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  1. This new layout is... wow just wow man..

  2. This is why I love ADK, been abcent for maybe 6 months... And everyone just welcomed me back with an warming heart <3

  3. confessed love to a chick that I like. Goddamned alcohol.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Greatkingjulian
    3. SomethinglikeEA


      Not bad, she asked me if it was purely the alcohol I said no. and made a small joke, she typed haha. and hasnt talked to me after... so. Kinda nervous

    4. Zepppster


      Oh, thats not that bad. Worst case is the dreaded friend zone haha

  4. Recruitment Commercialism

    @[member='Pepsi'] (sorry for the slow ass responce) They're French. Not dutch. But I would kind of like the English recruitment message if can. <3
  5. Recruitment Commercialism

    @[member='AOBLXIX'] Contact me if you want your Battlefield 4 "Recruitment Commercial" to be properly translated to dutch. Since it's google translated now (or so it seems), and it bugs the hell out of me. You have a multilanguage community here try and find some people who can translate it to their own native (or learned) languages. So it looks a bit more do-able, since right now (atleast in dutch) it looks pure google translate and kinda shitty.
  6. China Rising in our Server ?

    Well I can't wait for the Metro server to come out, Maybe China Rising server wouldn't be too bad either. Just 1 gamemode should be enough I guess. maybe hold a poll for that.
  7. Pc seems to be broken (or dying) freezes every hour then restart like nothing happens.

    1. Zepppster


      Check your temps? Run check disk?

  8. Blogs.

    Okay. I can live with that. But the pink nails. I'm not sure if I can live with that part though. Don't do it. It scares people
  9. The Pet Peeves of Girl Gamers.

    My ex was a "girlgamer" as they like to call it. The people stalking and shit no joke it's true. It's annoying for both the girl and (possible) boyfriend. I ain't the strongest of them all. So Hard to intimidate someone who is threatening/making fun off/flirting (oh god that one is the worst) with your girlfriend. But you shouldn't be so overwhelmed by the fact they game. Yea it's cool and all, they understand your frustrations over games, they won't easily get pissed off when they actually know wtf you're doing with your game. But You can tell that to a non-gamergirl aswell. Explain it to her. If she really loves you/cares for you. She should understand. (mostly). Heck I listened and cared for her telling me how her night out was ^^ (yes...yess tell me the names of who I need to murder in their sleep....wait I said that out loud? whoops)
  10. Ward Placement.

    Tbh, that map is an old version of the game, and doesnt actually show the correct placements of where to place wards. Since right now what you can see is about 2-3 champions wide. So it's basically pure luck where to place them. (oh and I will make new screenshots for S4, since some brushes will be altered)
  11. Battlefield 4 Launch Party

    I hate you Americans for recieving the game 2 days ahead of me :c Europe is where EA and Dice were founded. ps. secretly I still love you.
  12. So GTA V arrived today..... *drools* so yea I might be afk for a while.

  13. BF4 Beta Preload is ready

    Am I the only one who was done downloading it within 20 minutes (I was showering came back  it was done)
  14. 2 different flight ceilings for choppers and jets

    Yea okay. but if they just make the cooldown on the flares 1.5 times as long, since the lock-on time is reduced. then you would get a buff but a nerf at the same time. wouldnt be as effective as just 2 flares but a bit more. either that or make the current re-prep time of the flares to about 0.75 of what it is now. @[member='McThump']
  15. 2 different flight ceilings for choppers and jets

    Nope. We are only going to recieve 1 gamemode on Siege of Shanghai

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