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    Asus 990FX Crosshair V Formula AM3
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    Corsair 600T
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    Steelseries SHIFT
  1. LGA 2011 socket users, rejoice!

    Welp there goes my savings
  2. New Laptop

    try looking at NCIX they have some great laptops. in my opinion definitely get a GE40. i have one and love it to bits
  3. Yeah ive used Windows 8 for example and i dont see what the fuss is about. i like it :)
  4. my pc build i am making

    personally i would go with somthing like a Corsair AX760i for the psu and i would change the CPU to an FX8350 so that you could come closer to competeing with the CPU's on intels side since they are usually more powerful such as the i5.  And fan controllers (in my opinion and in most cases) are pretty useless because unless you are constantly changing it then pointless for example: for a test put an action figure on top of your PC when you 'would' put the fans on high speeds move the figurine to stand up and when on a low setting place him lying down examples of change are going into a game or just browsing the internet.  also with watercooling be sure that you have the right tubing the right fittings the right size radiators and figure out a loop config of where the tubes will go i know for a fact that the case you have chosen is extremely small inside for extensive watercooling (such as yours) it also has a very small side window so you would not see anything inside or you would see very little.  i would suggest looking for somthing that is a more practicle size because messing around with cables is irritating as hell in small cases.     So as a sub conclusion i would suggest:   Corsair AX760i AMD FX8350 no fan controller probobly an NZXT case because the phantom like is pretty fantastic or a HAF X even better
  5. Hardware help....

    well because it is an all in one it pretty much means that you cannot upgrade the GPU because it will (mosy likely) be running some form of mobile GPU (GT630m GT640m etc.) but what you could look into is stand alone PCI boxes which run from a Thunderbolt cable into a box that has PCI-E Slots inside and you could put a desktop GPU inside of that and plug it into you PC.   However these are mostly still in development and there are a few but i would definitely look into it :)
  6. Hardware help....

    Well i know it sucks but the best thing to do is to just save all of your money and get one large upgrade all at once rather than fritter away on small inclinations.  Also with new generations of CPU and GPU (Intel 4th gen and GeForce 700 Series) they will probably be a wise upgrade. i know that it inst exactly ideal to wait even longer to get better performance, however i have upgraded twice and done it both ways (first time i bought 1 thing every 3 weeks and the second build i waited and upgraded everything at once) but for things like PS2 it can vary in what to get but choosing correct hardware is important and depending on what you intend to do with it matters also.     If you can wait i would say something along this.   CPU: Intel i5 4670 (you can get the K series if you intend to overclock :P) GPU: GTX 760 (its not out yet but it is said to be announced in 2 - 3 weeks :P) MOBO: get something that is in your budget and meets your needs. don't just get the cheapest you might regret it later. :D RAM: for larger games, like PS2, RAM can be crucial but i would say 8GB at the minimum, for the best upgrade-ability i would get 1 x 8GB DIMM so if you want 8,16,24 or 32GB down the road you can get it. PSU: i would say something around 600W - 700W because these new CPU/GPU are becoming so power efficient HDD: i doubt that you will change this but if you do i would suggest a WD HDD because they are so damn reliable other: Get whatever you think it is that you need, processor fans, new mice/keyboard. ultimately this is you choice so i am merely suggesting :P     I have had a lot of experience with stuff like this so if you need any help just holler ;P    But if no furthar assisstance is needed i would recommend sticking with these brands (you dont have to these are just brands that i HIGHLY recommend because i have always had amazing experiances with them.)   Noctua (Fans are amazballz) ASUS (GPU, MOBO, Routers, Moniters, Soundcards all bloody brilliant! :D) Silverstone (Great rugged cases, case fans and PSU's) Corsair (Great RAM, good cases, amazing RAM :P) Steelseries (Great headsets good microphones) Logitech (THE MICE ARE AMAZING hope to get a G600 soon!) WD (Reliable HDDs) Samsung (Great moniters and even better SSD's rocking an 840 myself ;P) Kingston (Great hyperX RAM)
  7. I found this on reddit and it was a good read and i thought i would share it here.   Note: i did not write this i found it and am sharing it. The Guy who wrote it was Sparcrypt On Reddit   Microsoft, there is something you need to understand. Always online doesn’t bother me. I’m already always online. Not buying preowned doesn’t bother me – I always buy new and never trade my games in. The Kinect doesn’t bother me because I have the ability to realise I already own half a dozen devices with the ability to listen in/see what I’m doing – including one with a built in GPS that I carry with me everywhere I go. I also realise that if I’m worried about privacy, I should be looking at the government and it’s laws, not you. But you know what does bother me? Your utter contempt for me. Your lack of focus on me as a gamer. Your failure to recognise that your draconic DRM systems are punishing me, the paying customer, and not the pirates who will be playing for free no matter what you do – or playing the same games on PC after pirating them if you do manage to pull it off. Telling me that if I don’t want always online, then I shouldn’t want a next generation system. So despite the fact that not one single thing you are doing would really inconvenience me personally, I feel reluctant to give you my money purely because I honestly feel that you just don’t give a damn about me as a gamer. You aren’t interested. Sony is bending over backwards to give gamers everything they have ever asked for. We don’t know if they’ll deliver – but they’re a lot more likely to deliver on a promise they’ve made than you are on one you haven’t. As a gamer who has never owned a Sony console, nor really considered buying one, I was excited for the Xbox One. I was looking forward to buying it and if you had asked me 6 months ago what console I was getting next I would have told you straight up ‘The new Xbox’. Because I figured that you and Sony would basically release the same thing, matching each other’s promises and method to try and outdo one another and capture the gaming audience. But no. I look at you and I see a company that says “Oh you want to play games? FINE. But you do it how WE SAY!”. I look at Sony and they’re telling me “Hey, it’s OK, cmere.. we’re going to give you everything you want, everything you’ve asked us for.. no really, everything. All of it.” This is a message from a gamer who has actually been supporting you all this time – in fact take a stroll through my post history and you will SEE me defend you. But I’m getting tired of it. I still want to buy the Xbox One.. but the people pushing me away aren’t fanboys or your competition.. it’s you. Because so far, you have yet to give me one single reason as to why I would purchase your console instead of a Playstation. I think that should worry you.   Really Made me think and i really appreciate this.   I too share this guy's feelings and welcome an attitude towards this situation.  I do play on the PC and if i do get a console next gen it will in fact probably be a PS4.    
  8. One day i wish to upgrade my PC to......   Intel Core i7 4770k Asus Maximus VI Extreme  2 x Gainward GTX 770 4GB SLI Avermedia Live Gamer HD C985 H.264 6 x Samsung 840 Pro's  A custom watercooling loop  Corsair AX1200i  32GB of Corsair Dominators Platinum   This is a top build i one day wish to have in my system or to change my system to.   Post what you want below!   Callum :)    
  9. I mean if you are sure that your system is not the problem or your ISP isnt the problem then if you could afford it try to get an avermedia Live Gamer HD it comes with a 3 month subscription to xplit and you get lots of features and because it has its on separate h.264 core it takes up so little performance on your CPU it also acts as a capture card and gives you an extremely low file sizes   Hope i could help :)
  10. Need some help finding a laptop

    try not to chastise yourself with a 'gaming' laptop because you wont be able to do anything if you dont focus mainly on the GPU :P
  11. Need some help finding a laptop

    Gaming laptops i would almost definitely go for ASUS.   The G series that they have is amazing.   Small/more portable i would say G46VW it has:   a 14.1" screen i5 3230M GTX660M 2GB GDDR5 8GB RAM 750GB HDD with an 8GB Small SSD to boost And it has Windows 8    depending on where you look it is the best 'bang for the buck' gaming laptop i found and if you get any less than that for gaming i would give it a pass.   if you dont mind bigger or more expensize i'd say get the G75VW the specs for that are:   a  17.3" screen i7 3610QM Quad core 12GB RAM GTX670MX 3GB GDDR5 1.5TB dual drives  and a Blu-Ray Drive if you'd want to watch movies   Those are the options i would go for, but get what you can afford though :)

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