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  1. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

    hahaha hella lurking. wtf. when did you get back on here? how long have you been trolling? it's been 3+ yrs since last post.
  2. Just wondering if anyone plays Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. It's basically League of Legends, but on your phone or tablet. If you do, add me as a friend Johnny5. Looking to rank with others. I'm a former LoL player, but haven't played in over 3 years. PC broke and kids get in the way for PC gaming time. I can do mobile games on my time. Edit: If you can link up with this code: https://mlbb.app.link/Pj8LAOHy J5
  3. Starting to play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. 


    Basically LoL on the mobile devices. 

  4. It's been almost 4 years since I last played a PC game. Going to mobile (Vain Glory) games for now.

    1. AOBLXIX
    2. Y3K Daniel

      Y3K Daniel

      Johnny 5 is ALIVE!!!!!

      I have hardly played any games in the last year myself.... missing the good old TF2 days :/

    3. Johnny 5

      Johnny 5

      Yea, but for me, TF2 was somewhat short-lived as I could mainly play pyro. My baby was LoL, which boomed. Haven't touched that in so long. Long are the days when Eve had active cloaking. It's been revamped so many times since. 


      I do remember ARAM with my first born wedged between a pillow and the desk. One hand playing and got first blood with Kass. 


      That is all.

  5. is LOL any fun?

    Play ARAM to start. It's nice and gives you a little bit of the 5v5 right off the bat. You will also get to know the chars and spells. It's slightly different from normal games, but it's a good start.
  6. BF4 for $20

    Yup, just have to wait it out. 1/3 of the original price. Spread the word.
  7. BF4 for $20

  8. Arcade Hecarim

    Joey, you joined another server? Boo.
  9. Summoner's Rift Ward Placement (old)

    Yea, I've seen some changes too. For bot lane, some people like to put it at the center point in the river to the right of the tri-bush. This is to the left of river bot bush, to the south of dragon entrance, and right of purple's tri-bush. This allows for blue team to see if their jungler is coming from the tri-bush, or top lane coming down. The reason why I didn't have this location and the two bushes on top and bot lane circled was because at the time, not many people used to put in those bushes because a champ would be in them guarding the bushes.   I still prefer bush warding because the you can see out from the bush, but if you ward outside the bush, you can't see inside the bush.   Regarding bot and top lane bushes, if one side is good at poking, they will have the adc farm, while the support hide in the bush. If you go into that bush, the adc will poke you and supp, might poke you too. So having a ward in those bushes might help, but that depends on the bot partners. No one likes to facecheck a bush, so people will ward it as not to be surprised when the you go in and get ganked by the supp and jungler in there.
  10. alucard is starting trouble again

    Thanks Nova, there's an ongoing conversation which I just replied to.
  11. ADK Dropbox

    Drop any images
  12. It's a good day when

    Grats man.
  13. Banned from TS? Reason: Recruiting?!?!?

    Thanks Joey.   ****************************   We had instances from which you would come to our TS3. Go to a LoL channel, and within minutes disconnect. Following your disconnect, there were a few more disconnects from the people in the channel. In my previous post, I addressed the issues that would result from this:   You stated that when you came into our TS3 you were looking for your friends and wanted to play with them. Granted, you found them (one, some or all), they were with other players. You said you had a few more people on MC's TS3. You told me in a separate conversation that you, "because I have friends that play over here too. The side that has more people we usually hop to." By saying this you also confirmed that you 'invited' them into MC's TS3, at least for the duration of the matches played together.   Now think about this: If you did that: going to our TS3, saw some of your friends, invited them to play, then said, I have some other friends on MC's TS3, let's all go there, here's the ip (even if the message was sent on LoL), then you leave and they follow, what does that look like? Even if there was one new person that followed you to your TS3, that's one less person that is in ours, not including your friends from ADK.   Now take that to the next few occurrences: That new person now had 2 TS3 they can go to. They hop into ADK's, and if they don't see anyone, they hop into MC's. If they see you or that group that the player previously played with, they will stay. Not sure if they will go back to ADK's if there's no one over in MC's. If they stay, the next few times they connect to a TS3 will start with MC's TS3. From there they will continue to to to MC's TS3 first, if not only. ADK just lost a potential member and definitely lost a person that would frequent ADK's TS3.   Now, that was just one person for one time. Each time (each new day) you play, there is a chance that there are different people in the LoL channels. You do the same thing, come to hang out in our TS3. Oh let's start a game, I have some other buddies in MC's TS3, I should be over on MC's TS3 because I belong to their community. You guys can stay over here, but if you want, here's the ip to MC's TS3. There goes those other players.... might end up being the same thing as the cycle above.   As you can imagine, the cycle will not end. You will of course pick MC's TS3 over ADK's TS3 due to responsibilities of being in your new community. As I stated previously, you already gave the info to your close friends in ADK. If they wish to go over to play with you, that's their decision. Again, it was difficult for me to state my point due to your apology and ban appeal. As stated, it comes down to a trust issue. Our trust is shaken due to the events in TS3 that occurred after you left ADK.   I also gave a small reasoning as to why the ban should be in place. Even if you run two TS3, if there's a person or people that you or one of your friends do not wish to communicate with, they would go to your TS3 to play in private, therefore there would be no need for the ADK TS3. If you guys stay in the ADK TS3 but mute mic, new players will not hear what's going on, especially if a few players on solely on the MC's TS3. Hench they would have to connect to the MC's TS3 to play (resulting in the mentioned above). If you were to be unbanned and hang out in the ADK TS3 and decide to make more friends, what happens when something goes wrong (unexpected on both ends) and you decide to leave. All of those close friends that you made in ADK's TS3 would have to make a decision. Some might follow, some might stay, no one knows for sure, but if they follow then it's a big lost for ADK (because you know how hard it is for people to get into TS3). By keeping the ban ADK has a very slight chance that it will lose these people vs. the chance it would have if you were allowed back on to ADK's TS3.   As stated, you went to MC's community to pursue league play. Just as you did over here, you can make friends over there. If your close friends, or whomever you already given the IP address to wants to go over there, we cannot stop them, but we are limiting the amount of people that know about your TS3 to whoever know of it now.
  14. Banned from TS? Reason: Recruiting?!?!?

    @[member='Joey'] can you come in here to verify something? Huey, when you left ADK, did you talk with a VA, namely Joey about the situation? Did you talk about the conflicts of two ts3? Did Joey talk to you that you can still come in ADK's ts3, but be respectful and not take people away from our ts3?       Yes ADK quoted this already and made his point about this statement. My point, pending Joey, has to do with your conversation with him at the time, was that it was your warning. It's also a standard unspoken rule that you do NOT go into someone else's server (BF3, Dayz, TS3) and give them the IP to another server.   I'm not sure of the instances where you came in and when you left, a few people followed, but for those times, were those people ONLY the 3 that you gave the TS3 info to? If not, just stop and think. There you only gave the info to 3 people, but now you have a full group of 5 on your other TS3. Someone from your 3 probably gave it to them. If that was the case, your wishful thinking, that you only gave the IP to your trusted friends so that they know where else to find you (per our conversation), would remain solely with the 3 individuals, resulted in a chain that inevitably take people from our ADK TS3 to MC TS3.   As I stated with you, if this were something in the BF3 servers, you would also have been banned. Regarding the situation of someone leaving ADK, then coming back to chat in the ADK TS3, then going to their new TS3 location and providing TS3 info, those guys were banned as well. Look at what happened to Infidel, Hell, Byrns. They came back to our TS3, and grabbed our members. Though on the same premise that, if the players wanted to talk with them, they could find them at another TS3.   I also told you that if you considered the people to be your trusted new friends, you could have given them your Facebook, Steam, Twitter (just added this one), email, phone # (you recommended this one).   Going back to the TS3 issue. Yes you can have 2 TS3 opened on different servers at once. Though you did not know about it, my view on this goes back to my first point when I chatted with you, why don't you invite other people to our TS3. This has been what we at ADK been trying to do for the longest time. Since you've been in ADK for over a year, and active on the forums, and on TS3, you know that this is one of policies. We invite people that we play with (that we believe would be a good person to talk with when playing) into our TS3. AOB stated most of what I discussed with you regarding ADK's presence in LoL, and one way for us to do that is to have players play while in the TS3. Yes, we don't have a Ranked name for our selves, but it doesn't mean that we can't show the LoL community that we don't exist. We grow in the LoL community by inviting more players to our TS3, to get to know one another, to be able to find some people to queue with, etc. How are we to do that effectively when people are not in our TS3?   Even if you dual TS3, how are we to ensure that whoever was founded on ADK's TS3 isn't over at MC's TS3? You say that you will report, but with the growing amount of people in each TS3, it's hard to keep track. Needless to say, our trust is shaken.   http://www.adkgamers.com/topic/24999-saying-goodbye/ You stated that you, "hope I can still hang out on your TS so I can continue to play League with the people that use this TS" -Huey, but you didn't even try to hang out in our TS3. You come in, saw your 'friends' and possibly other regs talked with them, LEFT, and THEY LEFT to MC's TS3.   You also said that you wanted to pursue more play in League (which I'm assuming is the league rankings on LoL), but did you join MC's ranked team? Did you join up with their players? I cannot say for sure, but you still play with the same people from here. Then it goes back to the part where you can't just be in this TS3, but over in MC's TS3.   Now breathe.....   You noted in your good bye, that you were going to play games ADK has yet to branch off into, why didn't you introduce ADK to those games? You noted in the apology that you were teaching your wife and letting her play on your account. This is really funny because she would be playing on a level 30 account, from which anyone can see is very very bad. Make her a new account so that she can play on the same level and gain experience there. She doesn't learn anything if she's feeding. I made my wife an account a while back and kept it at 10. It was also used to get other ADK members leveled, but sadly my time had to go to real life, and not many bothered to come to TS3 for me to instruct.   I'm sorry to hear about your personal issues, but one of the things that might help is to reduce your stress level, if the doctors have not already talked with you about it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crohn%27s_disease So I'm not sure how you will decide to pursue your interest in league, which is very stressful, as you claimed. To each their own.     Regarding the ban itself. Though the apology is an apology, looking at things from our end it's not that simple. Again, your actions have shaken our trust. In short, I could say, you gave your friends MC's TS3 ip. They know where to find you when they are playing, that and they can see you on LoL. If you are playing other games, so be it, they have your TS3 ip and can find you. Some of us are also friends of the people who went to MC's TS3, and what happens when we want to play with them, but they are over on your TS3 (pending the ban is still in place)? They would have to come back to our TS3? This is a hassle for the rest of us. Even if you tell them not to, they go anyhow. That's one less from ADK's TS3. The reg doesn't want to open up 2 TS3, and just hops on to MC. This cycle repeats. You see what I'm getting at?   IF the ban is uplifted, how are we to ensure that no new reg in our TS3 will go to MC's TS3? How many times has ADK been betrayed by one of their own? You were in here for almost 2 years? Others were here longer, but still when they left, they took people. It is difficult to make these decisions, and we cannot keep changing our minds based on the person. A lot of the ones that left were young. Though you are considered an adult, there is still a lot for you to learn. You opted to learn elsewhere. You had LoL TS3 Admin, but you gave that up because people did not conform to your expectations. People did not listen.   You dropped ADK at the end of March. You said you still wanted to hang out with the people in our TS3, yet within 1 month, you advised people to make the decision of which TS3 they had to be in. You didn't hang out, you came and left, followed by your friends and other players that wanted to play with you.   In our pursuit to grow as a gaming community, we cannot afford to lose a player, which in the future can positively change the experience for the community. If in the future, something happens and you leave again, taking along more players, we will hold that on our heads. I have to say that I deny the request to unban. Again, it is a tough decision, but one I'm making. I've been trying to get ADK into LoL for the longest time, but due to life's events I can not invest 100% of my time to it, but it doesn't mean that I don't care about it. I'm still trying to get LoL Leaders. Still trying to get people to organized 5v5, or even 3v3.   You have MC's TS3. You have a new group of people from which you can make new friends with. Your 3 friends that you gave the IP to, can find you over there. Sorry to say, but this is a lesson learned the hard way. Every action you make in life has consequences. Think things out before you make your choices.   GL HF. GG. -J5
  15. First look at the ARAM Queue

    I don't mind the swapping because it's the same for ranked queues. It doesn't affect the fact that the 5 random champs are still the same.

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