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  1. LOL I was thinking at first you meant the music by your voice being off. but then I heard the gravely sound. Other then that yes it is a great keystone on any AA based champion that I have personally tried.
  2. LoL 2v2 Tourney this Saturday 3/19/16

    Im in   http://www.lolking.net/summoner/na/47470834
  3. I have played against him a few times since the changes to him, pre-rage blade nerf the damage he could output per second was just stupid, many times watched a kog with rage blade and bork melt an entire team. Post nerfs he is still strong but has the same issues he always had, no mobility so hard engage shuts him down unless the enemy team peels for him.
  4. League of Legends Patch Notes for 6.3

    Now begins the era of dragon control battles.
  5. @[member='Greenshaw'] remember everything is all backwards and upside down where our Koala Lord resides, I mean hell the call it Australian Lanes for a reason when the duo ends up top lane for a reason right?
  6. New tournament for LoL section

    2v2 was fun i vote that
  7. Tribute post for veydeth and kawaii duo

    Just remember the good times Kawaii, I promised myself I wouldn't cry......
  8. NA LCS Week 3 Staff Picks: Sub Shuffle

    Zilean > bjerg
  9. Opinions on AD bruisers

    I dont think its just the bruisers, this META just about any lane that gets ahead can crush the game, very punishing if you allow anyone to snowball.
  10. NA LCS Week 3 Staff Picks: Sub Shuffle

    I dont know, of they play Hai I would have to back C9 on that one.
  11. Kiwi needs his QT back to dominate clearly that is where digs issues are.
  12. No fears FreeSM will throw this game too.
  13. Start the H2K downfall, or the rise of Forg1ven.
  14. ADK Ranked Team Current Roster

    @[member='Arxon Havenloft'] Ouch man I was right behind you, got a "This is your last warning" chat restriction like 2 months ago, so now I just have all chat off and do my damnedest to not look at the chat anymore.

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