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    Jinfusakei reacted to QuadroNVS in Post Pictures of Your Gaming PC   
    Thats a beautiful setup setup 
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    Jinfusakei reacted to Nova in Squad: A Realism-Focused Tactical Shooter   
    When I was viewing new content, I thought this said, "Squid - A Realism focused tactical shooter" and thought....the frack?
    Whatever, +1ed ya! Hope others like it
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    Jinfusakei reacted to Peeta in Squad: A Realism-Focused Tactical Shooter   
    Hello =ADK=,
    For any of you familiar with the Project Reality modification for Battlefield 2, some of their Development team have been working on a new game on the side. This new game is called "Squad". It's basically a new FPS based on UE4 that is focused around realism, teamwork, coordination, etc. Understand that all gameplay below is pre-alpha footage but if you are really interested in the style of gameplay, you should look around the PR forums and get a feel for how the PR:BF2 mod is.
    I'm pretty shite at describing games, so I'll just leave you with the video link and information link.
    Info link: http://www.realitymod.com/forum/f11-off-topic-discussion/131654-squad-commercial-game-made-developers-inspired-pr-bf2.html (Project Reality's forums)
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    Jinfusakei reacted to Chief_Rockie in From Playing Wildstar to birth!   
    It's a boy. Born at 1:31 am.
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    Jinfusakei reacted to FeatherSton3 in 20 constructive forum posts   
    No one will probably read this or think it's useful, but I have free time and I thought I would lend a hand to the new guys. 
    (If you're a forum lover like me, then you obviously shouldn't have a problem with this.)
    So, I have heard from a few applicants/soon-to-be applicants that they are confused about 20 forum posts. For some reason some think it has to be 20 started posts (threads), some don't know how to post without spamming, and others are just confused in general, so I'm going to break this down.
    Post #1- Introduce Yourself! This is by far the most important first post you can create. It lets the community know who you are. In this post talk about what games you play, that way others who play the same game as you will respond and say, "hey man! I play *insert game here* as well! hop on Teamspeak and join us sometime!" If you're too uncomfortable with sharing some information, i.e.: age, location, etc. That's okay.
    (A few posts after number one can be responding to those who comment on your introduction thread.)
    Next Post- Member Application. Yes, I said member application. Unless you're a hacker, or a troll, there's no reason why we wouldn't want you to become apart of this amazing community. 
    Alright, now you're up to about 5 posts or so. So now what? Well, I'm glad you asked. 
    At the very top of the screen on the right hand side you will see Site Links. Under that tab you will see View New Content. This is by far the easiest way to help with your post number. Just make sure you don't spam. What I mean is, say something constructive. If it's less then four words, chances are it's probably spam. 
    "What should I look for under View New Content?" The best thing would be to go to the forum section in which games that you play exist here on the forums. I.E.: Planetside 2, Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, ArcheAge, DayZ. 
    Last but not least, do not be afraid to start your own thread! 
    Thanks for reading.
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    Jinfusakei reacted to chili_nor in Post Pictures of Your Gaming PC   
    Finaly done with the upgrades for some time, just going to wait for the new GM200 chips

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    Jinfusakei reacted to Wacko920 in Post Pictures of Your Gaming PC   
    This is an old gaming case that I'm turning into a home server:  Here are the specs:
    Case:  Lian-Li PC-6x Black Dragon
    Power Supply:  Antec 550 watt Motherboard:  XFX AM2+/AM2 NVIDIA GeForce 8200 HDMI Micro ATX CPU:  AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ Windsor Dual-Core 3.0GHz HSF:  Noctua NH-C12P Quiet 120mm cpu cooler Memory:  CORSAIR XMS2 1GB 240-Pin DDR2 Video Card:  XFX GT240 Hard Drive:  Western Digital WD2500JB Caviar SE EIDE 250 GB DVD:  LG DVDRW   Here are the pictures:   [attachment=3962:server pics 049-1.png] Side Door   [attachment=3963:server pics 050.png] Front   [attachment=3964:server pics 028.png] Motherboard tray
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    Jinfusakei reacted to Dimwit in General Rules & Information (WIP)   
    At the current time, within the restriction of what we know now, podkililng non-KoS targets would be considered by us to be something that falls under the heading of 'griefing' and akin to crashing into someone's ship whom you know not to have insurance for the conditions underwhich you meet them.   This may have not only immediate financial consequences for the person's game condition and finances, but under some conditions render them catastrophically effected.  Ultimately someone discovered having done this would have to explain themselvesa to a court of inquiry of the org and face punishment up to and inclusive of expulsion.  What the results of that ruling might have on ADK.com membership would be would be settled by ADK.com officers. 
    Pirating is unnecessary -and within the org not permitted at this point- because as the game dynamics currently exist, logically it would limit us only to piratical and fringe behaviors which is not the majority of the group's interest.  Bounty-hunting on the other hand would be encouraged, and Privateering is another thing altogether where clearly letters of Marque would be issued as soon and as often as we were in conflict with any other orgs.  
    Choosing enemies and allies as opposed to having them chosen for us
    Piracy is inevitably going to create reasons for strife with other groups that is unpredictable and otherwise unnecessary:  There will be plenty of targets of opportunity without needing to be a pirate since the game play is inevitably going to lead us into conflict with other organizations ANYWAY  - without someone going off half-cocked and randomly starting issues with orgs against whom we might have no defense because of size and against whom we might otherwise have nothing or even a tendency to be in alliance with!  
    Merchants and legal moneymakers pay the price, but support the fleet
    Allowing piracy or having an agreement with a piracy oriented group means anyone trying to develop regular trade routes with slow and difficult to protect trade vehicles or worse, those developing nodes and fixed assets and known points of regular commercial activity- will be at the mercy of whatever group (with or without warning) any pirate who gets identified should have decided to piss off by raiding.  This means that by the game dynamics currently available, it is logically inconsistent to allow piracy or contact with piratical elements if we hope to have elements whose intentions are lawful, vulnerable, and might be subject to reprisal that we cannot reasonably prevent.  The probable cost of trying to field fleet-level types of ships for defensive purposes and similar activities may be prohibitive if we don't have the income base from commercially oriented persons, whom we drive off if we cannot prevent them from being the constant target of reprisals.
    Do I have to follow all the laws?
    This does not mean we do not allow illegal activities.  That is something that is inclusive of smuggling, spying, contracting of all sorts, and other behaviors that I will not enumerate here and are NOT expressly forbidden.  Since there will be many cases where enemy vessels will be encountered (be they pirates, bounty-targets, Vanduul, or enemy organizations as declared by the org) piracy should not be necessary to have the opportunity for prize-taking and action.   
    Multiple Characters, Multiple Accounts
    Multiple characters off the same user account are confirmed even though all the details are not worked out.  These may be acquired with multiple ships, but there may be other ways of also acquiring them which we should learn more about as the PU draws closer.  Note that though the characters may be distinct, it has been specifically mentioned that these characters may be traced to their common account and therefor main character.  This would suggest that though multiple characters would solve the need to worry about org rules, that may not be true unless one has a separate account and neither discusses nor in any way demonstrates the existence of that account in relation to the org.  
    It is expected that as an ADK.com member you will be a member of the ADK.Org in the game you are playing (in this case, Star Citizen).  If for any reason one were to be proven a pirate or griefer and links from any character or account be proven, a court of inquiry would be held, and any meliorating circumstances examined.  The most likely outcome would be expulsion from the Org.  Other repercussions would be the province of ADK.com officers.  
    Why are we doing this? 
    The ADK outfit is being constructed on a basis of cohesion, and mutual trust.  We prefer a smaller group that is cohesive and within which we can practice secure communications (with protection and fail-safes) that should prove to allow us far better group capability than larger groups that will neither have the internal security emphasis nor cohesion that we should be able to muster.  Along these lines we will begin to develop a series of test and exercise behaviors that will make us not only different than most groups but that reflect those ideals and (ridiculous though they may seem) useful concepts that are contained half-in-jest in our Org. documents.  
    While I would love to say we welcome all walks of life, the logic of the game dynamics as they currently exist do not suggest a stable outcome if we do.  Diplomatic exigencies as we currently conceive of them also probably preclude an openly 'don't ask, don't tell' environment.  Security and cohesion are items that are likely to make the difference in what otherwise might be unequal struggles, and it is to this end that we have the current poiicies. ~Dim 
    Edited by Dimwit, Today, 01:00 AM.
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    Jinfusakei got a reaction from White Death in Favorite Artist/Band?   
    1. Supercell (Japanese band)
    2. Fade (Japanese alternative rock band)
    3. Ludwig van Beethoven (gotta have classical sometimes)
    5. Daft Punk
    6. Incubus
    7. LiSA (Japanese artist)
    8. Sound Horizon (Japanese band)
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    Jinfusakei reacted to NioNai in Post Pictures of Your Gaming PC   
    This is my current setup.

    The speccy may be hard to see from there, but I'll post it below.
    FX-8350 closed loop
    AsRock Extreme9 FX990 motherboard
    16GB 1600 DDR3
    2x GTX 770 4GB (Elsa) 1 closed loop
    250GB 840 evo pro SSD
    3TB Sata Drive
    3 x Philips 242G 144hz monitors, each one can max out at 3600x2024 resolution at 60hz.
    (These are being replaced by 1 Samsung U28D590D 4k 60hz monitor)
    My Audio is done by a Teac AH-01 DAC, and my headphones are DT 770 Pro 250ohm and HD 598s
    My keyboard is a Filco Magi II, and I have a Naga 14 mechnaical mouse and a Abyssus.
    For my racing games I have a G27 logitech wheel.
    I also have an ASUS ROG G750jx with a i7 4770hq, 12GB DDR3 1600, GTX 870 3GB laptop, for when I'm away from home to do animation and gaming.
    Here are a few screenshots from my desktop playing at 3600x2024 on one of my current monitors.


    The Last Remnant


    Battlefield 4


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    Jinfusakei reacted to Viper in Post Pictures of Your Gaming PC   
    Current set up still not complete though


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    Jinfusakei reacted to thatirishguyyy in When Star Citizen meets LEGO's: F7A Hornet   
    LEGO Ideas

    Full Story
    Also, this is my 1000th post.
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    Jinfusakei reacted to Dalriaden in Starting hangar/location   
    Somewhere in the gamescom presentation or one of the past few 10 ftc it was mentioned that your hangar will tie into your starting area, so when we get more info is ADK going to have a preferred area for the org where we'll all be based out of?
    Personally I plan to buy a jukebox and put it in an asteroid hangar to play the batman theme every time I fly out.
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    Jinfusakei got a reaction from elmosdarkside in Elmosdarkside   
    Welcome! We are glad to see more faces coming to ArcheAge, I can't wait to play with you in the game!
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    Jinfusakei reacted to Lilithia in Hi, my name is Jack AKA Lilithia   
    Hi, My name is Jack
    I am 32 years old and been PC gaming since I was a teen started at Warcraft 2, MMO starting at EQ 1999.
    I play different games from time to time, Mainly DOTA 2, Hearthstone, BF 4.
    I am now going to focus on ArcheAge.
    I am a family man and my time in game sometimes verrys, but I learn the game I'm playing very well.
    I am Devorced with 2 kids, I also and now engaded and live with my fiancée and her 2 kids.
    I work as a manager at www.openeye.com, I manager there repair deparment so I do have some skills in computer hardware.
    I love to talk on forums and uses sosical media a lot.
    I really want to join a gaming group to meet poeple and have fun, I am wanting to be a pirate in ArcheAge.
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    Jinfusakei reacted to Zlizz in Arena Commander Multiplayer is now available for all backers!   
    Greetings Citizens,
    We are very pleased to announce that Arena Commander’s multiplayer is now available for all of Star Citizen’s backers! We have been reviewing the user experience data from Patch 12.5 and have decided it’s time to open the floodgates! Everyone with Alpha Access or an Arena Commander Pass can now play the current multiplayer modes (with more to be added soon!) Multiplayer will also be available to anyone who picks up an Arena Commander pass going forward.
    Thank you to every backer who has helped get us to this point. Your feedback has been absolutely essential in improving Arena Commander and the multiplayer experience. Thank you for your forum posts, your Twitch streams, your bug reports and your patience with the process. The knowledge we’ve gained from this tiered rollout goes well beyond just this release: it’s going to benefit how we launch every single future module and ultimately the Star Citizen Persistent Universe.
    Remember: this is still a pre-alpha module! That means we still have plenty of work to do. The team is now working hard to add many planned features (like keybindings, scoreboards and additional ships) and also to improve what we’ve already created. In the coming weeks, expect to see a lot of work on game balance and Arena Commander’s game rules (where players spawn, how a kill is calculated, how the matchmaking server decides to connect users and the like.) Your continued thoughts on how the game plays will be invaluable in this process!
    For those of you new to the Arena Commander multiplayer experience, the QA team has generated a quick list of beginner tips. We’ve noticed that some players are frustrated by their first matches, going up against pilots with different ships and more experience. We’re working on game rules changes that will alter this, but can also say that with a little patience you’ll be dogfighting with the best of them in no time! Winning at Arena Commander requires some skill… but these tips should help get you started right:
    Avoid flying slowly or sitting still. Especially after spawning into the middle of a chaotic fire fight. Use boost as much as possible (left shift). The higher speed makes you a more difficult target to follow and fire on effectively. Incorporate barrel rolls into your evasive maneuvers. Rolling and boosting can be very effective in helping to avoid enemy fire. Avoid fixating on a single target. Continue changing targets and flying evasively to maintain situational awareness and find the more vulnerable enemies. Avoid engaging another player head on. This is a sure way to get killed. If you must engage a target head on, switching to decoupled mode (capslock) and strafing can help to avoid a last second collision. Experiment with Comstab mode on and off (ctrl + capslock twice). Having it on will help minimize sliding while turning but having it off can help you become a harder target to hit. With g-force safety toggled off (ctr+capslock) you can perform more aggressive maneuvers but be careful because the additional g-forces can cause you to black out. If you have additional weapons at your disposal, experiment with alternate loadouts via the holo-table. @[member='Dalriaden']
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    Jinfusakei reacted to Dalriaden in DIY head tracker   
    So here's an open source tutorial with source code for a diy head tracker if you want trackir but feel like you can make it yourself and for cheaper:
    They will also build it and mail it to you, appears to be a 2-3 week wait time atm though.
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    Jinfusakei reacted to Dalriaden in Anyone else notice the music glitch in AC?   
    @[member='FatalHit'] its possible, its prealpha so the game is in no way optimized and on top of that Chris Roberts is on record stating he wants Star Citizen to be pushing the graphics capabilities of Cryengine and gaming pcs into 2017 and beyond.
    @thatirishguy0 Since you're starting a mariachi band and not using that Hornet I'll take it off your hands.
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    Jinfusakei got a reaction from Zsadist in Mrs. Zsadist has arrived   
    Welcome! I see you are awaiting ArcheAge, I can't wait to meet Zsadist's better half (quite literally). I will see you in ArcheAge (when it is released or maybe sooner).
    Happy hunting.
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    Jinfusakei reacted to darth boog in Mrs. Zsadist has arrived   
    @[member='Vladimir Zsadist'] right now.

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    Jinfusakei reacted to Revan73 in Mrs. Zsadist has arrived   
    My response after seeing the title:

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    Jinfusakei reacted to Zsadist in Presidential Race 2016   

    Hahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Right. The two parties we have having such a person??????

    Hahaha that's good
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    Jinfusakei reacted to CaGregorio in New Cooling System / Case / Maybe Hard drive   
    Thanks for your ideas, i went out yesterday during my lunch break and picked up a Corsair 760T Mid Tower ATX Case
    And went from this:
    To this:
    Also added two more fans to it.  I am hoping i will not have any issues with air flow now.  
    Also had to pick up a new Hard Drive as my program files hard drive did crash, spent hours last night reloading a lot of stuff, but i think i am all back up and running now.  

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