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  1. I don't know if you guys have seen this.

    What     The lag and d/cs happening recently is due to a DNS reflection attack against Riot. They even said so. The xerath rework has nothing to do with it.
  2. Patch 4,3: What are you looking forward to?

    The Kass nerfs mean nothing. He'll still never be played due to permaban status. His ult is just too much of a problem, they need to change his ult to something else entirely. Having a constant flash up means you pretty much can't shut him down even if he's 0/7
  3. Nox and Pepsi's Random Battlefield Moments

    ADK members play maps other than Metro/Lockers?!     I'm so proud.
  4. What I Hate About "No Explosive Servers"

          It's very difficult to crouch and hold the fire button. Metro/Lockers, ladies and gents.
  5. Overwolf - possible malware attached?

    Overwolf is a pretty neat system for single display gamers. I don't use it on my desktop because having two displays renders most of OW redundant, but it works so well on my laptop.   Shameless plugging aside, I've never encountered malware with OW. I downloaded from the official site.
  6. Mantle vs DirectX

    How about taking a screenshot of the exact area?
  7. Map size compacted in second assault?

    I dunno why my comment got deleted, but it's probably because those two maps had the giant problem of all the cap points being clustered in the general center of the map (Especially Firestorm)     That left the majority of the map being untouched. IMO they shoulda spread out the points rather than closing in the map but I'm not a map designer.
  8. Metro ticket difference...

    Well, yeah. Metro has horribad map design which is why I'll always call it Operation Ruskies. Play some of the other maps that wasn't designed by a 5 year old.
  9. What skins do you have?

    Arctic Warfare Cait (Free code from PCGamer) Bioforge Darius (Mystery Gifted) Desert Trooper Garen Dreadknight Garen Rugged Garen Nightblade Irelia Frostbutt Assrelia (Mystery Gifted) Judgment Kayle (S2 reward for clean accounts) Arcade Sona (Mystery gifted)     I really want Crimson Akali.
  10. http://www.anandtech.com/show/7764/the-nvidia-geforce-gtx-750-ti-and-gtx-750-review-maxwell     The 750Ti is delivering 650Ti Boost levels of performance with just 60W of power. If you're willing to overclock (and for some reason are still limited to this card) then you can nose up awfully close to the GTX660 - Anandtech was able to overclock all of their cards by 11% on the core and 12% on the memory with virtually no additional power consumption or noise.   For everybody else, stick with your 770s and 7xxx/R9x
  11. BF4 Operation Metro Glitch

    hahahah that's BF3 you fucking lemon.
  12. Expansion Maps, Smaller Servers, HC Servers on ADK

    tl;dr open your wallet or stfu
  13. I don't know if you guys have seen this.

    Replays are also in beta on the PBE.

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