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  1. EOD DAY

    Should totatlly go into Meto 24/7 no explosives and post up with some eod bots.  Wacko might kick/kill us but worth it  
  2. Fanfiction

    Have you ever thought of? or actually wrote fanfiction? I've been writing for awhile but haven't published anything like on fanfiction.net or anything.    But i'm currently working on an actual story, just recently hit writers block though. Anyway, if you have anything to share, I am eager to see/read it.    Thank you for taking the time to read this topic
  3. Superman VS the Hulk who would win?

    The Hulk, although it is a tough decision because Superman would be fighting under the yellow sun. He's one big solar battery but there is the potential for him to exhaust his cells (energy cells) and he would have to retreat. The Hulk, as previously mentioned would keep getting stronger and stronger the more pissed he gets, an example of his power when hes truly pissed would be : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_War_Hulk   Also, even if the Hulk had to retreat as previously mentioned to transform back, the moment Banner would be in trouble, he would instantly transform. 
  4. [Documentaries] Do you watch any?

    I've been watching the documentaries on VICE, which can be found on youtube, it's interesting. Also would, stuff they don't want you to know, be considered a documentary? there 5 minute snippets on stuff they don't want you to know. But thank you for sharing, I am going to definetly be looking up some of the documentaries mentioned. Cheers
  5. How long can you last?

    Like 10 seconds, a smirk appeared as the sound got a little louder. Thanks for sharing. 
  6. Pets

    Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of them on me, but I have two small guinea pigs. They are adorable. Thank you for sharing your photos. One day when I move into a house, I'll buy me a dog. Possibly a cat. But only so I can shamelessly whore it out on reddit for karma
  7. Favorite Artist/Band?

    The Killers, they are currently my favorite. And I would like to thank the people who replied to this thread, I was able to catch some new bands I haven't heard of so cheers. 
  8. What are you listening to right now?

    I have a couple of CD's on my computer that I haven't listened to in awhile, I had it on shuffle and caught some tracks from Blink 182. The party song, is currently my jam. Its an oldie but goldie. 
  9. Hockey

    Its been a dream of mine to attend an oilers game in the arena, I watched a few videos on youtube of the whole arena singing the Canadian anthem. I am from Winnipeg, so it was great when we got the Jets back. 
  10. UFC 159 Sonnen vs Jones

    The fight was decent, I thought Sonnen had a chance because he was really going at Jones which was awesome. Its a shame what happened to Jone's toe though
  11. Hello I am YABV

    I just re-installed ps2 so I'll hopefully join you in the ts channel, i'm still debating if I should drop some coin and get some good lewt off the in game market. Have you purchased any? but when I was playing PS2 initially I only had one 560 gtx. Now I have two titans sli'ed. Cheers
  12. Hello I am YABV

    Hey Alex, YABV is pretty unique sounding and its even great that its your initials placed together. I haven't played planetside 2 in awhile, is it still resource heavy? anyway, wish you all the best
  13. Hi I'm George

    Hey George, what games you play? also grats on the swim team. HS sports are always good, if you play bf3 send me an invite, we'll get some tags together
  14. Hey I am The1D10T

    Hello, how is California at the moment? and War Thunder is a great game. I'll send you a friend invite for BF3, hopefully we can play sometime.    Good luck in College!  GC
  15. Hello!

    Hello, my name is Peter and I play on the ADK servers for Battlefield 3. I joined the teamspeak channel for a bit one afternoon, will go back tomorrow.    I am currently applying to be a member of ADK, I never joined a gaming clan like this before and just recently got into PC gaming.  Well, I can normally be found on BF3 ADK TDM cuz its my favorite server.    Anyway, I hope to see you in game.    Take care and thanks for reading!

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