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  1. Logged back in to do an issue report. Saw notifications from a lot of friends missing me. I miss you guys too, but I can't come back. I love all of you :)

    1. Dimwit


      Well... that sucks.

    2. Dimwit
  2. Why Does K/D Matter So Much?

    I don't think someone should be judge entirely on KD. While it is a somewhat good metric for how good someone is, it's not perfect. I personally use my KD as a goal. Since PS2 doesn't have a lot of season to season goals, it's nice to have something to work on.
  3. Well, so much for ForumSide. No longer aloud to have fun. Won't be on here very often anymore

    1. darkstarzx2


      Oh come now, it's not THAT bad.

    2. Dimwit


      No you have to be AMUSING in game so I have something to write about (or someone does!)... Perhaps some screenshots would be of assistance... Hmmmm...? LOL

  4. Hello =ADK= community!

    Sweet, looks cool  :) I always wished I could draw. But they all look like @[member='Homeboy55'] drawings  :P   (We'll explain that term later  :lol: )
  5. The name's Rev0k.

    Sweet anouther medic sniper. @[member='Phire'] will have to look out  ^_^     What are you going to college for? I'm guessing photography? It's not really the same, but if you see some cool shots in game you should disable your hud and post them here   Me and @[member='Rikenaid'] love going around and looking at how cool this game can look. I took the picture that is his avatar.   Anyway, you seam like a good fit. Good luck on your app  :)
  6. No game, K/D of 0.9982 does not equal 1 -_-

  7. Introduction

    We need to get a number of how many of us there are, and not do anything with that information  :P
  8. Start from the top

    @[member='Montage'] Ah, a strategist. Very cool.   Your RTS knowledge will come in handy.  What is your favorite RTS? I'm more of a TBS guy, and love me a good game of Civ.
  9. Hello =ADK= community!

    @[member='Haern']   Aw forums aren't so bad  :) Cool avatar, did you draw that?
  10. Hello I'm Janson71

    @[member='Janson71'] Nice, glad your here to have fun  :)   What are you studying?
  11. Introduction

    @[member='MrMaphony'] Sweet! Another Coloradoan :) We are building a rather big Planetside team here in the Rockies  ^_^   (@[member='Metal'] @[member='NoTwitch'] @[member='Rikenaid'])   Hope to see you around, just make sure you don't make one word spam posts to get your 20  ;)
  12. When playing with Zargen: I didn't say you couldn't, I said you shouldn't

  13. Guys, me and Rike found Dimwit on the test server last night. He's the grizzled voice pack guy XD

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Fink


      Well, I'm running around as you in PS2, and it cracks me up everytime my guy says something :P



      Dimwit I'm convinced you are lying and did the voice acting for this. It sounds like if you were to chain smoke a pack of cigarettes and then wash it down with a dram of Macallan 21.

    4. Dimwit


      I am convinced I am occassionally amusing as hell. That makes it no less ridiculous, annoying, and untrue for everyone else! LOL

  14. K/D of 0.9924593967517401 ... so close to 1!

    1. darkstarzx2


      You can do it! XD

  15. Admin Wack-a-Mole!


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