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    Jinfusakei reacted to Fink for a blog entry, Fink Gets a Domination   
    So I was playing by my self at 4am and was ghost capping Eshamir.
    I ended up taking Andvari Bio lab...by myself.
    In the process of doing that I ran a crossed a guy who tried to defend it, but I was better at Wack-a-mole and ended up taking the bio lab.
    Now, defending a bio lab by your self isn't any fun (as he found out) so I fell back to Andvari barracks.
    The same guy followed me and tried to take the base. And... well, I said 'no':

    Thats my first domination in a really long time. (Only have 5 counting this one)
    Now, the weird part is the guy I was facing. Here is his stat page
    He's a BR 71 with a KD of 0.16!
    I ended up sending him a tell asking if he bought is account... and I think that made him rage quit.
    Over all I'm liking the 4-6am shift. You can be more tactical and not deal with as many guys.
    Breakfast club is back baby!

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