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  1. Who's Using The New Firefox?

    I've been using Firefox (Developer Edition) for several years now and I absolutely love it. Why I use Firefox over Google Chrome: 1) It's not made by Google. I don't trust what they do with my data. I don't like how big they have become. I don't like their politics. 2) Now faster and more lightweight than Chrome. When I launched Firefox with Quantum engine for first time, I noticed a night and day difference from previous versions of Firefox. 3) Firefox is open source. Although it's true that most of Chrome is open source (Chromium), Google adds in all of its proprietary evil before deploying. 4) Mozilla advocates privacy, free speech & an open internet.
  2. A Knight of Demomen

    tru dat, Arizona's where it's at!
  3. A Knight of Demomen

    LOL - Yea, make your head really pretty for me when I chop it!  Maybe you can switch between purple and gold fro's so I can get LSU colors.   :lol:
  4. A Knight of Demomen

    Calendar Marked!
  5. -Outdated- Urgot ADC build

    Urgot needs a buff, stat!   Don't know why they nerfed him.  Even before nerf, nobody played him. 
  6. Best Jungler?

    A fed jungling Udyr == gg
  7. iPhone 5s and IPhone5c thoughts?

    mine's coming next week will let you know!  The initial reviews I've read have all been great.
  8. Guess everyone will finally be jumping to Windows 8.  Hard to see people spending 100s of dollars on hardware to get a few extra frames, but not spending < $100 for the windows 8 upgrade.   Time for me to upgrade my GTX470 which I got 3 years ago.  These cards go obsolete so freaking fast. :angry:
  9. What does Teemo say?

    OR: An Ode to AOB   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U996nO8zkZs
  10. TF2 Saturday Gaming Get Together!

    I probably won't be on until after 10pm, but I am down!
  11. iOS 7 What are your thoughts?

    I got iOS7 installed on my iPhone/iPad.  So far, I'm pretty impressed.  The new UI isn't as bad in person as it was on the screenshots I saw.  I like the transition effects when closing/opening apps and folders.  As much as I've hated on the flat design, I have to admit it feels modern.  Maybe, I'm getting used to it since so many companies are switching to it.   Also, it's nice to get the latest version of the OS the day it is released.  All you haters (aka Android users) can't say the same :)
  12. iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Official Release

    who else is innovating though? same arguments can be made for samsung, microsoft, htc, etc. 
  13. Fantasy Football League 2013/2014

    it's going to be a dogfight for the FA pickups as 16 teams have completely depleted the pool.  
  14. Riot teams with American Express

    That'd be awesome..     They totally need to make a live action League of Legends movie!     Possible Plot:  "After TF gets thrown in jail for throwing a American Express Gold Card at a cashier, Kog'Maw and a just-out-of-rehab Cho'Gath must work together to break him out.  While Kog'Maw, dressed up as a Cowboy's Cheerleader, flirts with the security guards, Cho'Gath sneaks by security and knocks out half the prison with his rancid breath.  Meanwhile, an unsure Garen wonders why 'he can't quit' Taric."
  15. Fantasy Football League 2013/2014

    12 more spots!  Trash talkers welcome!

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