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Status Updates posted by Jinfusakei

  1. Man, it's been a year and it looks like a lot has changed. I am still hoping for the best for you guys!

  2. The truth always feel great, and doing what you want feels even better especially helping others.

  3. My dream gpu is coming out soon!!!! The most powerful mini-itx gpu to date! The GTX 970 OC MINI-ITX!!!.... By Gigabyte...

  4. When engaging in PVP, avoid Occultists and Wichcrafters at all costs in order to preserve your sanity, @Marc.

    1. Element


      And if you are insane to begin with, ignore everything! :D

  5. Fourth Closed Beta this FRIDAY!!!!!!

  6. Wow, companies are now copying each other in broad daylight! EA copies Evolve, but makes it fantasy instead of SciFi... >.>

  7. Just from looking at AMD's roadmap, it seems like their next project code name "Skybridge" in 2015 will combine x86 and ARM chips together into one. Now I believe this will be for servers first, but we won't know until next year.

  8. Playing ArchAge Online right now!

  9. Islamic University in Gaza was just bombed.

  10. I've been chosen by BioWare... O.o

  11. Thinking about getting into Dota 2 most likely.

  12. Took NVIDIA Geforce's PC Skill Level... Apparently I am a Master... Bull! Not even close, I still have a ways to go.

  13. Next July, I will be two years old in ADK... Excited!

  14. Finally fixed my Origin IGN.

  15. http://pcpartpicker.com/user/Jinfusakei/saved/7t4BD3 - My upgrades planned for mid-August... .And my Chromebox is coming August, so I might have to push my Upgrades onto September....
  16. I won't be able to stream until I get my glasses, so I will probably have to drop out this week. If someone could take my place, that would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Jinfusakei


      Found my backup glasses, so I am good now.

  17. I broke my glasses, so I won't be able to play games for awhile. My new ones were supposed to come already, but I have to check tomorrow.

    1. Element


      cant see without your glasses?

    2. Jinfusakei


      Oh, I see perfectly fine... Until it comes to reading... I am far-sighted so reading things is kind of hard for me. I can still play games, but it is hard to play games like GW2 when you can't read what is being written. (Well I can read it for a minute when I unfocus and refocus my eyes.)

  18. Monday, I will be able to use my Jinfusakei IGN on my account... EXCITED!

  19. Finished putting some rig builds together in PCPartPicker to help out with my Computer building tips. I probably will continue it and not have anything deleted.

  20. Only reason to have Netflix... Hermlock Grove.

    1. Jinfusakei


      Hemlock Grove, I mean.

  21. So my stream will be a late start since Homeboy is still asleep. When he wakes up, we will be streaming BF4 on ADK servers!

  22. Taking a shower, and will be getting ready to stream in 1 hour.

  23. Finished my Twitch overlays for when I stream on ADK and on my personal channel. It will be a surprise, so check the ADKGamers stream on Twitch tomorrow starting a 1pm PDT!

  24. Trying to figure out a minimalist Twitch overlay... Quite difficult, but teksyndicate has given me an idea!

  25. I might just go with the new DayZ, it has way more potential than the Arma 2 mod.


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