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  1. Divergence: Online - A Brand New MMORPG!

    go read  up on steam... just 2 kids are developers, they are rude, full of shit. They make it sound like the game has way more than it does :( They simply took an emu copy and pasted it on a Unity engine. Doesn't even run as well as the emus I guess. Buyer beware
  2. Just got the game

    Doesn't my internet go wonky today...grrr... can't even get Comcast. I show about 1/10 my download and ZERO upload. I'm surprised the ADK site came up. Not much else will...
  3. Just got the game

    Playing the training exercises.... I went through the forum, yet I did not see any pinned posts as to who what where ADK  is operating. I did see something that mentioned federation... yet haven't seen that in game yet.     My gaming hours will likely be late afternoon central during the week (if I have time) and then likely LATE night weekends   Ovist
  4. Elite:Dangerous Release and ADK

    I will likely be buying and trying this in a few days, hoping Dimwit might be interested as well... :)
  5. Warhammer 40K: Enteral Crusade?

    I'll have to keep an eye on this, I see no reason why not to add this to the list of ADK games.
  6. First space walk

    Awesome vid... made me want to update and try it myself... I could only find the platform on dying sun but managed to land (a million slow nudges later with the hornet) then a decouple (capslock) then F key to exit once landed. It seems the free suit flight is a basically go where you face deal with w key to increase speed and s key to slow.  The deck is sorta gravity bound yet the game seems to have trouble handling it I was gravitized to my head for a few loops around my hornet until the game decided to put me on my feet. Got back in my hornet, went to take off and the game freaked on me... so it needs work. Fun to try though :) thanks for letting us know this was possible !!!
  7. Got my Star Citizen Hoodie today

    Now at least this is something worth reading about on the forum.... Semi jealous... yet I dont wear hoodies so.. but a normal t shirt I'd wear
  8. New Freelancers

    They're ugly as fuck now... look like a beached Humpback Whale
  9. How did you get your Name and Avatar?

    My Name Ovist is the first name of a formal full name given to me by a random generator in Star Wars Galaxies, the full name was Ovist Lightingmoon. It was my first long term MMO and the name stuck.   My profile pic is me in real life as scary as that is.   I don't share my wealth unless she is REAL HOT, otherwise it is MINE ALL MINE
  10. I guess.. win8 helps? lololol

    Windows 8 will basically be no better or no worse than windows 7 or Vista... it is the SAME kernel used on all 3 operating systems. The differences come in the shape of what is running at launch and what additional software is or is not included with the O.S. If you know your way around a computer you can turn off whatever you want in Windows 7 or Vista and make it run just as sleek as Windows 8. The only difference coming up for gamers is supposedly windows will NOT make the new Direct X available to anything other than windows 8.  Supposedly in windows 8 you can even turn the start bar back on by editing the registry, I have failed at doing so but others have claimed to succeed. So really there is no difference between the 3 dressed versions of this kernel... it only depends on your knowledge of msconfig and registry alterations and what desktop scenario you wish to use.
  11. Riken I did fill out another application,... maybe the delay has been this all along. I did notice on todays captcha I got it wrong and the reply first said congratulations then further down the page it said there was an error with captcha., I hate those things and often can't get them right. Hopefully now all is good.
  12. Hello

    Bout time :P
  13. Lol, I'll likely never be the player with the best KD or number of kills... but I can plan well and play dirty. I love Bettys lol and I like to find new fun ways to use them. Somehow, maybe I'm twisted, yet I get a good laugh every time one goes off with a kill. We recently have been offering them up as death from above by throwing them over railings. Sadly with the revamp they took away a few of our railings and ledges.
  14. Will do Riken :) My sister and her husband left this morning so tonight it is back into the gaming :) I got a little in over the last few days and am not too happy with the merge yet, maybe tonight I can jump into a full platoon and kick some ass :)
  15. Howdy... Originally was playing heavily as an engineer who loved to drop betty's and fix stuff. Now enjoying playing a Heavy and locking onto enemies and blowing them to bits.   About me, I don't normally share much in community, live near Knoxville, play too many games and am a musician. Used to own my own business. Oh...an Im an old fart lol... Anything else you'll just have to get to know me personally.

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