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    Computers, Astronomy, Physics, RC Heli's and Planes, Games, TV Shows: Psych, American Dad, Family Guy, Burn Notice.. / Movies, and Music (mostly oldies/classic rock, 50's-80's and some 90's)

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    Windows 10 64-bit
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    ASUS Prime X370-PRO
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    AMD Ryzen 7 1700X Eight-Core Processor @ 3.5Ghz / Water Cooled Corsair H60
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    ASUS ROG STRIX Nvidia GTX 1080Ti
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    Corsair CX750
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    16GB Corsair Vengeance @ 3000Mhz
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    Boot: Samsung 960 EVO M.2 SSD 500GB , RAID 0: 2 x 240GB Sandisk SSDs
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    Auria 27" LED IPS (2560x1440) & AOC 27" IPS (1920x1080)
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    Corsair SPEC-02
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    Corsiar K70 RGB and Logitech mX, Samsung Color Laser Printer: CLX-3185
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  1. Name: Field_Sweeper Form: Let's Get This Game Going Request    
  2. [Let's Get This Game Going] for (Identity RPG)

    literally no one. http://prntscr.com/m0wzvl I would not have minded it be something, but they only released an area you can only really walk around in lol
  3. [Let's Get This Game Going] for (Fallout 76)

    yeah sale may still be going on, its fun, even through some of the bugs we hope they fix soon it still keeps us going so that is saying something. hopefully a few more fallout people will want to try it out @Unseen2339 just got it as well, and a few others.
  4. Name: Field_Sweeper Form: Let's Get This Game Going Request    
  5. [Let's Get This Game Going] for (Identity RPG)

    IF this game actually ever comes out, I would be interested in it, I will most likely buy it, but they have been pushing it back so much its worse than DayZ standalone. which means it will never reach the scope we expect and they are promising but can still be a fun game nonetheless.
  6. I got invited to the Alpha

    where the heck u been lmao

    Cool def liking the arm band thing. was thinking we needed something like that.
  8. Bitcoin mining for ADK

    Man, really wish I had started then HAHAHA. was looking for old wallets in my email and saw some post replies from here. HAHA reading this this now makes me have that man wish I bought that lotto ticket that won HAHAHA. Hate to bring back an old topic, but sorta relevent now would love to see some of your opinions now. Mine still stand s and even more so BUT had you mined back then IF you actually got any coins, you'd def have a good amount of money now. but even then vs now the viability seems to not have increased. meaning at the current cost vs difficulty the hardware etc. seems you never quit reach your break even point. and back then at that price, either. BUT had you held on to it then sure. albeit at this point I can't imagine the price going much higher.
  9. Picture Fun!

  10. Town of Salem Event | January 30th |

    'Cause tonight is the night for feeling alright We'll be playing Town of Salem the whole night throouuuuuuggghhhhh.
  11. Town of Salem Event | January 30th |

    This is a fun game to play, have not played in a while. will def try to be there.
  12. s%*t post

    welcome to the club. there are plenty of people to play with here and they all love different games.
  13. Hey no problem man, its a fun game, and if you need help let me know.
  14. [Game Channel Requests] for [Fortnite channel]

    I have played this game before, SirResnov plays it as well. it can be fun, lets see how many others enjoy it.
  15. ADK Private Group

    Ign:. Field_Sweeper

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