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  1. I NEED HELP getting kicked form all BF4 servers!!!!

    TY that worked. i did not think to do that. it was weird i could join test range but not normal MP server and i could only play with DX11 in windowed mode full screen would kick me, i put mantel on and it worked but loading in to the game was a bit glitch. once again TY that worked and it no longer glitchy when i load in to a game, by  i glitch it wold be slow to go to full screen/ tad out and it would start it as windowed the go full screen rather slow and black screen for a sec or two. but i stll dont have a use.cfg idk y. thank you all for the help it all helped out. @[member='Vilefaith'] @[member='WARWOLF'] @[member='Dylbags99'] @[member='Dalriaden'] @[member='Pepsi'] @[member='Pinkytube1'] once again thatnk you all for the help you all were a lot more help then Battle Logs. TY
  2. I NEED HELP getting kicked form all BF4 servers!!!!

    ya its up to date
  3. I NEED HELP getting kicked form all BF4 servers!!!!

    it only kicks me when it try to load the game in full screen but when i put it in to windowed it loads in just fine then when i put it in to full screen i get kicked or something went wrong. so could it be my GPU drivers.   i can load in to test range just fine but any MP server NO kicked or something went wrong   i set bf4 to use mantel now i can get in to games but with DX i cant so could it be i have a bad DX
  4. I NEED HELP getting kicked form all BF4 servers!!!!

    i dont have a use.cfg file in any of the folders
  5. I NEED HELP getting kicked form all BF4 servers!!!!

    @[member='Pepsi'] no i dont run any proxy. based off that i think it could be that i have a moderate or static nat type
  6. I NEED HELP getting kicked form all BF4 servers!!!!

    @[member='Pepsi'] no when it loads it just goes to a black loading screen and plays the loading music and the flashes the windows task bar on the bottom then i get kicked with out ever loading in. when i try to join a unranked server it tell me i have the wrong password even tho the server has no password. and its not just ADK servers its all.     my BF4 profile: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/soldier/UNDEAD4LIFE253/stats/560576258/pc/ i have 1 active ban that i know of form a UK server for bad ping.
  7. This is the same post i made on battlelog so maybe you all can help me out!   every time it try to join a server i just get kicked or something went wrong. i have tried re-installing BF4 and the same things still happen. i have goggled why this happens and found this happens after a update for the game comes out due to server not being updated yet, and is seed to just wait a hour or 2 its been around 3 hours and it still doing it.(even after a patch comes out it only takes a few mins for most server to update..... what i have learned form past experience for updates) but their is no new update out, and yes my game and punk buster is up to date, also its not due to a ping kick.  screenshot of it: http://gyazo.com/3732806f8092a110586d9262a51a129d [gyazo.com]  my pc spec:  GPU: R9 290x /w 14.2 drivers  CPU: i7 3770k @4.7Ghz  OS: windows 7 64bit /w all latest updates     link to the post on battlelogs 
  8. BF4 Beta stream **LIVE NOW**

    im  not the best BF4 player but still come and hang out in my stream stream link:  http://www.twitch.tv/theundeadgamer253
  9. No more voting on BF4 Clans

    that is so much BULL S**T and it makes me want to.......http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73UKnn5fSbo
  10. Hardware or Driver Issue?

    you gpu or you cpu is dyeing
  11. Hello ADK im undead4life253

    thank you to all whom welcomed me to ADK. @[member='Dimwit'] I don't have a set favorite class, vehicle or aircraft. why I don't is im am still leveling up and leaning the game so I use all the different classes but I mostly use medic and engineer mainly because that what the team mostly needs and I can get good xp form them, and with aircraft im learning how to fly and vehicles I manly use tanks. whit spec ops I don't know to much about them, but the sound like they would be fun so let me know more about them
  12. Hello ADK im undead4life253

    thanks for the welcome AOBLXIX
  13. New-ish guy on the block.

    welcome to ADK
  14. Hello ADK im undead4life253

    hello ADKgaming im undead4life253 I got my name from xbox and its the ign I usually use for all and most games.   I am a xbox gamer but I do pc gaming to games I play on pc are BF3, planet side 3, and minecraft. I do more pc gaming then I do playing xbox (I HATE PLAYING COD TO MUCH BULL S**T IN IT) even though I hate playing cod I still like fast place FPS and whit all the different FPS I have player I have many different play styles, but I manly prefer to rush. when playing planet side I try my best to help the team and adapt to the team needs ex. someone/team needs medics I will switch my class to help out. when I play battlefield I like to rush and PTFO. when I play cod well who PTFO's in cod NO ONE. I have just recently just started playing planet side 2 so im still leaning some thing but I know most of the basics, I am learning how to fly right now. But I do enjoy playing it  is a fun game and I will be playing it a lot   about me: I am 18 I live in Washington I am a easy person to get a long whit I play a lot of FPS games mostly cod and battlefield I own 3 minecraft servers. I have a YouTube channel its just starting out I relay don't know what all to say about my self im not that type of person that can just list 200 things about them self I do enjoy playing whit ADK in planets side 2, BF3 and  I hop to become a full member very soon. thank you for taking you time to read my post and I hope to play with some of you soon.

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