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    Archery, Mx, Enduro racing, fishing, shooting, sniping, hunting, painting, drawing, gaming, off roading, hanging out with friends, listening to music.

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    NVIDIA GT 650M
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    1 TB HDD 250 GB SDD
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    Full Definitive audio 7.1 surround through Elite sc-79 reciever
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    100in Definitive technology projector
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    Logitek mouse and keyboard, sennheiser audiophile hedset
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  1. Hello friends, I'm Alex.

    Hi Alex, my name is Jon, but everybody calls me different, even my friends in real life. There are a lot of really cool games in ADK to play. Planet side 2 is one of them. It is free to play, and there are a lot of great people in game. We actually have the largest outfit in game. There is also lol, dayz as I see you already play, ESO, and many other great games you will enjoy. Welcome to adk, and have fun! P.S. if you have any questions at all, don't be afraid to send me a message. :)
  2. Another New Guy? Not Quite...

    @[member='avml45'] Just a quick tip for ya, If you click the @Mention button below people's names, they will see you mentioned them in your post. You can also type the @ symbol and then the name of the person you want to mention.
  3. Hello

    Thanks for putting your app in, is there anything you want to share about yourself? There are lots of interesting people here in adk, and I'm sure I'm speaking on a lot more than my behalf, I love to hear people's stories!
  4. The Ginger is here, hello everyone!

    Welcome! First to Start off I am really awesome. :P I'm just joking around. I haven't seen you in game or ts, but i'll keep an eye out for you. I look forward to joining you on the battlefield. If you have any questions, just message me. An example of a good question to ask me is "Why is fiend so much better than rise?" Lol well really any question is fine. :) If you are interested in finding out what fiend or rise, go ahead and send me a message. @[member='darkstarzx2'] the fiend vs rise trash talking has commenced. :P
  5. Hallo :)

    @[member='Whimzy'] welcome to adk, it seems like you've already met a few of the members. Check out our forums,ansdTry new games. E.g. cough cough* planet side 2 which is free to play *cough cough... You will be able to make lots of friends here in adk. It is an awesome community. Welcome and have fun! Also if you have any questions about anything or just want to talk about something, you can just send me a message. :)
  6. Hello

    Join us in planetside2, we have to keep beating those bf guys in recruitment. Ps2 is a really fun game, not to mention it is free. Well anyway, there is a lot of great people here. Adk is great community that I am proud to be apart of. There is a lot of fun people to talk to. Good luck on the app, just be sure to participate in game, and get your 20posts in. Have fun! If you have any questions, send me a message.
  7. Another New Guy? Not Quite...

    Hey I thought you were older when I first talked to you. Sorry @[member='HighElvenKing'] and I couldn't play with you, we were headhunting darkstarzx2 on tr. We welcome you to join us whenever you see us, we are on a lot. If you don't see us in the planet side channel group, scroll down to the channel awards channel group and check for us there. The story for why we were hunting dark is pretty funny, and if you want to hear it, just ask us next time you see us. Welcome to adk!
  8. Hello ADKGamers!

    Welcome to adk! You have an impressive setup on your computer. And BTW your English sounds fine to me, so there really is no need to apologize. Join us in ts, and just look for my name. If you have any questions, just send me a message. Good luck on your app as well. :)
  9. Hello

    Pssst @[member='osuitguy'] join us in planet side 2. We need to keep beating this battlefield guys in recruiting. Don't let them know I told you this. Well anyway, welcome to adk! There is a lot to do in this community. If you have any specific questions, just send me a message
  10. DarkTunnelShovel intro

    @[member='DarkTunnelShovel']  Welcome to ADK!   Also would mind giving me some fishing tips, i can't seem to catch anything lately.....
  11. Building my new computer

    I currently have the power director ultimate suite. Also i run autodesk maya for 3D animations.I also cun cs7 photoshop and illustrator.
  12. Building my new computer

    That sounds great. I like that a lot better than the 7-800 dollars for a 4930k. Thanks!
  13. Building my new computer

    Thanks for the reply war, Do you think i should go with a lga 2011 board like the rampage 4 black edition with a 3930, or should i go with a haswell processor? I'm trying to find the best performance for my money. It appears that the rampage 4 can support 64 gb of ram, and i'm interested in it.
  14. Vonhacklebar

    Good luck on your app. I was in teamspeak with you and in the platoon with you. Good job. I can see you are active. Just keep it up, and get those 20 posts in.  
  15. When you are talking about your new h&k .45 and your friend tells you he has 2 deagle .50's. Don't just go up shooting with him and shoot one in each hand without expecting to get your ass kicked really hard by the ground. I'm 201 lbs, and i have shot many, many guns. Desert eagles are no joke.

    1. valhallaswyrdo


      well yeah buddy, they are 50 cals lol. Good call on the H&K, I have the 1911 .45 LOVE IT!


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