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  1. Who's Ready for E3!?

    Yeah I cannot wait to see the multiplayer gameplay ! I'll finally figure if BF4 worth it or if it's the beginning of the end for EA
  2. WHeaties Signing In

    wow a real pilot ! Awesome
  3. Hello ADK members

    Welcome !
  4. hi ADK

    Welcome bro !
  5. What do you think about BF4 and would you buy it ?

    Yeah but I don't like the fact that they made a singleplayer gameplay video instead of a multiplayer.
  6. Hey guys I'm looking to play with ADK members in BF3

    yeah sure bro :d
  7. Hey guys I'm looking to play with ADK members in BF3. There is my in-game name : Marc616. Feel free to add me as a friend if you want to and I hope to see you soon on the Battlefield :ph34r:
  8. Hey all! CeLLy_PuLLs_OuT

    Hi john welcome ! Are you playing BF3 ?
  9. What's up guys!

    @[member='Dimwit'] Thanks for the informations dimwit ! It's really appreciate :D
  10. BF3 Gameplay - Dynasty on TDM

    Wow impressive performance !
  11. Introduction - Guinsoona

    Welcome !
  12. What do you think about BF4 and would you buy it ?

    I know but why they put a singleplayer gameplay video lol
  13. What's up guys!

    Hi ADK members my name is Marc616 I just join your clan today and I'd like to introduce myself to become one of your member in BF3. I heard about ADK on your BF3 servers. I don't have a clan yet so that's why I'd like to join this one because I think I'm a good player and I always like to meet new gamers on BF3.   I really  want to become a ADK member and hope to see you on the battlefield soon:P
  14. Battlefield 4 Pre-Order

    Why the hell they put a single player video instead of a multiplayer one ?!!
  15. Hi guys I think BF4 will be more like an update of BF3 and I don't think I'll buy it. What's your toughts on that ?

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