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    Sapphire 7970 3gb (stock, for now)
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    Asus VH238H 23" LED Backlight LCD
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    Steelseries Siberia V2(headset) Logitech G500s(mouse) Corsair K90(keyboard)
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  1. Useless Update On Absence

    Herro guise! I don't know where I read it but while signing up there was something that said 100% participation isn't required but if I were to suddenly not be on as much anymore, a topic or notification would be awesome. So here it is :).   I work a seriously tedious job (deal with people sucks, I rather work on an assembly line by now) with silly hours for my eastern time zone. When I joined ADK my schedule started midday and ended around 1am EST...Yea, no. After I saw how tired I was, how little time I had for gaming and that the fact that all my friends were asleep by then I had to change something. It sounds dumb but this job was taking up my whole life and I told them kindly that I would be quitting as a result. How do they respond? By changing my schedule lol. So now The latest I work is 11:30pm my time and it's still considered full time by them.   I had a little more time to play and hang out with my friends and was less fatigued after work. I started playing more canals and picked up the DAO to further my noobiness  :ph34r:. I have friends who love to play other games and most of the times I am the one to beg them to play BF3 and eventually time on BF3 went down, I would try to come home and play on my lunch but bleh, 30 minutes isn't enough noobage for me. Guns of Icarus started taking up my time with friends and eventually this pain in the butt friend of mine who I love finally got me to purchase motherf*cking WoW.   Yes, World of F*cking Warcraft, the game that I said I would never purchase because I would dump too much damn time into it. I got a recruit a friend invite from them which got me the base game and a chance to level up to 80. I loved the game so much that I just purchased the whole damn thing anyways at a discounted price. So at this point in time...everything else that I used to play is apparently dead to me lol. I haven't touched another game in a while and I'm fine with it. More crazy sh*t happened with the WoW purchase and introduction to my life but I will leave it out.   Now for the end, I can't remember the last time I touched BF3 and I don't think it will be anytime soon. I can't remember the last time I was on TS either, which isn't a big deal since everyone is sleeping when I'm there anyways lol. I am still here! In the shadows lurking and stalking the raffle page trying to tell myself to do it even though my current PC(click system specs to laugh at my upload speed) is awesome! <3   Bonus:   Here is a picture of the insides of my girlfriend. [spoiler][/spoiler] Now here is a picture of my girlfriend [spoiler][/spoiler] This is how I blow my girlfriend.
  2. [Poll] BF3 Server - 2 Options

    Gah! It was tied, had to fix that lol. I want a high ticket TDM server if possibru. I play our canals server but log off after a couple matches and go play some random 1k ticket one.   Disregard this if the poll is related to metro only.
  3. Just to weigh in, I did this and it did not fry my potato. It works awesome for me and my crappy connection.
  4. Just WOW BF4

    I'm trying to branch out man. That's why I haven't been on ADK servers much. I just played some Caspian border and hope to get into the bigger maps soon. It's just so much to frikking learn.
  5. Just WOW BF4

    It's OK Garen...but stop caring too much about EA. We all know they are horrible and should feel horrible but we won't stop purchasing their games. To get angry at them for treating us like crap when we allow them to, gets really funny really quick. I just say fk it and move on.   I have told people that I won't be purchasing Bf4@launch and I'm sticking to that, I'm going to take my time on BF3 until it's dead/not supported then move on to something else. Won't get mad about it since I open my anus for them to stick it in by purchasing their content. 
  6. If your internet is as slow as mine you will see some weird shit and sometimes shoot at people to no avail but it helps SO MUCH. I think I need to test it on bigger maps though, since I really only play noshahr.
  7. BF4 FPS

    ^ Fella up there is correct. I am running 3gb and rarely use that much according to MSI afterburner. A couple hours of googling will teach you that though. :)
  8. BF4 FPS

    Are you going to be showing NEW tweaks or just going over the current ones discussed in this thread?
  9. BF4 FPS

    I tried it today when I came home for lunch...holy shitbuckets. WTF HAVE I BEEN DOING? My monitor is only 60hz but when I lowered all the settings the game still looked wonderful AND it felt like moving my hand through water. It was amazingly smooth gameplay. Now I'm gonna get into Bf3 tweaking it seems...     This is what I'm going to try next. Mostly because of this:       I read part one of the guide Nova posted and great mother of fuck nuggets...joined the noshar server and went on a 20-0 rampage. o.O First match of the night from work lol, could be a coincidence but couple this response with the smooth gameplay and now everything makes fucking sense. God...I'm mind blown.   Here is my treat:  
  10. BF4 FPS

    Doing my research and this seems to be true. Why is that? Aside from the obvious answer that their rigs can't handle it most of the pros I see play have awesome rigs. I max this thing out at 1080p and I'm starting to think I'm doing it wrong lol.    I also can't play with colorblind to save my life. Maybe I was not meant to become pro /cry
  11. Just WOW BF4

    I only recently got Bf3 so I'm gonna stick with it for a while. There are maps I haven't even played yet lol. I won't be a day 1 purchase but I will get it someday.
  12. canadian ehhh!

    Oh snap, didn't know that.
  13. Co-op is taking a poop right now and I can't see anything on their twitter about it. I see posts on the forums and I've even made my own but the replies are making me even more pissed. I love this game but with the way things have been handled lately I can't help but imaging battlelog devs just idling around drinking cat piss.   I'm just angry is all...actually no, I'm sad. Very sad that I have to spend the rest of my day looking at the plethora of games I have and not being able to make a decision because I only want to play BF3.      
  14. Yea it sounds like that's the max you could get from their servers. All of the nerds are saying one of the main reasons fiber is rolling out is to get the big companies to wake up and get better connections for their server.
  15. The transitions and variety did it for me with this mix.    [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d51yo5BgBkY[/media]

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