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    Windows 8
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    ASRock 970 Extreme 3
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    AMD FX-6100
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    AMD Radeon HD 6750
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    some Raidmax 630 watt
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    90 GB SSD, 500 GB HDD, 250 GB HDD
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    onboard Realtek
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    Asus and Acer 22"
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    Rosewill Blackhawk
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    MS Sidewinder X4, Logitech G9X
  1. Attention Geeks... Get your Pi now.

    I've tried it all, read every guide.  There's something going on between Windows and my router that I can't seem to consistently replicate.  The Pi is set up perfectly, minus the torrenting.  That just won't work at all.  Maybe Win 8.1 will fix more than just whiny nerd rage start menu bullshit.
  2. Dynasty’s BF3 Settings For Better And Smoother Play

    Gonna try some of this out tonight.   Thanks.
  3. Hardware help....

    If you absolute have to do it piece by piece, the recommended upgrade path is :   CPU first RAM second GFX last   You are much better off doing all 3 at once though.  Not only can you possible find a good sale or bundle, but you'd just be bottlenecked in one area until your next upgrade.
  4. Attention Geeks... Get your Pi now.

    You can buy from Amazon.  Bundles available as well.  Neat device.  Can be a pain to get set up for particular things.  I can't get mine to torrent.  But I have some kind of networking issue that is either my router or my Windows 8 machine so I have a hard time remoting into the damn thing.  I'd like to get it set up so I can remote in from outside my local network, and I've tried, but troubleshooting problems sucks.
  5. Bitcoin mining for ADK

    Mining is not worth the power cost.
  6. Windows 8 GodMode

    I jumped on the $40 upgrade and spent the extra $5 for Start8.  That's the cheapest I've ever upgraded (not counting that WinXP Pro I pirated many years ago). Being its pretty much just Win7 with some extra enhancements, I can't see paying more for it anyway.  Get it for free, pay the $5 for Start8 and start enjoying the benefits.
  7. Windows 8 GodMode

    People complain about Win8, but if they only knew half of what isn't documented about Windows, it makes all the difference.
  8. Windows 8 GodMode

    Be more efficient and effective with Windows 8 by using GodMode!   Create new folder Name it: GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}       And for more (most work with Windows 7 too):   http://www.eightforums.com/tutorials/13591-clsid-key-guid-shortcuts-list-windows-8-a.html
  9. Manic Suppression

    Ha, that was actually pretty decent.
  10. Of Mice and... mousepads?

    I have a G9x.  Highly customizable, as others mentioned, but that just means I can't get the weight right or find a DPI that works for me.
  11. Will You be upgrading to Windows 8

    Windows 8 + Start8 = Almost Perfect.   I've had issues with Windows 8 telling me I'm not activated.  A reboot usually resolves that glitch.  But it affects my Office as well and both Windows and Office were paid for and activated.  I even reformatted and reinstalled 8 when the problem persisted through several reboots.  But it has happened again since.  So, it has some bugs but is also an improvement over 7.
  12. Info security and networking

    The basics that most people should learn but don't do:   (If you have a wireless router) Get on your router's admin page and set an SSID, password, and best practice would be to not broadcast SSID. Enable MAC filtering. Set a range of IP addresses for DHCP, enough for your devices. And make sure you change the default username and password for your router admin.   Once a person learns and implements these practices, only then should they be allowed internet access.  Basic security is enough for the general population but lacking.  When you learn how to protect your personal home network then you can begin to understand and learn how to do more complex things.   I've been playing around and using a Raspberry Pi lately, and it has really helped me understand things a little more, alongside my previous/current networking skills (or lack thereof) and its also taught me how to use a terminal.   Just my 2 cents on network security.
  13. How everyone feels after work

    I was falling asleep all morning staring at code.  I looked just like that.
  14. Hello!

    I probably won't say much in the Teamspeak, but I do like to listen to convo.  Thanks for the warm welcome!
  15. Hello!

    Thanks!   I just spent the last few hours in game with some folks.  Having too much fun and now didn't get anything else done.

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