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  1. my poor iPhone

    hows the Atrix 4G working out for ya and what made you switch from iphone?
  2. Media Player

    totally agree BROntosaur, do you use the default display or columns ui

    just got it, or had it a while but just started playing
  4. my pictures

    Nice pictures, theres not really much around where i live to explore but yeah if i travelled an hour or more for sure there would be something just dont have a car right now
  5. Media Player

    wow that sucks you work in permanent winter :- /
  6. my pictures

    [quote name='Gamer Radar' timestamp='1306465279' post='7525'] Thanks man. I tend to do urbex alot and I've been trying to take my camera into my places. About to go to a couple places tomm. And ya AOB get an DA account. [/quote] I love urbex id also love to do it but there doesnt seem to be many places around where iam which is Calgary Canada, i found a pretty good website for based in England which is where iam originally from and sometimes whish i was back there just for that http://www.28dayslater.co.uk/forums/
  7. Media Player

    yup it was aimed at that switch, i also retag some of my music so its easier to find, used to also use winamp not a bad player. gameradar you work in a freezer?
  8. Media Player

    "Don't need a giant library to listen to my music" you mean you dont have lots of music switch?
  9. Media Player

    [quote name='AOBLXIX' timestamp='1306450860' post='7502'] I just use iTunes. . Sometimes I'll use other players like foobar for example. . but most of the time I just use itunes. [/quote] Hate itunes so slow for me and comes bundled with so much extra software i dont want like mobile me quicktime and allways asking me to install safari with each update
  10. Media Player

    Wondering what you all use to play your music im using Foobar2000 for me its the best so customizable doesnt use much memory and can do so many different things with it. Also wondering what yo guys use to send your last fm info
  11. my pictures

    like the bellport pictures love pictures of abandoned buildings/places
  12. Minecraft?

    I plays!!!
  13. TFC

    Yeah fortress forever never really took off twas ok but didnt beat TFC :( Add me to steam people and lets play TFC my steam id i s"tedmus"
  14. Cerebrospinal Fluid

  15. TFC

    ok whats your stean id? ive played that game since 2000 havent played much in the past year though but still would like to play it, anyone ever try fortress forever?

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