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  1. LoL ADK Team

    I loved playin with jiz but i quit goin to ts3 because evertime i go to a channel i get muted by everyone and they talk shit to me i don't even know the people i was just trying to ask to play LoL with them. most of the people in there are assholes and thats why I stopped going in there
  2. Low Level Players

    Im lvl 30 and id be glad to help teach people how to play I know I hated people yelling at me when I was low lvl (they still do sometimes) lmao but mostly because there raging but if anyone wants to learn or has questions id be glad to run you through some matches on TS or vent and help ya out. I promise not to yell when you die haha My ingame name is RUN
  3. =ADK= League of Legends - Friends List

    My ingame name is RUN and im lvl 30
  4. LoL ADK Team

    Hello ADk some of you may know me and some may not im on the TF2 servers from time to time but I mostly play LoL. I think we should put together an ADK team for LoL. I stoped playing ranked because I can't ever get a good team. After My ELO went from 1280 down to 1100 i quit trying untill I find a team I know I can win with. what I would like to do is have try outs and see if anyone here is interested in playing hardcore ranked matches and practicing together. if you make the team you would have to show up for practices. We all need to be on the same page and know how the rest of the team plays so practice would be a must. if anyone is interested in joining pls hit me up. you must be lvl 30. idc what your elo is as long as you can play and play well. you must have vent or teamspeak we could prob use adk teamspeak server to play with. I would like to make it to the top of the ladder in season 2 and its about to be under way, so lets put ADK's name on the board and let LOL know who the best damn gaming crew around is.
  5. TF2 FPS Issue - FIX

    PLS be aware that by doing this, if you play your games from another pc your items and any progress you have made will not be available to you on any other pc besides the 1 they were achieved on. and cannot be transfered or updated even after turning it back on. only progress you make while it is on will be available to other pc's. just throwing that out there because some people do play on multiple pc's and this would suck pretty bad for them.
  6. New Computer Again Maybe? :3

    yea your right about future proofing
  7. New Computer Again Maybe? :3

    ok here my 2 cents. I am running both that case and power supply with 2 HD4870's in crossfire both overclocked and my AMD Phenom 2 955 black is overclocked and that case keeps them all way under max temp on full load on a hot day. that power supply has ran my rig for 5 months with out even a hickup. seasonic is one of the oldest most tr4usted power supply company's around. as for the ssd I have an OCZ vertex 2 80 gig drive and I have been using it for about 5 months with no trouble and I read and write files to it all the time. OCZ toolbox says it still has 100% of its life left and all the reviews i read on OCZ are great. there ssd's are considered top of the line. Oh and I ran a 3rd card in my pc for about a month on that power supply and the fan rarely even kicks on. I do agree with ASUS having the superior motherboards I have an ASUS and I love it. as for the memory it depends on what your doing with your pc as to whether you will notice a difference in the ram speeds or not. Hardcore gaming like crysis 2 on max settings yes if your reading your email no. when I buy ram I make it a point to find the lowest cas rating I can but thats me I like the best. I don't know much about the samsung drive but my persanol prefrence is I only buy western digital black drives as they have a 5 year warrenty and I have never had 1 fail on me
  8. New Computer Again Maybe? :3

    Great build I think you will be hapyy with it. that Gpu will last you a few years also.
  9. New Computer Again Maybe? :3

    that is good ram I run same kind except mine is cas 7 but theres not that much of a difference so that will be good
  10. New Computer Again Maybe? :3

    the HAF932 is set up for water cooling you take out the top fan and the rads go there it even has a refill hole at the top of the case for easy coolant adding. this case is huge and circulates ALOT of air. but at the same time is very quiet. im not knocking the raven case at all it looks very nice and would also be a very nice case I read some reviews on it and didn't find a bad 1. Its really persanol prefrence wich 1 you go with this is all the ram you need right here if you get that ram your talking about the board has to be overclocked meaning you have to have extra ram there that you can put in just to overclock and then switch to your ram. not to mention you won't see a difference. I suggest something like this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231335 lower cas latency is always better the lower the faster the ram I liked is cas 7 and very reliable
  11. New Computer Again Maybe? :3

    yea the cords from the psu hold it in place lmao it is for looks more than anything it was a cheap fan i had so I threw it in for the blue glow lol. the brand name of the power supply is far more important than the wattage. also look for a single rail psu they hold up much better than multi rail. the psu is THE most important part of a pc. if it goes out it could take out half of your hardware with it. the better the brand the less likely this is to happen. good luck on the game design
  12. New Computer Again Maybe? :3

    I should have taken that more from the side but theres alot of room in between the parts ill take another 1 in a few mins from the side and post it
  13. New Computer Again Maybe? :3

    sli scales really well when using 2 cards its when you go over 2 that the scaling starts dropping a bit im not sure of exact percentages but the performance increase is well worth the extra card if you can afford it. just don't skimp on power supply or case and you will be just fine. I have a seasonic 650 watt gold certified fully modular psu and it does everything I need and more and the price was very reasonable at 139.99 on newegg http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817151088 also here is a pic of my case so you can see just how much room it has [img]http://i456.photobucket.com/albums/qq286/lillonnie28092/101_0684.jpg[/img]
  14. New Computer Again Maybe? :3

    No proplem glad I could help you out good luck with it

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