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    Jinfusakei got a reaction from Area51Brett in The Pet Peeves of Girl Gamers.   
    Wait if Mario Kart and Animal Crossing never counted as games, then I have never played games before... >.> *Huge Face Palm with Huge Hand*
    This should really be brought up to the Battlefield group, though I think that is what this is referencing...
    Please PM me or Pepsi or one of the VAs/Lead VAs or even AOB, about the people doing... I have a few already in my head...
    I can admit that I have done certain things once, and I got told by a girl name LiLTenzo... Humiliating since I am a Recruiter and she was a possible applicant (I didn't start it, but I fueled it).
    I also apologize for those times that I decided to go with the flow and laugh being afraid of being called a faggot by said people... I know they are "trolling", but it doesn't seem that way when they say and people start to make it worse... Kind of like people calling Viper Brett's cousin, I didn't but I did say someone else was Viper's cousin and I apologize (however I haven't said it in a long time, especially since I only said it once).
    If you do not hearing those sounds that some of the guys like to make, then avoid Dynasty... I don't know if he stopped the turtle eh sound or not, but he seemed to still do it when I always encountered him.
    Again I apologize for all that you have encountered, if you have encountered it still then please let some of the higher ups know... Ones that will actually do something... (I will be linking this in my status so that more people can see this...
    Note to those who read, please do not troll/flame/rage/etc... I will personally get a moderator do deal with you.

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