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  1. How do i put a battlefield signature for the forums?

    nevermind I got it
  2. What do you drive?

    I recently got a new ford mustang Gt Premium 2017
  3. I put one on here before for planetside 2 but that was 2 years ago and I have since forgotten. Please help? -dbthedefender
  4. Count to 1,000

    516 scrubs
  5. Count to 1,000

    506, lol
  6. First day at work with a new job... pretty good so far.

  7. Hi, I currently am having problems running the game. Previously I could run with no hitches, But currently it seems that the game just gets bogged down. my graphics card is a Nvidia Geforce Gts 450 and I have 8GB of ram and a intel i5 750 @2.67 Ghz. If anyone knows how to make the game run better please let me know.
  8. Post your favorite TV show here

    Battlestar Galactica
  9. What is your favorite action movie?

    Terminator, the first 3.
  10. How much I love this community. (A story of my life at ADK)

    Yeah I'm trying to find you on steam and I can't seem to find you.
  11. What Happened to Planetside 2 in ADK

    I'm an older player and I believe the last time I was online on ADK or anything related was around October 2015 and I was wondering, As I got back on tonight I couldn't find the Planetside 2 area then I realised it was just 1 lonely channel in the random games area. What happened to Planetside 2? did no one play? did the game turn into shit?
  12. I do realise I have posted this before but it was posted almost a year ago and I wanted to post it again because I have joined the community again. So not many of you may know me and are wondering how or when i got the name that i have - Dan The Fetid SkullCracker So i will tell a story. So it all started back in july of 2013 when i first made a Planetside 2 Account and hopped onto the closest server to where i lived which happened to be Connery Which as we all know has one of the greatest outfit's ever in it, ADK, for the first 8 hours i played i was in an platoon ran by Homeboy. At the end of the 8 hour binge of Planetside 2 when the platoon was disbanded Homeboy sent out the teamspeak and invites to the outfit which i happened to join both. When i first joined the teamspeak i was welcomed by 2 different people, Chucker and Homeboy. I played for weeks and weeks with ADK outfits, until i went onto the forums made an account and found out i can apply for a cool rank called officer, that application sparked a whole new life of me in ADK, From just being a regular officer to becoming the true Lt. Dan. Around this same time i had tried the minecraft server and got banned from it and banned from the planetside 2 community and the teamspeak, but because i had proven my case and gotten very lucky with the admins and not arguing with anyone about what had happened i was given a second chance. Which i do not whatsoever regret getting. The PS2 channels in teamspeak were filled to the brim with people just talking or playing with actual comms, until late December where there were only about 6 people on all day and it was getting very boring just sitting with nothing to do, i had not yet learned how to properly create a platoon and keep people coming and going. While i was sitting in teamspeak i met 2 guys, one by the name of Shaonisdeb and Ialoneloveyou, they introduced me to CS:GO where you can play 5v5 with your friends against other teams in competitive matches, so i had taken a break from adk and lost my recognition in planetside 2 (removed from outfit and lost squad leader rank) and my officer ranks in teamspeak. after playing csgo for about a year i had gotten to around gold nova 1. This is when i found that i had ADK still in my Bookmarks tab in teamspeak. I joined back on and found a huge amount of people in the Planetside 2 channels in teamspeak and decided that that day was the day to get back into the community. I played with the guys that were in there like highelvenking and chucker for days until they started trusting me again. This is also when there was Sundy Sundays that i took place in and won the race. After i had earned the trust of the guys in teamspeak once again i tried to apply once again for officer, even getting a direct message from many different higher ups. After a while i had gotten bored once again of PS2 and forgotten about my application and it was denied. So i went back to CS:GO and i found that ADK has a CS:GO area so i joined back onto the teamspeak server and asked that my rank be put beside my name (at that time it was gold nova 2) and i played a game with a couple of guys in there, sadly without a mic, and had a lot of fun. After I had played a couple games I applied myself on the forums seeing if i could join a team with some of you people in this community at the rank of Gold Nova Master. And at that time I forgot about it again and focussed more on school and finishing it. I progressed through grade 11 and made a lot of good friends there. Now after probably a year and Graduating highschool with a merit (75% average) I am back again and after the wave of CS:GO demotions and such I didn't really play games anymore and I saw myself getting further and further away from ADK but I did keep the ADK teamspeak as a bookmark on TeamSpeak so every time I was to join a different server I was reminded of this amazing community that is here and has been here for the past 4 years for me. I do hope that one day I can get back into ADK and make more friends. Currently I am Silver 3 in CS:GO and I would love to find some buddies to play the game with. I Do have a job now and a life away from video games but I have been finding the time to get myself back into games. All I really want to say is thank you all the members and staff of ADK for changing my life and look at the internet for the past 3 years. And thank you for always being there for something for me to get back into. Thank you for the community to always be pleasing to talk to and for everyone not being... well.. toxic really. I am glad that I can always come back and see the teamspeak has plenty of people I can talk to and there are always servers up on games that I actually own that have people that are welcoming. Again thank you all for keeping ADK alive over the years. I did miss it and hope i can get back.
  13. How much i love this community (A Story of my life in ADK)

    Well hey thanks for reading it. And i do truly mean every word of it.
  14. How much i love this community (A Story of my life in ADK)

    Ill be actually pretty damn amazed if 44 people actually sat down and read this.
  15. How much i love this community (A Story of my life in ADK)

    Something i forgot to add to this is that i wish i could do more in this community but i feel that i will just go away again for a longer period of time due to school, work and family reasons. If there is anything that anyone would need help with or if there is a job opening for streaming/csgo/planetside 2 or whatever i would love to see it and see if i could do it. 

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