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Everything posted by Field_Sweeper

  1. Name: Field_Sweeper Form: Let's Get This Game Going Request    
  2. I got invited to the Alpha

    where the heck u been lmao

    Cool def liking the arm band thing. was thinking we needed something like that.
  4. Bitcoin mining for ADK

    Man, really wish I had started then HAHAHA. was looking for old wallets in my email and saw some post replies from here. HAHA reading this this now makes me have that man wish I bought that lotto ticket that won HAHAHA. Hate to bring back an old topic, but sorta relevent now would love to see some of your opinions now. Mine still stand s and even more so BUT had you mined back then IF you actually got any coins, you'd def have a good amount of money now. but even then vs now the viability seems to not have increased. meaning at the current cost vs difficulty the hardware etc. seems you never quit reach your break even point. and back then at that price, either. BUT had you held on to it then sure. albeit at this point I can't imagine the price going much higher.
  5. Picture Fun!

  6. Town of Salem Event | January 30th |

    'Cause tonight is the night for feeling alright We'll be playing Town of Salem the whole night throouuuuuuggghhhhh.
  7. Town of Salem Event | January 30th |

    This is a fun game to play, have not played in a while. will def try to be there.
  8. s%*t post

    welcome to the club. there are plenty of people to play with here and they all love different games.
  9. Hey no problem man, its a fun game, and if you need help let me know.
  10. [Game Channel Requests] for [Fortnite channel]

    I have played this game before, SirResnov plays it as well. it can be fun, lets see how many others enjoy it.
  11. Hey guys, I see a lot of people playing and sometimes using discord although not all the time. its more fun to group up or play with others so if you play, feel free to jump in the discord chat and group up with people I wanna see this game and group go far, this game has a lot of potential and is being dev'd by a really good person and team See you on the battlegrounds.
  12. ADK Private Group

    Ign:. Field_Sweeper
  13. PS4 Release Date Announced

    but will it be one of the cross platform games? or simply its own game? if it is then it will be simply like any other that does it (unfort) like terraria, the console version is dead because its rarely updated.
  14. We Need Your Help

    I probably would not mind being a recruiter. heck I was a helper at my old recruiting station for a short time when I was in the Navy lol. I have a few people I have been playing battlegrounds with that I think would possibly be interested in joining. I will point them to the applications
  15. http://store.steampowered.com/news/14757/ I think this is a good place for this as the Arma section is generally visited by the players that already have it. Steam is having a 50% off sale on Arma and it is completely free to play this weekend until 1pm pacific on Sunday. If you wanted to try out Arma 3 / exile on our servers now is def the time. the servers are running in top shape since they updated them the other day and added a new server. If you like Dayz, H1Z1, Arma 2, or similar game, you will probably like this one as well.

    Jessica Jones was pretty damn good actually,. Watched all of them on one day. Don't hurt that Kristen Ritter is also sexy as hell. Sent from my VS990 using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app Oh and the gratuitous sex as well.
  17. Rocket League?

    It actually is really fun. Just bought it the other day, check out this insane goal i made: http://plays.tv/video/57449b0a0cac29a3d8/bouncing-over-2-people-lol
  18. Favorite soda/pop?

    I used to drink almost nothing but coke or Pepsi, (usually all caffeinated drinks. Ever since I gave up all caffeine I've been gravitating towards root beer. Then lately towards orange soda, anything that still has the crisp bite that and ice cold coke or Pepsi had. But without the caffeine lol. Sent from my VS990 using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  19. Trump or Clinton

    Also, here's the problem with all 3: Bernie thinks his changes will work, and they won't. Simple economics etc, higher wages means higher prices, free shit means higher taxes etc, then we'll be back where we were. Only with a dollar less valuable. Clinton is a hypocritical criminal, And Trump well. Trump. Nuff said lol. Seriously he sound a great game but the ego is not going to work for president. How will he divide his time between his companies and President. As a share holder he must work for them. As a president he must work for us. And the two can conflict with each other. Sent from my VS990 using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  20. Trump or Clinton

    Lol. It's always amusing when foreigners. Especially EU foreigners. Who try to point out things like i'm perfectly ok with them. Said socialist programs are really not a testament on how progressive we are. It's a system of control. Why can you justify socialist policies and the taxes you'll have to levy to pay for all this social program upkeep? By golly because poors don't need to actually buy food. We have a food program. And poors don't need to ever pay for school or shoot for the stars because we have a school program. And why the hell should people even work. You realize that socialist tax plans. Let's say 20% your income. That's pretty close to what the canadians pay in taxes to cover their shitty socialist healthcare system. 20% of my pay bi weekly gone in taxes. I couldn't put food on the table anymore and still pay all our bills. But hey. At least some other folk got some shit healthcare. This country is a country of consumers. You cannot magically swing your socialist wand and wipe it away because countries the size of some of our smaller states with the same population can do it. I have about as much faith of Bernie not being a communist as I do Trump not being a Fascist. Either or is an entire extreme on one side of the spectrum or the other for my tastes. So I'm quite happy that kids are getting involved in politics. It's a shame how they forget to actually apply themselves into their life and actually make a good decision with their life and how it's going to pan out. Instead they whole heartedly jump on the bandwagon of vote for socialist. Get free shit. Idiots of the internet aren't smarter because of google and their cries on facebook won't change the fact that the establishment won't let Bernie Sanders have the ticket. Just like the last two elections they won't let Ron Paul have the Republican ticket. Two party system in this country really really fucks over everyone who doesn't have the capability of writing a check and buying themselves a senator or six. Well said, and agreed, all this "free" stuff has to come from somewhere. Everyone who says all the other countries that have free health care etc. Have higher taxes, hell the EU has a vat. Which is 20% you buy something from the store, you pay 20% more. A ps4 for 400 you pay 80 dollars on top of the slightly higher sales tax. The US already has so many systems in place to help people. They just are too lazy to do the work like signing up for it etc. The military also pays for college but God forbid they do something in return. Sent from my VS990 using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  21. Poker nights?

    That's OK, ID have taken it anyhow . Ha-ha. Jk Sent from my VS990 using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  22. So like the division? Eh. Idk lol I liked the division but quickly got bored. Sent from my VS990 using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  23. Battlefield 1 PC Version NO DISC INCLUDED

    The problem is people complain, but we all still enjoy taking it in the butt and buy it anyhow. I'd love if all we could band together and just forego buying the game even if just for a few days or a week to send a message Sent from my VS990 using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  24. Count to 1,000

    Great way to increase post count lmao. Also how are we at 389 but have 400+ posts lmao. 389 :) Sent from my VS990 using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  25. Im not s big fan of many of the SP campaigns this game and similar ones have Usually always been a MP game but this gives some more value, i rarely ever bother. I'm an MP only guy haha. Sent from my VS990 using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app

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