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Everything posted by Silent166

  1. leaving ADK

    this wasn't an easy decision for me to make but the time has come that i resign from ADK completely, I've had many good memories here.. met lots of amazing people who i consider really close friends, for almost three years i spent most of my time policing the teamspeak and ensuring everyone's experience was the greatest possible and kept the peace when needed, I surely will miss logging into ts everyday working under Nova and being there for those who need help and getting what they need help with done so they can continue on gaming.. I really enjoyed working with those who are currently present and those who are gone. I'll still come around here and there to say hello to my friends but as of now, I will be removing my ADK tags. Take care and good luck all. -Silent
  2. Will You Be Buying Battlefield 1?

    Pre-ordered the Early Enlister deluxe edition already, just waiting on the premium announcement anytime now so i can buy that too. lol
  3. Thinking about buying OverWatch

    I think it's well worth the purchase, it's kept me busy ever since i bought it and it's always a ton of fun. i enjoy the challenge of playing against good players and also improving my skills with all the different heroes. there is a variety in heroes and recently they added a new hero so it wouldn't surprise me if they add more new heroes along new maps and perhaps game modes. it's for sure worth the buy if you want a fresh and new experience and there won't be a moment you see hackers, Blizzard did it right with the anti-cheat in Overwatch.
  4. hehehehehehe Exactly

    well.. you do usually die first.. pretty good tactic to send you in first to make sure it's clear. LOL
  5. Battle.net ID Tags

  6. Will You Be Buying Battlefield 1?

    I think they learned their lesson with BF4, if they don't deliver this time i don't know what battlefield will be if it fails this year.. I will be buying it as soon as there an edition including premium as they always do this and i just want to have everything so i don't have to do future purchases with this game.
  7. Howdy! UpboatPlym is here!

    @UpboatPlym Welcome to ADK, hope you have a great experience here. Wii's aren't that bad.. i remember buying one when it first came out.. memories.
  8. Screenshot of a BF5 map?

    look at that boat type object in the water to the top right.. I haven't seen that in any recent titles.. it might just be something in BF5.. could be wrong tho.
  9. Screenshot of a BF5 map?

    it's either paracel storm or wake island from what it looks like to me.
  10. May's ADK Admin of the Month Announcement!

    Thanks guys, I really appreciate it.
  11. Graphics drivers crashing frequently.

    nVidia did release a hotfix driver if your still having issues.. https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/930978/geforce-drivers/announcing-geforce-hot-fix-driver-364-96/ I'm running the new hotfix driver just fine but i did use DDU to make sure my old drivers were completely removed before i installed them, have no issues at all and yes I'm running a GTX 970 4gb I didn't have any issues with the previous drivers either but I wanted to go ahead and try out the new hotfix driver, looking good so far.
  12. I always do terrible after a great game..

    we all have bad rounds sometimes.. even the best players in the world in Battlefield do.. it's just something that happens.. we have an amazing game and the next we may have a not so good game.. it's just a part of gaming.. but when that happens, i usually take a break and comeback when i have that feeling of playing instead of like forcing myself to play when i don't feel like it... that is when i normally do bad but that could be one of the reasons it happens.. but i think it's normal. :)
  13. Anyone playing?

    i play it but getting anyone else in ADK to play it is a bit difficult.. people think it's too expensive or if they have it, they don't have time to play it.. it's a fun game but getting people to play will be a bit of a challenge.. we need to be posting on the squad forums and getting some people in but we need some of us playing so if people come, they don't just think no ADK members are playing.. just my two cents.
  14. G3A3, MG36 LMG, M16A3, M4A1, MP5.
  15. been wanting this gun in battlefield for such a long time.. to be competing against the AEK and the rest of the top weapons.. and no BFH doesn't count to me for having an AK .. i don't consider that a battlefield game. :) 
  16. Whats the best true 7.1 headset out their?

    I used to have the Tiamat 7.1 as well.. was a great headset till they snapped in half for me.. lasted nearly two years. still great headset tho!
  17. Killing Floor 2 Anyone?

    @[member='Spyderbyte88'] @[member='huskay'] @[member='HeYYiTzPaT']   I have it as well.. haven't played in quite some time but I'm down whenever you guys are interested in playing.
  18. I need to decide what gaming mouse to upgrade to.

    I have to agree, I have the original g502 and i just bought the newest model that is now RGB.. it's the best mouse I've had in quite some time. 
  19. What mouse do you use?

    Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB
  20. Red headed gaming chik

    Welcome to ADK
  21. The Great Debate - Intel vs AMD

    I really like intel, i like it due to performance and less overheating compared to what I've experienced and seen in the past with AMD having overheating problems and just not as great performance.. just my two cents on it.
  22. Veteran Admin Promotions - 1/17/2016

    Congratulations everyone, well deserved. 
  23. Battlefield 4 has stopped working

    12 is more than enough.. games are starting to require 8 gigs and i run 16gb. 
  24. Battlefield 4 has stopped working

    I run BF4 on a 970 and i have no problems at all.. once in awhile crash but that is it.. 
  25. video with levelcap

    he cut out most of him getting dominated with a few clips of him getting us.. lol

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