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  1. A Twist of Fate (Video)

    This was amazing! Loved dat demonblade tryn about to get annie and getting ganked by the baron himself!
  2. Rengar rework?

    AP Rengar isn't what he used to be but tanky dps is still very good.
  3. Ok so after playing the beta for an hour here's what i think. This is basically a moba design like League of Legends or Dota 2 with the actual gameplay. Outside the game there is a castle that you build and other structures like in SC or C&C that help you gain things like exp, silver and resources.   Once you get in game it's very much like LoL, 3 lanes and a jungle with waves of creeps. There is no denying enemy last hits which i was a little disappointed with. There is a store that you can purchase health potions, energy (mana) potions and teleport scrolls but there are no actual items to power up. Instead there is a 6 tier talent tree that you gain a ton of passives as you level up.   All in all it's interesting because it's new but there aren't any keybind options and the graphics feel like PWI made the game. At this point i enjoy LoL a lot more and wouldn't really suggest this game to anyone unless you're just want to try something new.
  4. Well it's finally here, one of the Moba's that people have been talking about for a while. This game was made in Russia and has been in beta there for the last few months, currently in open beta. The US is getting it's first taste of the closed beta weekend starting 5/18 7am EST.   I personally have been signed up for this for about 4 months and just got my beta key invite today. I'll post the URL here and also some updates of the game and my first impressions at some point tomorrow granted the servers are stable and the game doesn't have a ton of bugs.   http://en.playpw.com/
  5. We Are Not Just A Battlefield Community

    Big thanks to Ness and Pepsi, looks great!

    I was just talking about this vid yesterday, best auto tune remix done yet!
  7. Hardware or Driver Issue?

    Your GPU is staying fairly cool for BF3, you just need to work on getting that CPU temp down. I would get one of the Corsair liquid all in one solutions. They mostly come under $100 and they cool much better than fan cooling.
  8. I know it's tempting to skip to the end but try watching the whole video. This video blew me away.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnDeo0yhIws
  9. Nobody releases an MP video before an SP unless there isn't a SP portion of the game.
  10. First look at the ARAM Queue

    Sure people will always troll but this way there is a punishment which is far better than old school customs. You should look into this 1st though, you can only accrue 2 rerolls and the points get made back within a couple games. This new ARAM queue is amazing compared to the old way of doing things, really liking it so far.
  11. Post Pictures of Your Gaming PC

    :o Sexy indeed!
  12. [Poll] Choose Your Tribe!

    Took Winter's Claw as well
  13. First look at the ARAM Queue

    Officially tried this yesterday, seriously good map. The new design is amazing and the queue so far isn't being trolled from the games i have played. I'm pretty impressed and now that i've played i really want to get Lissandra :D
  14. I like the F2P model, i didn't when i was broke :D but it works really well for me personally. Games like TF2 did it correctly, don't allow people to get items that make them much stronger than everyone else.   There are some games that are truly pay-to-win and it's annoying for those who can't afford it but i think if devs really try they can mix just enough game edge with aesthetic upgrades to make sure there is a balance. Some people like to invest in those devs that have great ideas and this is a great way to do that and gain something to make you feel like you contributed. As long as those gains don't make the player stronger it's all in good fun and i welcome this platform for future games.
  15. First look at the ARAM Queue

    Glad to see this finally getting implemented. I have loved this game for so long, i'm still taking a break but i can't wait to come back after seeing this!

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