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  1. Canada eh?

    Grande Prairie here, and a 100% Senators fan
  2. 700 series GPU's

    Hey looking to upgrade GPU's from 550ti's to either the 2 770's or 1 780. Anyone get the new series yet? Just looking for some opinions just because of the price drop of the 680's.
  3. 2142

    Up to you I just played some the other night and im still killer at it. Only 4 servers left but still tons of fun
  4. 2142

    Anyone here ever play 2142? Still got it downloaded? Would love to get a group together and go play a classic. Let me know!
  5. Holy shit commander mode! Now if VoIP comes back it will be battlefield the way it use to be! Anyone else excited for commanders again?
  6. Valiidate here!

    Same as these guys im up for playing outside of our servers but we got a decent selection to keep you busy. Let me know add me on origin: Tenderchode
  7. Hardware or Driver Issue?

    ya would say your card is getting to hot, dust lately?

  9. The tenderness of tenderchodes

    And dimwit, I played ps2 for a bit maybe ill jump on with you guys one day, one of my buddies know some of the guys who made it so I got some play time in, would like to try it with a crew I think it would be pretty fun!
  10. The tenderness of tenderchodes

    I just prefer a name that is easy to say and not cliche. Plus it puts a smile on people's face when they think about it :)
  11. M18x Dual GPU Problems

    Ya the funny thing about the dell website that provides drivers for my computer, is that the video driver they provide is the ati mobile version but it doesn't support crossfire. Then if I go with the none mobile version of the driver it seems to not fully support my cards cause my cards are mobile. I've always been a nvidia supporter but because of the price and power of the 7970's I couldn't pass it up.
  12. Signatures

  13. Signatures

    Was wondering if there was any artists here who could make me a signature. Lost my old one from my last clan and Im not very good and making the things so let me know I would really appreciate it!
  14. New GPU

    Running with a 550ti on ultra? Even with updated drivers i got 2 550ti's SLI and in order to get a steady 60 fps im only on high settings. Is your mother board SLI compatible? If so your best option might to buy another 550ti. Im not sure how much another 550ti is goings for but i got both of mine a year ago for 275 on NCIX.com
  15. M18x Dual GPU Problems

    Hey So got myself a M18x with dual 7970m's in it and having a real problem with the drivers. I got the down the clean unistalls and that but i occasionally get a BSOD here and there and some glitches in heavy games like skyrim and far cry. Just curious if anyone else is out there rocking the dual ati gpus on a labtop and having similar issues and have fixed it?

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