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  1. Release Date Announced

    They are hinting the other servers will be such as hardcore servers and battleroyale ( AKA Hunger Games ) 
  2. Release Date Announced

    I will lean on what greg said as well they honestly did this the best way they could if they would have released it too early it would have given people the notion they were copying dayz in the sense that they just wanted to throw a broken game out there and then make people think they are still working on it but only throwing new stuff in every now in then which is why they wanted to get it to a point where the majority of stuff was in by the time it was EA. Another thing is they are a big company and that being so they have to meet a criteria before their company will even let them release it in EA or Post EA! This is the very reason they never announced a release date previously all thy have said all year was we expect to release EA this year. They never stated anything else so I don't see your reasoning for being upset with them. Its of my opinion that they have handled this release far better than any major release this year or last year now that I think about it!
  3. GTA5 - Banned from Target

    Damn well I will not get behind that. I am for banning religion because it is an outdated belief that has led to countless generations of war but to try and say the only thing it does is encourage violence on woman is rediculous....
  4. GTA5 - Banned from Target

    they are trying to ban the bible? lol now this is something I could get on board with :) . Don't mind me just your friendly neighborhood Atheist :P
  5. GTA5 - Banned from Target

    Sorry double post laggy internet day sigh
  6. GTA5 - Banned from Target

    Oh no I am not misinterpreting your response at all :) If I have I haven't the slightest if I have lol
  7. GTA5 - Banned from Target

    there are some people that would love to ban gamers from things it would not surprise me in the least just like there are people who would love to ban gay people or vice versa
  8. GTA5 - Banned from Target

    lol really out of all the problems with the post you found a grammar error lawlz
  9. GTA5 - Banned from Target

    Im waiting till the day where GTA goes Muslim cause thats honestly where it seems like its going lol   Then they can rename it to Grand Theft Terrorism
  10. GTA5 - Banned from Target

    I would not necessarily say its trash it can be a good game but I think they have gotten a little out of hand with the games lately especially this one I feel its gotten a little too racist to be honest. The last time I had fun with GTA was San Andreas!
  11. GTA5 - Banned from Target

    This is just rediculous in GTA V you don't just kill woman you kill men as well. This is what I hate about activist they only see half of the problem instead of realizing that they stand to gain more if they look at the whole picture maturely rather than some beat up old hag who treats everything and everyone the same just because they had one bad experience. I would have understood if they said the portrayal of violence in GTA V is wrong and should be a crime against humanity. But they did not say that. They instead chose to attempt to call to arms by overlooking the majority of the game and only seeing the females get murdered or beat or mistreated in general. I feel like when someone does this it is like drawing up straws from nothing. It would be like me saying us going to war in the east is simply a form of racism and we are using it as an excuse to slaughter Muslims enlessly. These woman sicken me and I wish they would see the bigger picture. Enough said on my part!   I am sorry if I upset anyone in the process of writing this but I feel like this kind of response to a video game that expresses violence to everyone not just a single gender is completely sexist and makes more people sexist by setting a bad example for what we should be fighting for. I understand an activist and how motivated they are but I wish they would at least think before they act! They don't even realize how stupid they look!
  12. FPS module video from pax

    thats what I thought cause I have never seen serpantine performed for a doorway much less for 5 seconds lol
  13. FPS module video from pax

    I know I was watching lirik's stream yesterday and almost rolled over laughing so hard because he was making fun of them for saying serpantine formation!
  14. FPS module video from pax

    do I have to be the first to say if I wasnt previously interested in this game I am now.... anyways I didnt think they were capable of making a good fps game but from the looks of this it looks beautiful almost like a mix of dayz and crysis mechanics from the look of it!
  15. jeez he didnt even take the time to think of a legible name seriously what the fuck is sst69.... anyways for you I give you a D for Effort and an F for presentation... better luck next time bud!   Oh and btw I reply to as many people on the forums as I can and I can still say after a year and a half of being with ADK that I still don't know half the people in this community so there should be no problem with talking to people you don't know... After all thats the only way to make friends.

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