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  1. Hiya I'm back

    Oh dang! Hey Scrubz good to see you back. Been a minute, man! -J3ngland
  2. The end of my time here

    I really do not have any words as usual...except thank you. Yes we all long for the old bf3 days and will be impossible to duplicate with a lot of us leaving what was a great community. Hopefully, it can recover to where we all comeback...but it's wishful thinking. Good luck my friend... -J3ngland
  3. leaving ADK

    Thank you Silent! Good bye hope to see you around... -J3ngland Sent from my GT-I8200 using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  4. Hello ADK!

    Hey Anthony! Welcome again? Very nice to see your interest into joining =ADK=! Good Luck! J3
  5. ReIntroduction

    Hey really good to see on our forums! Welcome to =ADK=
  6. New Member

    Welcome to =ADK=, really good to see you in our forums!
  7. Cronger

    Hey @Cronger welcome to ADK and check out the ADK STORE!

    Welcome back!
  9. VooDoo - It's been so long!

    Hey Voodoo! Good to see you back, been a while man!
  10. BF3

    BF3 Screenshots
  11. BF4

  12. Veteran Admin Promotions - 1/17/2016

  13. Veteran Admin Promotions - 11/24/2014

    Congratulations guys! Very well-deserved...
  14. Woot the Wolf returns

    Welcome back!  Was good playing with you, Zion...
  15. ADK asshole or not

    http://metabans.com/assessment?i=5POQ   Battlefield 3 - Ban Request http://www.adkgamers.com/form/form/4-battlefield-3-ban-request/

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