromance Thats what happen if you invite Snoop Dog to a event everyone will be stoned XD
  7. BF1 will be big

    Snoop dog just have a joint in is mouth
  8. BF1 will be big

    Ok Now we know that Bf1 will be really big Snoop fucking Dog was there 420 Ez Ez Iluminati Confirmed 420 Blaze it:D
  9. Battle.net ID Tags

    Sgtmalmo#2808 I`m gonna buy the game this week
  10. Looking for people to play with !

    Just add me my name is xxsgtmalmoxx if you want you can also just join me in ts or send me a message there if you want to play with me! : D
  11. This game is alive?

    After 2 months I played again BF3 !It took me some games but now I have again more than 40 kills :D/XD
  12. Introducing myself :)

    @[member='msfatal'] I know laith`s channel is sometimes a bit strange  But I hope you liked us :D We are not normal sooo (ADK) @[member='Laith SJ']   @[member='MsKarolina1993'] biggest noob in here :D @regenerate83
  13. Heya im Blackstar !

    I hope I can see maybe in the next few days and play with you maybe :D You are GN3?? @[member='Blackstar']
  14. Innndi!

    @[member='Innndi'] Welcome to adk it's so much fun to play with you :D You too good for me in bf3 :D
  15. I´m FreakyBloud

    @[member='itsPatronus'] Austria

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