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  1. Finally! Back to BF3!!! I missed you ADK!!!

  2. Finally! Back to BF3!!! I missed you ADK!!!

  3. Welcome To My Intro

    Yo Scorpinox......... Where did you been? I never seen you for a thousand years.............
  4. DirectX 12 march 20th

  5. Needing Admins in No ex BF3

    Totally agree with Dynasty and my friend Jonathan.... It doesn't matter you kicked me out from the advisership, but this is a very serious problem.... There is no active admin besides Wacko, J3ngland....  I used to see DarthBoog, JellyFinger (Resigned), Zlizz (Don't see anymore, but there when it's emergency)... So I think we need to either separate into the old fashioned bf3 and bf4, because it is just not working anymore... Or get the people that is dedicated that's out there waiting for the opportunity.... Whenever I play, I see people complaining and start reporting, and people are asking if there's any admin... It really pisses me off....
  6. Sound cards?

    Well I kinda produce classical music like symphonic music and rock music when I am free and the ASUS ROG Xonar Phoebus sounds very good... i really can hear ALL OF MY NOTES from the timpani to the 6th octave in violin. Highly recommended
  7. Best verizon phone on the market?

    Well I know some friends in the Samsung Company, and there are going to say the Samsung Galaxy will be priced around 749.99 without contract, so maybe 99.99~199.99 with contract. The Gear 2 a.k.a. The Galaxy Gear will be priced around 299.99 so there would be a possible bundle with the phone. Also there is something called the gearfit, it is a wristwatch kinda thing.... that is priced around 199.99~219.99... That's what I would try.
  8. Well, I don't know..... is it worth the money like economically, or are we buying it just because it is stunning/design?
  9. Sensitive debate time!!

    Crunch for me since '05
  10. Question for parents/women

    Well..... I learned a great lesson... didn't I Dynasty? @[member='Dynasty']
  11. Would you ride this?

    @cm3parker I am pretty sure she will love this  with her family :D   Man..... I really want to bring my gf there and have fun 
  12. Canada eh?

    I am so confused <3
  13. Playing instruments

    That's what my teacher told me.... When I played piano over 2 years, that's when I started Sonatina, I quitted piano for 6 months, and I restarted, it was kinda hard for me to re-read all the notes, but the ear and the finger was alive. :3
  14. Playing instruments

    Thank you Very much :D The title of the piece was given by my girlfriend.......
  15. Playing instruments

    That's what everybody say..... you forgot how to read music, you your inger doesn't.... It's like you can't forget how to ride a bicycle... It's the muscular memorialize? 

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