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  1. im back!

    thanks guys
  2. im back!

    Well ive been away from pc gaming for about a year now and im finally glad to be back on my feet and gaming with you guys!
  3. Happy SRR-61 Camper

    lethal as hell with that srr-61
  4. Best Black Friday Deals You Got

    got a 80" sharp 3d tv for 2,000 regularly 5000
  5. paintball

    nppl is still fun regardless paintball istelf is an awesome sport i hope to see it progress and get even better
  6. paintball

    @[member='infamoushoole'] i played d2 for about 3 years so psp ramp was the name of teh game
  7. paintball

    @[member='infamoushoole'] lmfao some just sit there for a second like did that really just happen
  8. paintball

    @[member='infamoushoole'] there is no better feeling then watching them squirm as you come flying over s3  hitting the floor and at there s1 before they know what even happened
  9. paintball

    @[member='Konvict1982'] lmao its not spray and pray its laning dominating your lane means dumping paint in there direction
  10. paintball

    @[member='HaRdLy007'] at least someone knows that after the day of playing is the best part 
  11. paintball

    @[member='Kryxi'] if you say so everyone has there own level of pain tolerance
  12. paintball

    @[member='Kryxi'] it doesnt hurt that bad
  13. paintball

    we took first place open division at uwl championships this weekend
  14. paintball

    love mech markers
  15. paintball

    @[member='infamoushoole']   i would but i own way to markers to begin with got a aftershock 1/10 lv1  an limited edition ego 11 in camo and a joker luxe 1.5 with 2.0 core green on purple  plus some old shockers and some pumps and cockers i own probably like 15 markers haha

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