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  1. Hey Everyone, I've been gone for a while but finally have more time to play some games! I'm looking for more people that have a VR headset that uses SteamVR. I'm thinking about getting more games and am trying to see if there is anyone out there playing any VR games. I mainly play Payday 2(Finally has VR support), PAVLOV, Pulsar, BAM VR(bullets and more).... Open to more ideas. Look Forward to hearing from you! P.S. I have the HTC Vive
  2. F2P Ghost Recon: Phantoms

    bet add me whenever you guys get the chance my tag is PSYCHOXD
  3. Does anybody else play this game???
  4. YAFNG - Introduction to Galen

    You are a dedicated gamer and i give you mad props for still playing. I also want to say thank you for serving to protect this country and i wish i could buy you a beer lol. We deffinately need to play Planetside one of these days and would enjoy fighting along side you on this virtual battlefield. :D
  5. Hello, I'm Nagotzu

    YOOOO im studying the same thing as you and  also a junior lol. we need to squad up one of these days lol
  6. I'M BACK!!

    Yooooo whats up errrbody lol Well, to start this off my name is Aquiles and i first came across ADK while playing planetside 2 and moved my way up to what at that time was a platoon lead (now replace by other ranks). I was online a lot but due to a misunderstanding and my lack of time to correct this misunderstanding i had to disappear for awhile. For those who don't know i am currently an IT major at GMU George Mason University and a junior in standing. I am part of the mason paintball team and am an active member of a greek fraternity. if you would like more info on that let me know and we can talk B) . I play many diffrent games included but not limited to: COD, Battlefield, fallout, civilization, Sniper elite. Unfortunately my PC isnt good enough for gaming so i normally play on my 360. if you have any questions or would like to talk about one of the things i have listed here post a comment and i will get back to you as soon as possible. ~Psycho P.S. hopefully this is qualifies as an acceptable intro post lol
  7. Something Else .........<--- isnt leaving my CD deck for at least a year!!!!

  8. Something Else .........<--- isnt leaving my CD deck for at least a year!!!!

  9. SO DOPE!!!!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmbvQLrjUas     Tech N9ne nuff said XD
  10. sooooo.....hows ya dooooin???


    ill join yall if u want just add me on there my username on marvel is PSYCHOXD

    the things u can pay to get dont really give u an advantage other that xp boosts or more superhero choices its not to bad

    Ok so the open beta is up and me and rigormortiis have been playing it and it is pretty fun. if u like diablo 3 u will like this game. it is currently F2P and is pretty enjoyable. if u have any questions let me know and ill do my best to answer them. im thinking about starting a stream so those who are interested may watch to see if its worth your time. Let me know if your interested.   ~XD
  14. Hello Everyone XD (Waving)

    1. xRingmastressx





      ok next time u see me online let me know and ill jump on vice versa



      P.S. u should join us on planetside too

  15. Hello Everyone XD (Waving)


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