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  1. =ADK= League of Legends - Friends List

    Yeah, scratch the not having the US account bit, it's DarkWindPie.
  2. One Word!

  3. Useless Thread

    I need to coff less when I'm sick, it disturbs everyone I talk when I'm on Skype. ._.
  4. Mad e a friend play TF2. proud.png

    1. AOBLXIX


      Awesome! :) Woohoo!

    2. DarkWindPT


      And when she's fully trained, I might get her onto the ASK servers. ^_^

  5. One Word!

  6. =ADK= League of Legends - Friends List

    DarkieWind, level 7 on the Euro server. Still have to create one on the US server. D:
  7. This is the Hello.

    [quote name='tangyrobot' timestamp='1308824657' post='8807'] need links to your cblog!! [/quote] Oh, I forgot! [url="http://www.destructoid.com/blogs/DarkWindPT"]Here it is[/url]. [quote name='jizackson' timestamp='1308838712' post='8812'] Pedro for President! Welcome to the community [/quote] Thanks! And I need to watch Napoleon Dynamite again. <3
  8. One Word!

  9. One Word!

  10. This is the Hello.

    So good morning/evening/afternoon all, the name's DarkWind, and I'm a gamer. ^-^ Now for the real intro: The name's Pedro, a [b]almost[/b] 17 year old dude who plays FPSs for a passion, who resides in Portugal. I wasn't normally playing that much because, well, usually I suck, but I keep improving. And most of that training is on TF2. Which the ADK Goldrush server is the one I now play most. Apart from that, I usually write on a Community Blog on [url="http://www.destructoid.com"]Destructoid[/url], a video game/community website. Plus a staff moderator on RadioSEGA, an online radio dedicated only to Sega music. And I bake cakes. Looking forward to know you all and become part of this community! (If not, there's always [url="http://twitter.com/#!/DarkWindPT"]Twitter[/url].

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