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    DMSpooky reacted to Jaden in Rules and Info   
    The speed of your shoes is obviously required knowledge. 
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    DMSpooky reacted to Jaden in Rules and Info   
    I know this is kind of late since the server has been running for a while, but I thought it was time to amend and simplify the rules and other info so that they are caught up with the times.
    Server Info

    Type: White-listed Vanilla+(We make use of the EssentialsX and MCMMO plugins to enhance gameplay)
    Address: adk.devonsreach.com
    Dynmap: dynmap.devonsreach.com:8123
    Manager/Dev: JadenDevon
    Player Moderator/Designated Tattletale: DMSpooky*
    ***To be white-listed on the server please contact me (JadenDevon) on Discord via DM or @mention with your username and confirmation that you have read and accepted the rules.***
    All new players will require someone to vouch for them. If you do not have anyone to vouch for you please hang out with the group for a while. New players may be added without someone to vouch for them on a one strike basis if they have interacted positively with the group. All new players will be asked to verify that they have read the rules. *Note: DMSpooky has been around for a long time and I trust his judgement. He used to be the ADK Minecraft Manager. Please listen to him.
    Server/Section Rules
    Have Fun! - This is a game! If you are not enjoying the game, take a break and come back later. Please do not grief. - This makes the game not fun for others. If it is not yours, don't touch it. Don't cause the death of villagers and villages. - As annoying as villagers can sometimes be, some players enjoy helping villages thrive. Please allow other players to continue to have fun by allowing the villages and villagers to exist. This includes starting pillager raids without defending. Respect all other players and staff. - It is nice to be nice. If someone asks you to stop because they feel disrespected, stop. We also have younger players in this server and we want it to be a safe place for everyone to play. Be aware of who is around and keep your conversations appropriate. Do not ask for personal information. - Again, we want this to remain a safe place to play. Lost items are lost. - Unfortunately we have no way of tracking inventories, so if you lose something, we cannot verify that you actually had that item and will not replace it. All parties must agree to PvP. - Some people like PvP. Most of our players do not. If you want to fight it out with your friends, that's fine as long as you all agreed. Please don't hack. - Nobody likes a hacker and they make the game not fun for others. Don't go AFK forever. - If you are done playing it is okay to exit the game. It will still be here when you get back. This includes making AFK machines that will work for you when you are gone. Have Fun! - In the end, this is what we are all here for. Let's have a good time as friends. *Note: Rule are subject to change without notice.
    This server is made possible by an extremely generous donation by @Th3eRaz3r who donated the money to purchase the hardware for the dedicated box that I run.
    And now for the shameless plug:
    If you would like to help me continue to keep the world alive please consider donating: paypal.me/JadenDevon
    Thank you!
    - Jaden
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    DMSpooky reacted to shruikandraco in Shruikandraco   
    Hi all,
    I'm Drake.  Not really sure what to tell cept I'm a bit of a Ark addict and looking for a good place to play.  Not only is my hobby in computers, but my day job as well.  If you want to know anything else, just ask.
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    DMSpooky reacted to Heyblinkin in Heyblinkin   
    Hey everyone,
    I have been playing WoW for about 13 years.  I have raided all of BC content through current.  This expansion I have finally decided to switch mains from Paladin (Prot/Ret) to Mage, hence the name.  I'm also a Mel Brooks fan.   I've recently apped with the wow leadership and I've been trialing for the past couple of weeks.  Great group of folks.  I look forward to many raid and PVP encounters with them all. 
    IRL, I'm an IT Manager for a medium sized business.  I have 2 kids, one a senior in college and the other a sophomore in high school.  I live in NC but originally I'm from NY.  I don't miss NY one bit.
    Since this is the Memorial Day holiday in the US, I hope everyone in the US reading this has a fantastic extended weekend.  Everyone else, I hope you have a good weekend (albeit shorter) as well!
  5. Thanks
    DMSpooky reacted to Feisty in SERVER CLOSURE - Scorched Earth READ PLEASE   
    Just a notice to players that the Scorched Earth Server is going to be closed down in 2 weeks time. May 19th We will Shut down the Scorched earth Server and any player bodies, Dino's or content on it will be erased. Please take these two weeks to play it if you want to, but be sure to leave nothing there or you will lose it! 
    Why are you doing this?  - No one plays the server, and we will be replacing this server with a new one in the near future (details coming soon)
    What about the Pheonix? - Unfortunately there wont be a way to get the Pheonix on our hive anymore, though this does kind of suck, it's just the way its going to be. If a person really wants a phoenix we will continue to sell them on our ARK store.  Please consider donating as it keeps our servers up and running. https://www.adkgamers.com/store/category/28-ark-survival-donor-packs/
    If you require and assitance in clearing out of the map, ARK staff would be happy to help you, just reach out to us in discord. Any other questions please post here or message a staff in discord.
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    DMSpooky reacted to Chasaroonie in Online Events/Bonuses: 3/28 - 4/03   
    Meh. This week's bonuses were kinda crap tbh. Definitely get the Kuruma though and save up for next week
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    DMSpooky got a reaction from Chasaroonie in Online Events/Bonuses: 3/28 - 4/03   
    Got the Buzzard and may go for the Armored Kuruma next but not sure about anything else on sale. Any suggestions?
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    DMSpooky reacted to Chasaroonie in Online Events/Bonuses: 3/28 - 4/03   

    Double RP/Money Events:
    RC Bandito Races Target Assault Races Dispatch Contact Missions Offense Defense Adversary Mode
    Active Discounts:
    All 10 Car Garages - 50% Off Vehicles: RC Bandito – 30% Off Dewbauchee JB 700 - 50% Off Grotti Turismo Classic - 50% Off Canis Freecrawler - 50% Off Karin Armored Kuruma - 50% Off Aircraft: Nagasaki Ultralight - 50% Off Nagasaki Buzzard Attack Chopper - 50% Off Modifications: Engines – 40% Off Brakes & Handling (Land & Aircraft) – 40% Off Liveries (Land & Aircraft) – 40% Off Turbo – 40% Off Resprays – 40% Off RC Bandito Lids – 40% Off Vertical Jump (for RC Bandito & Arena Vehicles) – 40% Off
    Other Unlocks/Mini-events:
    Fake Didier Sachs T-shirt - Log on anytime this week Premium Race: Down The Drain Time Trial: Sawmill  
    For more information on all the latest GTA Online bonuses, head to the Social Club Events page.
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    DMSpooky reacted to Chasaroonie in ADKG Crew Rules and Etiquette   
    ADKG (ADK Gamers) is a crew dedicated to money grinding whether it's heists, freemode CEO/MC businesses, missions, etc. Our goal is to help others make money and be a successful criminal in the GTA universe (You know, the whole point of the game...).
    We are not griefers/tryhards. With that being said, we hold a certain expectation when wearing the ADKG tag:
    Follow all ADK rules and bylaws. Use common sense. NO GRIEFING OTHERS No panhandling. No posting of any software, cheats, programs, auto tools. Modders/hackers will be ADK banned. No exceptions/appeals. NO HARASSING OR TROLLING FELLOW ADK MEMBERS. IF ASKED TO STOP, THEN STOP. Do not talk over/step on other people in voice. Multiple offenses will result in being moved or muted. Be respectful.   Below is a detailed explanation of our core rules and certain phrases commonly used
    1.) Griefing
    Killing others for literally no reason - you see this occur all the time in game. 2 or more parties may consent to combat Destroying other organization's supplies/cargo/product. You are authorized for deadly force against randoms that destroy your stuff. Give 'em hell. 2.) Panhandling
    Asking modders for money.  This is considered discussion of cheats, which is not allowed. 3.) Modder
    Basically a hacker. Using mod menus period. It does not matter whether good or bad, it is an illegitimate method. 4.) Harassing/Trolling
    Being a general nuisance - blocking paths, ragdolling, wasting others' time and time is money. RULES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY POINT. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO KEEP UPDATED. STAFF DECISIONS ARE FINAL AND ARE NOT TO BE ARGUED WITH.
    Failure to follow any rules either written or verbal will result in punishment up to denial of access to the GTA section of ADK.
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    DMSpooky got a reaction from TitanCMD in Hi all   
    Welcome Ralpin to the community. Was nice "kinda" playing Warframe with you a bit, and I'm still looking into that door issue on Fortuna lol.

    As for your forum question I use Chrome but I have heard other people have been having issues with our site when it comes to pop-up blocker and add blocking software. If they are on, some people have said it just takes a bit longer to load.
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    DMSpooky reacted to BrassyIA in Blowing it up again!!!   
    Its that time again! Join me tonight Saturday August 4th at 8pm cst to blow up the Vanilla Minecraft Server! Its always a ton of fun! I hope to see you all there!
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    DMSpooky got a reaction from AOBLXIX in Loremaking #2   
    I know that ED then does some editing as well, but how long can an article be?
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    DMSpooky got a reaction from Dowin in Galnet proposal.   
    I'm on board with this 100% but based on what people most like to do would have to be the best option in a story line behind ADK in the ED world.
    Based on what I have seen the most when we are on I would love to see us as a whole as a Galactic bounty hunters guild. I group that is not fully aligned with one power or group but solely out for credits on those that have a bounty on there heads. I think we could come up with a cool yet rich background for such a guild and even have a hunters creed like in star wars. (reference: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Bounty_Hunters'_Creed)
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    DMSpooky reacted to KillikHiveMind in Galnet proposal.   
    Just so it doesn't seem like I am making this with nobody being in on the decision.
    I am taking votes on if you would like to start building more lore behind ADK's in game faction and start becoming a part of the game so to speak. 
    The first thing I was thinking of doing is putting in a Galnet article submission of ADK seceding from the Federation and becoming independent. A meeting in discord can be held to further discuss this idea or future ideas if you guys are interested.
    I feel like the game would be more enjoyable and keep people interested if we have an atmosphere around it in the game. That we have a part in the Galactic game of chess that is Elite Dangerous.
    Let me know what you think and if you think we should hold a meeting about it.
    Fly Safe CMDRs.
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    DMSpooky reacted to KillikHiveMind in 2.4 and Beyond   
    On the frontier forums today, Head of Communications, Zac Antonaci, posted about the future of the game regarding 2.4 and what is to come after 2.4.
    In Summary, we won't know much until June during E3 but 2.4 is going to relate heavily to the current narrative and bringing it to a climax from what David Braben has said in the past regarding the update.
    Zac stated that 2.4 will be different in that the update will roll out over the course of time as the narrative progresses after its release.
    Here is the forum post for your reading pleasure: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/354066-Elite-Dangerous-2-4-and-beyond
    Fly Safe CMDRs.
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    DMSpooky got a reaction from Dowin in Forming a guild   
    Odd this came up in my notification feed for Tera??????  IGNORE ME!!!
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    DMSpooky reacted to xRingmastressx in Made it to level 20   
    Level 30!!!! Yayy!

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    DMSpooky got a reaction from h1ghstrung in Fuz   
    Two Taurens I'm guessing? I had Mooby the Golden Cow. WoW was a low point in gaming for me as well. I missed my DAOC
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    DMSpooky got a reaction from caveman70 in Admin Promotions - 1/31/2014   
    Congrats to all of you!!
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    DMSpooky reacted to AOBLXIX in Admin Promotions - 1/31/2014   
    So I'm certain many of you have been wondering when the next set of promotions will be taking place.     That time is now!    I'm always looking for people to have move up the ranks within ADK for one reason or another, and this next set of individuals have given what it takes especially in times of need.  
    Game Manager -
    Protoss - DayZ Manager - This promotion comes as protoss has been doing quite a lot for the DayZ section currently as well as in the past.   While we might not always see eye to eye on certain things(which isn't a bad thing), he does understand what ADK is about and what I look for and has done a great job within getting DayZ SA going for ADK, and bringing people in to help with that.  This is a promotion that will allow him more room to get things done and to promote individuals when the time comes as DayZ continues to grow for ADK.    
    Veteran Admin Promotions - 
    Metal - PS2 Veteran Admin - Many of you have known Metal to be Homeboys right hand man recent as Homeboy has been busy with the high school life which is something that we are glad to see.   The bad part is, he's always exhausted when he gets home and normally just passes out.   But it's great to see that he's having a great time during his life that many of us had at his age.    During this time Metal has done a lot of things for the outfit and has put a lot of time and effort into creating a structure that will help the outfit out in a variety of ways.    Along with that, Metal has a level head and has always handled situations in ways that those above him appreciate.   It was only right that he be moved up to Veteran Admin for PS2 and I think a lot of people can agree with that. 
    Caveman - Veteran Admin - While you might be wondering well why isn't there a game that he's being promoted too, and that's because he won't just be helping out ADK with one particular game.    While he will be helping out with Battlefield still much like Nova, Vinas and Myself still do in making sure that everything is still running smoothly and helping out where is needed.  He will also be helping out with other things like making sure people get their in game perks, team speak perks as well as some of the forum perks.   Most of you might not know the story behind Cave and how he came about here at ADK, but I can say I'm definitely glad he decided to join us.   And it's great being able to have someone like himself; who has helped ADK expand even further to the world, in this community.  
    Lead Veteran Admin Promotions - 
    Bromance - So many of you might not know, but Bromance is one of the few ADK Members who has been around the longest.  This guy has pretty much seen it all with the growth of ADK.    And you can also thank him for bringing Warspite and WarspiteJr over because that is a great father son duo that I'm glad to say is a part of ADK.    This promotion comes as it's time to put the Veteran in Lead Veteran admin to use with Bromance.  While he has to smack me into shape sometimes, he knows what I like and don't like within the community and he has always stuck by that.   It's definitely been a long time coming for this promotion for him, and if you have any questions or issues he'll always have something to help you out with. 
    Community Managers - 
    Novaura/VinasSol - These two are getting the same paragraph and they'll live with it.  :)   Both of these individuals came into ADK and were always eager to help and do whatever they could to promote ADK and literally did anything I asked pretty much.   Nova first came to ADK when I would see him on the BF3 server at about 3 or 4 in the morning and then I'd wake up a few hours later to find Nova still on the same server.  So after him seeing the nuke used a few times and me telling him to stop by the website he did.   And that's where it all started.    Now Vinas on the other hand. . that's a different story and man he sure knows how to push buttons but he's done a lot for myself and ADK.  He's always helped with stuff that most people don't notice on a day to day basis but has always been there to help when it's needed most.      These 2 individuals have put up with by far the most crap from me than anyone else.   They are and probably will always be the 2 individuals that I tell things that they could probably care less about, but they listen and respond and help fix the problems.    If you think I've gotten upset at any of you for something, you probably haven't experienced what these 2 guys have.   They're my right hand men and I greatly appreciate that from them.   The time and effort that they have put into ADK is a huge reason of why we are where we are today.  And words can't express how much they mean to myself and ADK.  
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    DMSpooky got a reaction from numbahl in Helloooooo   
    Welcome to the forums and to the ADK site numbahl :)
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    DMSpooky got a reaction from Pepsi in Veteran Admin Promotions - 11/22/2013   
    Congrats man!!
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    DMSpooky reacted to FailApprentice in Leaked Video!!!   
    I found a leaked video of DICE trying to fix BF4. There's about 60 people in the background trying hard...not to laugh.
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    DMSpooky got a reaction from Fuz in Fuz   
    @[member='h1ghstrung'], WoW was not the issue, well not the full issue. EA was they so badly wanted to take the team and resources to warhammer online and rushed that so it failed. We all knew and started to complain when Atlantis came out that the expansion was half assed. When we started to complain the writers even got in trouble blaming EA for the rush. WoW's part was makeing a MMO that anyone can play with less consequences. You die no loss of xp, items can always be fully repaired, world was smaller with less danger zones, and characters where more flat line and less customization leave less people to feel left out.
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    DMSpooky got a reaction from h1ghstrung in Fuz   
    Two Taurens I'm guessing? I had Mooby the Golden Cow. WoW was a low point in gaming for me as well. I missed my DAOC

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