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    Football, Gaming, Video Creating, Video Editing, and My Cat Ming!

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  1. apresentação

    Hello @[member='Bruxo'], glad to see you found us through Facebook! Hope that you'll be able to join us in H1Z1 soon!
  2. What will be your first class!?

    They all look too cool D: But Ima have to go with the wizard, only because I've been watching alot of Fairy Tail lately :3
  3. About my self

    Welcome @[member='Rasmus1B53N'] :D Really cool to see you like American Football :D Do you have a favorite team or player? And what position would you play. For me, I'd stay on the line haha.
  4. Metro: A Different Perspective

    Well hey, It still better than Lockers in my opinion :3. And very nice article as well :), I'll go and play a few rounds later today or tomorrow .
  5. Update on my Ship Garage:   I replaced my Ghost Hornet for the Limited edition Military FreeLancer. I'm a little skeptical right now about it, but I'm sure it'll be great in the end. Keep you all updated :3   Oh.. I forgot, I got an Aurora Variant as well, Not like it matters :3 xD
  6. Guest Pass Request/Giving thread!

    I'm interested if anyone has a extra pass.. or two :3. Saw some videos on the game, looks different and really PRETTY to alot of other MMOs.
  7. We meet again!

    Why Hello it's been a while,   If you don't know me already, I'm Hackemz. I've been an ADK member in the past, left for reasons, but I'm back again! For people who don't know me, I'm just a normal gamer, who loves his cat Ming, loves to play football, and enjoys playing any game you might think of with friends. I've also been called to be more "mature", compared to my other peers, but thats for you to decide :P. If you want to know anything more, feel free to talk to me in TS if you see me. Hope to see you all around Ingame and TS!
  8. @[member='magiceel']   I love bad puns too!!! Usually when I meet a person who doesn't, I give them a PUNishment!!! XD Welcome to ADK!
  9. When given various plans, always stick with Plan A! :D

    1. Zed1229


      I find that plan A never works, always have to get to plan C .

  10. Hi m chunkyyukon!

    Hey @[member='chunkyyukon'] GLAD YOUR COMING BACK !!! :D If you have any questions or problems feel free to ask :D
  11. Introducing myself

    YAY not a squeaker! xD Welcome to ADK, and to see you around in ARK and hopefully other games to! @[member='Shady Badger']
  12. My name is Levi_biff

    Hey @[member='Levi_biff'] glad to see you came here to find time to play games! hope to see you around and when your ready, I can add you to our MC server. Just post under the Mc part of the forums. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask.
  13. Not the usual person

    @[member='bbqribs1234']   Sorry for the confusing reply. Just meant to say not to stress about the whole process, and that you'll get through it perfectly 
  14. Not the usual person

    Hey @[member='bbqribs1234'], glad to have you here in ADK!    Don't worry of being accepted in ADK and just have a good time, and in no time, you will be accepted!!! hope to see you around in ARK, H1Z1 or any other games! If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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