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  1. Mods for ADK:SE server, Need community Input

    I guess it's time for me to download this and finally try it... The mods that will be installed will they download from the server or do you have to download them and install them yourself?
  2. Razer - Project Valerie

    yeah I just looked as something that said it's going to be all 4k too
  3. Razer - Project Valerie

    it's cool but I mean you could just buy any laptop and buy a Slidenjoy https://slidenjoy.com/en/
  4. Deceit Early Access Giveaway!

    Steam Name: Smite Tyson SteamID: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198007839232/ - STEAM_0:0:23786752 Stream Link (If Streaming): wish I could :( internet is to slow Hours/Days that you can play: 3-4 hours a day
  5. Ap Tryn too good?

    well the main problem is with his E doing more dmg than some of the biggest ults in the game.... his q minor is compared to that    
  6. Ap Tryn too good?

    it will probably be one of those yi nerf things before to long
  7. Ap Tryn too good?

    Me and Verd already knew about this... we was talking about this about a month ago or so
  8. Funniest afk reasons

    cant remember what it was my son did but he did something i wasnt happy with at all... anyways i was tryn top lane and was fed already i just left my guy in front of my turret and came back about 10 minutes later saying sry i was afk i had to go whoop my sons ass and blah blah... everyone was like its ok its understandable and everything was actually surprised ... anyways when i came back my character is in front of the tower still and was just basic hitting minions that was right beside him lol... i guess the guy was to afraid to even try to kill me that or he thought i was just taunting him and acting like i was afk i dont know :P
  9. Free Social Network Skins & Champs

    "Most of you probably know, but for the ones that don't, you can get 3 skins + champs for free."   Yes you get the champs for free so if you're a newbie make sure you don't buy the champ
  10. how many skins do you have?

  11. actually last few days there really hasn't been a queue (on the guild server) and when there is it's not very long
  12. Under Construction   ***More to come and things to edit and add in :tongue: ***   Gameplay Mechanics: Stats guide   Definitions: Proc: refers to a weapon, item or ability activating with the "Chance on Hit" or "Chance on Use" effect Kit: the set of abilities and stats a champion has On Hit Effects: effects that trigger on a champion's auto attacks and a select few abilities Area of Effect: a spell that does damage to anything in the area of the ability   Stats:   Here we're going to cover the major stats of the game and how they work. Most stats stack additively, not multiplicatively. In other words 2 items that grant 10% critical strike chance, will give you a total of 20% critical strike chance. There are a few exceptions, such as percentaged based armor pen.(penetration) and magic pen. items, which stack multiplicatively making them less effective than additive scaling. (ie having 2 items that have 10 armor pen. would give you a total of 20 armor pen. - having an item that gives you 10 armor pen. and another one that gives you 10% armor pen. would only give you 11 armor pen.). Most multiplicatevely items is better to be built at the end of a build or after a significant item (ie. Warmog's Armor then Atma's Impaler).     Attack Damage Champions:   Attack Damage or AD increases the amount of damage you do with your basic(normal) attacks. AD can also increase the damage of some champion abilities.   Armor Pen. makes your basic attacks and AD damaging abilities ignore a certain amount of your opponent's armor. Armor Reduction reduces the opponent's armor, which will cause your opponent to receive more physical damage from you and your allies. Armor Pen. can not lower an enemy's armor below zero, but Armor Reduction can. Armor Reduction is applied first, then Percent Armor Pen, and then Flat Armor Pen. (ie. The enemy has 100 armor you have -10 Armor Reduction, 10% Armor Pen., and 20 Flat Armor Pen. - 100-10(armor reduction)= 90-9(90x10%[percent armor pen]= 81-20(flat armor pen)= 61 Armor.   Attack Speed is how quickly your champion is using basic attacks. There is some champion abilities that can be affected by attack speed such as  Lucian's "R" - The Culling- Attack speed is calculated by percent, so it is more effective with champions that already have a high base attack speed. Here is a list of champion's attack speeds: -LoL Wiki-     Critical Strike chance will give you a chance to hit with a "crit" based on a percent of your AD (200% of total AD). A critical Strike's damage can be raised with Critical Strike Damage from certain Runes, Masteries, and items such as Infinity Edge. Some champions have Critical Strike built in their kit such as Tryndamere's passive -Battle Fury- Champions with Crit in their kit:   Lifesteal restores health based on a percent of damage done from basic attacks or AD abilities that apply on hit effects (such as Ezreal's "Q" -Mystic Shot-) So if you do  200 damage and have 10% Lifesteal, you will receive 20 health. On Hit Effect Champs: -LoL Wiki-     Ability Power Champions:   Ability Power or AP increases the damage of champions spells, and in some cases their heals, slows, shields, and other effects. Champion spells scale with AP as a ratio. For example, and ability with 1:1 ratio do the damage of the spell plus 100% of your AP, but if it has a 0.75 ratio it will do the spell damage plus only 75% of your AP.   Magic Pen. makes your champions spells ignore a certain amount of your opponents Magic Resistance(MR). MR Reduction reduces the opponent's MR, which will cause your opponent to receive more AP damage from you and your allies. Magic Pen. can not lower an enemy's MR below zero, but MR Reduction can. Magic Pen. along with MR Reduction is better against opponent's with low MR (maybe you're the main AP damage on your team so there isn't much reason for a lot of MR) Percent Magic Pen. along with MR Reduction is better against high MR opponent's.   Spellvamp restores health based on a percent of damage done from AP abilities (doesn't work on most abilities that apply on hit effects such as Ezreal's "Q" -Mystic Shot-) So if you do 200 damage and have 10% Spellvamp, you will receive 20 health, unless it is an AOE(area of effect) spell which is cut down to a 1/3 of the amount of Spellvamp you have ie. If you do 200 damage with an AOE spell and have 10% Spellvamp, you will only receive about 6 health back.     Other:   Cooldown Reduction or CDR reduces the cooldown on champion active abilities by a percentage. 40% is the maximum amount of CDR you can have, meaning you can only reduce a champion's abilites down to 60% of their original cooldown.   ***More to come and things to edit and add in :tongue: ***   All info on these is either from knowledge of me playing or other sites that I have gathered information from.     Under Construction   If You Like My Post Don't Forget To Give Me A Like 
  13. Azir is a mage who summons Shuriman soldiers to control the battlefield and basic attackfor him. The soldier’s piercing basic attacks furnish most of Azir’s damage potential, making him an outlier amongst mages as a right-click-focused champion. Azir’s spells, on the other hand, manipulate his and his soldiers’ positions to keep him safe and establish dangerous no-go zones for his enemies.AZIR         Abilities:   Passive: Will of the Emperor Cooldown reduction increases Azir's attack speed. Disc of the Sun -Azir raises a Sun Disc on the base of a destroyed turret (enemy inhibitor and nexus turrets are immune to this effect). Azir’s Sun Disc behaves like a turret, except that it deals increased damage and grants Azir gold on minion or champion kills. The Sun Disc lasts for a short while and if Azir is killed or moves too far away, it loses armor.   Q: Conquering Sands Azir orders all Sand Soldiers to rush at target position. The soldiers damage and slow all enemies they smash through as they rush into the fray. Azir gains attack speed if the soldiers strike an enemy champion.   W: Arise! Azir summons an untargettable Sand Soldier—a memory of a Shuriman warrior—from the ground. Azir uses his basic attack as a command, ordering soldiers to attack for him, piercing through their target and dealing damage in a line. Sand Soldiers attack even if Azir himself isn’t in basic attack range. The soldiers fade back to sand after a short while or when their emperor leaves them behind.   E: Shifting Sands Azir feints, rushing to target Sand Soldier. If Azir collides with an enemy champion, he stops, knocking them up and gaining a shield.   R: Emperor's Divide Azir calls forth a phalanx of shield-wielding soldiers who press forward, knocking back and damaging enemies. When the soldiers finish their charge, they stand as a wall, blocking enemy champion movement and dashes. Allies can pass through the wall and gain a speed boost when they do. These soldiers cannot be ordered to move or attack.         More Info: Surrender @20 [url=http://www.adkgamers.com/_/gaming-news/league-of-legends/a-new-champion-rises-from-the-sand-r612]Click here to view the article[/url]

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