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  1. What will be your first class!?

    Eh, why not get to do what I missed out on in Archeage, letting pets bash people's faces in for me when I sit back and eat some saltine crackers.
  2. Back to business like I was never gone.

  3. Thank you for your time ADK, but I'm afraid I must be going now. To quote the great words of Douglas MacArthur, "I shall return."

    1. Spyderbyte88


      why you leaving again poke?

    2. Pokelightian


      Again? I've never really gone on a hiatus before. But to answer the question, there are not alot of games out right now that ADK plays that I am overly interested in.

  4. Meet Our Member #3 - Zepplen & QQtiepie

    @[member='Phire'] I never knew article editing was like battling a hydra....
  5. hey

    I've got a PS4, but you'll never be able to see me playing on it. Maybe in the most extreme cases you'll see me in Planetside2 and War Thunder :x
  6. I Are Bill

    I'm going to have to say that I give a Shia Labeouf style slow clap and standing ovation for this :P   In seriousness though, feel free to hop down to War Thunder and play a couple matches with us, we can help you get any TS and ingame hours you need :)
  7. LulluIntro~

  8. @[member='BewareDaBeast'] As I said before(looking back on it, maybe not :p), just a matter of where in the forums you are. If you get yourself involved in multiple sub-communities and games you will soon be swamped with forum activity :D
  9. The forums aren't really dead, it's just the forum section for Archeage is dead. It's one of those games where most of the business is conducted ingame rather than on the forums. Yes this makes it really hard for Archeage recruits to get their posts done. :(
  10. Vote Of No Confidence

    @[member='Spyderbyte88'] Yup, but it's still a great battle cry.
  11. Vote Of No Confidence

    Down with Halsey in with Hudson!
  12. Thargoids?! What are they?

    @[member='LegallyBlindCake'] You won't get interdicted, but witched out.
  13. president halsey

    Down with Halsy? In a way that wouldn't result in a civil war of course.
  14. Weekly Events Schedule

    You guys should come play some War Thunder with us. We're getting rebooted back to being a proper title in the community.

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