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    jackson ohio

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    windows 7 home premium
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    AMD Phenom X4 840 3200 MHZ
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    22" acer
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    g11 keyboard ,turtle beach PS11, wireless mouse
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  1. love my new profile pic

    grumpy cat FTW  better then the banana showing his banana   cause i am grumpy and competitive and i bitch alot  so be it  
  2. BF3 still down even after update

    please explain this to me why u wud get a erection from me quitting  
  3. BF3 still down even after update

    lol u get erections from that ur sick   
  4. BF3 still down even after update

    yea lol i  never said i quit i just said i was taking a break from the game its boring if u play like 24/7 like i tend to do 
  5. BF3 still down even after update

    i was playing and thinking of hopping on server but as of 6 in the morning on 6-15-2013 its still down 
  6. bored with BF3

    another reason i do not wanna play is not because the game is not fun but i am still dealing with a bad break up i had like 6 months ago i am not like most people i do let things go easily ...so in that case i have bad anxiety and depression  ...it makes having fun with ur pals except one douche not fun at all any game an any map all not fun at all when ur mind is else where and all u wanna do is stab people lol and bury them under ur house john wayne gacy style .... lmao :ph34r:  
  7. bored with BF3

    ok i am curious why wud u get  a erection from this ...not curiosity but mainly i am lost ?????  
  8. bored with BF3

    plus i follow UFC on that link i posted awhile ago to watch it for free good fight this Sat. Rashad Evans Henderson shud be a good one and work on sunday  my weekend of fun is set 
  9. bored with BF3

    i didn't say i was leaving the community not at all i still regard u as playing mates on the game except one douche lol  ... but i just won't be on the server to much but yea i used to play MW3 non stop but then they took off hardcore headquarters i played it religiously loved it was good at it .... then  gone i switched to BF3 i played it out its boring i am on to rome total war and strategy based games  ... i will be playing and gaming out on BF4  :) .... i could smoke real weed right across the street they sell killer skunk ass weed da bomb it won't get u high like incense  :wub2:  ...if they didn't take off HC HQ i wud prolly still be playing it and raping on that game but sadly life goes on ... i will be on just not every day 24/7 hours i play armored kill mostly     see i am growing up all i said as far insults is douche i think if i have not missed a dirty word believe me my mouth is armed and ready 
  10. bored with BF3

    i will not be on as much .... i find this game to be boring and full of things i would not put in a game or let slide if producing a game ... i find netflix and twitter and facebook games to much more amusing ... so i guess u guys are happy :)           smoke some incense its good for u      http://www.spice4fun.com/
  11. how do u

  12. Greetings

    hell yea lol i will be 60 and gaming lol when i get up there .... p.s. welcome to the forums and i hope to see u in the server
  13. hello and welcome to the forums and i hope to see u on the server soon  
  14. Hello all from Muad55Dib

    hello and welcome to the forums and i don't think i have played with u in the server yet i look forward to it   
  15. What's Up =ADK=

    good luck bro see ya in game 

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