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  • Birthday 08/04/1954

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    Pt. Arthur, Tx

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  • OS
    window's 8 pro
  • Mobo
    asus crosshair formula 4
  • Processor
    amd 1100 t 6 cores
  • Graphics
    gtx 560 ti
  • PSU
    antec 750
  • RAM
    8 gigs
  • Storage
    WD Black hdd 500GB and Samsung ssd 840 pro 128 gb
  • Audio
    asus on board
  • Monitor
    lg 23" and acer 23" led
  • Case
    coolermaster haf 912
  • Peripherals
    logitech G9 mouse and G15 keyboard
  1. Let me introduce myself

    Hello ADK this is Guninforu, i have to say i have enjoyed playing on your servers for quite a while.  Since i have purchased a reserved slot months ago i have had no problems joining your servers even when there's been 8-10 people in que. Thank you very much for providing a wonderful playing experience. Sometimes i join teamspeak but the servers don't line up with people in them but that ok i still enjoy it.  :D
  2. Hello ADK

    Hello gentlemen and ladies, I am Guninforu i play on your servers sometimes and enjoy them very much. I am not best player but i try be a team player. I am from Pt. Arthur, Texas thats an hour from Houston . I like the fact that your admins virgorusly enforces  catching hackers. I have played battlefield since the series first came out. I am 59 yrs.old and still enjoy some gaming. Just wanted to say HI to everyone and thanks for having some good servers.

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