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  1. LEVEL 108???

    Why is it show 00 on Charlie_Day ? http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/soldier/-wkD-Charlie_Day/stats/374255541/pc/
  2. LEVEL 108???

    thats pretty legit.
  3. LEVEL 108???

    He was banned shortly, lol.
  4. RANKS....

    1st Division for Fast Attack Craft, Nuff' Said.
  5. Battlefield 4 ADK Comp Team -fN

    Boats, Please make a way for boats.
  6. The Death of TDM and High Ticket Servers

    This is also dices fault for not running the beta long enough to get the bugs fixed and other issues that they some how to make.
  7. Current state of BF4

    I agree 100% he could've added the fucked up queue system also. and the missing gun
  8. Fuzums

    Hey, Welcome to ADK Forums! We're all glad you're here!
  9. Jeep Fun + First Repair Tool Kill

    That was beautiful at the end! :p
  10. Dynasty's BF4 Optimization For Smooth Gameplay

    Cant get the settings to work, Bad luck..
  11. Best way to record BF4

    I've had ShadowPlay write to 2 different hard drives that I wasn't using and It caused my fps to go from 170 to 53 and it's so annoying to be skipping around the screen.
  12. Domination Server?

  13. TDM Fast Rank Server

    +1 @[member='billymcguffin']
  14. TDM Fast Rank Server

  15. New guy

    Welcome to the Forums, Hope to play with you and to talk to you on TeamSpeak!

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