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  1. Just needed the chat added, Naru already got it for us since the site was down. Just goooooing through the motions. Thank you and the end...fin....bye bye now.
  2. Just needed the chat added, Naru already got it for us since the site was down. Just goooooing through the motions. Thank you and the end...fin....bye bye now.
  3. Online Events/Bonuses: 3/28 - 4/03

    Got the Buzzard and may go for the Armored Kuruma next but not sure about anything else on sale. Any suggestions?
  4. Hey Everyone!

    Welcome to the community Chlorine! We always have a bit of something going on game wise around here to mix things up if you feel the need to.
  5. I'm Back!

    Hello Lt_Serj_Boss_McBehrer was your old name I remember playing a bit of TF2 with you Nova, Homeboy and a few others WAY back when. I didn't play much and wasn't even a member quite yet. Welcome back :). We do have a people that play overwatch including me (poorly but I try lol) we really get together Friday nights but would like to get more going more often. Currently Pinkdood and Titan are our staff for that section. If you want to talk to more people we mainly join up on discord these days: https://discord.gg/9Tbq92
  6. Hi all

    Welcome Ralpin to the community. Was nice "kinda" playing Warframe with you a bit, and I'm still looking into that door issue on Fortuna lol. As for your forum question I use Chrome but I have heard other people have been having issues with our site when it comes to pop-up blocker and add blocking software. If they are on, some people have said it just takes a bit longer to load.
  7. Hey yo

    Welcome Ariesaze to the community. I SOOOO miss Dark Ages of Camelot. Hope to see you around Discord
  8. [POLL] Weekly "Let's Play" Times

    Im just now getting this notification :(
  9. [POLL] Weekly "Let's Play" Times

    I voted twice in two days wow!
  10. Suggestion Box

    Besides the 10 days I was in CA. I just haven't been on much because of the current issues and have just been waiting for the plug-ins to be updated. Other than that I think all is good
  11. Sike here, lets play

    Welcome Sike! Was fun playing a bit of Overwatch with you. Sorry I really suck at the game I need more practice lol
  12. Mincraft Server Bug Report/Suggestions

    1.13 Vanilla server SO LONG AND THANKS FOR ALL THE FISH.... Ya so I have noticed for a long time that I have stopped seeing any fish or even squid but thought that it may be because I was near a winter biome. Brassy and I ran around the server and there are none spawning in anywhere. Saw some turtles close to spawn and that is about it.
  13. Mincraft Server Bug Report/Suggestions

    1.13 Vanilla server at about 8:45am on Aug 20th I broke a large chest full of cobblestone to move it from where it was. In less than 2 minutes what was left on the ground despawned before I could grab the rest of it at place it in its new spot. I have also found that with this despawning of items that tree saplings and chicken eggs have been doing the same quite a bit. I will hear chickens lay eggs and go in there but not see any. This even happens from time to time while I am in the pin with them. I hear the pop noise and start running around and no egg.
  14. Minecraft Rules!

    Read and Understand

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