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  1. CTE Patch Went Live!!!

    game is still garbage. rubber banding is just as bad, net code fix? HA... still light a guy up point blank and nothing
  2. BF4 on Fire

    netcode still noticeable, rubber banding down a little bit but its still unplayable for me
  3. WARNING: Multiple Personality Disorder

    such a shame...
  4. Battlefield Top Plays

    "he sends me about 50 clips a week, seriously bro pick your best ones then send them in"
  5. Battlefield Top Plays

    yup! REPPING ADK WITH A BIG TIME YOUTUBER! way to go guys
  6. do i play unfair?

    again guys, i honestly dont think ping is an issue. its just something to cry about for a stupid reason. in every single first person shooter i have played, ping has not been an issue what so ever. other than the guy in bangladesh playing in a third world country with his internet itself lagging out. its like the whole "netcode" issue, its really not even that big of a deal. yeah some deaths are pretty lame where it seems like you got shot from behind a wall but guess what. GET THE FUCK OVER IT. its not that big of a problem for people to cry about, i learned to deal with it and clearly no one else can.   sure the game has issues, DICE is trying to fix them as fast as they can.  enjoy the game with what you have now and make the best of it, if you cant do that than you shouldnt be playing the game. as easy as that. people need to get the whole ping/netcode issue out of their head, its literally starting to piss me off
  7. do i play unfair?

    i personally have not ran into anything thats "game changing" when it comes to pings. pings aren't an issue in my eyes, so what AOB has said its just something for someone to complain about when they die. They have the mentality of a "mlg pro gamer/tournament champion" and they feel like they know everything, they act like "coders" and try to bitch about something that dosnt seem entirely true. its all hearsay.   only issue i have is the rubber banding, in which everyone is having that issue. it has nothing to do with pings, simply because i have 40-60 ping in our US servers and i get it, bad... about 160 ping in our EU servers, still rubber banding. but again, i doubt ping is a factor in any of that.   so no codeine, i love playing with you. its not a problem at all :)
  8. I play this game all wrong.

  9. SW40 Thoughts?

    still prefer my magnum 
  10. Nox and Pepsi's Random Battlefield Moments

    definitely tonight's highlight. so funny
  11. New Guy

    ah another EvE online dude! nice to meet you Sir. im a sci-fi dude myself. <---- star wars nerd. nice to meet you!
  12. Hey, I'm KFieLd!

    Nice to meet you kevin! MOH:AA was my first fps too. Then switched to spearhead. I play rust and dayz as well so we should play sometime! Hit me up
  13. BlackHawks_Lapua

    This was a good read, i thoroughly enjoyed every part of it. Its nice to meet you Demetrius, thanks for your interest in ADK. Best of luck and looking forward to meeting you! Feel free to say hi on teamspeak  
  14. Howdy folks :)

    ah another eve online player :P nice to meet you man! (again) lol
  15. eh, shortcuts would be nice but. i have everything unlocked. only downside is that i only have camo's and paint's to unlock now. and being we only get bronze packs im certain ill be getting nothing but 25% packs all day lol

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