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    Pc and console gaming,Anime,graphic novels,regular Novels(you know,those ones without pictures where you have to use your imagination),Metal music. I used to skate/wake board/snowboard but many years ago I severed my Achilles tendon, so life is a little more laid back these days.

    MUSIK O_O \,,/

    3 Inches of Blood
    Rotting Christ
    Children of Bodom
    Cradle Of Filth
    Dimmu Borgir
    City & colour
    JONNY CRAIG ------ My boy. from abbotsford.. look that sh*tup..
    A Perfect Circle
    Black Label Society
    Devin Townsend(strapping/Ziltoid/everything lol)
    My Dying Bride
    In Flames
    Old Man's Child
    Ebony Lake
    Iron Maiden
    Racer x
    Job for a cowboy
    Electric six
    Johnny Cash
    The Tragically hip
    I Am X
    BOB DYLAN --- **** yeah

    There's MANY! MORE! That was off the top of my brain.. ....RESPECT MUSIK...

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    Windows 7 64 bit home premium
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    MSI Z68a-GD65 military class 2
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    i5-3550@3.30ghz Quad core
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    AMD radeon HD 7950
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    8GB DDR5
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    WD 1TB Black edition + 500GB for storage
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    24' LCD + 42' HD TV
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    Coolermaster Elite
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    Wireless logitech + KB / Z2 Turtle beach headset

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  2. GTA5 - Banned from Target

     This literally is the ONLY response in here you need to read.             The list of things that "SHOULD" be removed if this is apparently sooo bad. is overwhelming.. you would no longer have TV,movies, Heck the board game RISK is about global warfare with the outcome being(way to win) >  ONE LEADER , ONE NATION.                                      Think about that for a second.                     This reminds me of South Park when they tried to Ban Terrance & Phillip, its just ridiculous.
  3. Hi Everyone

    Well Hello there !!! Gifts go to the table on your left, and I accept any and all game cards as currency  :)    Hue hue hue
  4. FTL was awesome. it was just way to short of a game, but thoroughly enjoyed it.  I will be watching this one for sure.
  5. EA must have been extremely Rekt on Columbian Bam Bam when they decided to make Hardline.... explains the theme at least LMAO...

    1. RigorMortiis


      I have to admit though .. first game I ever seen with a Meth lab in it.

  6. LMFAO... sippin dat Haterade. syserp syserp, Its good to be back :)

  7. I have been a bit distant lately due to work and many other things, but something I noticed IS EA/Origin games is Giving away a FREE ! game every month.   so far I have gotten Dead Space 1, Plants VS zombies Deluxe/gold Edition or w/e..  and this month >>   BATTLEFIELD 3 !!!   FREE  with no expansions .. BUT FREE!!    I missed one month I think so not sure what I missed .   Hopefully people see this post even though I know most ADK members have a tenancy to stick to the respective ADK gaming sections, So if you read this post, pass it on and let everyone you know on this awesome little info:  EA/Origin games > Giving free (Good games) every month.   So do Not pass this up .. git yur EA/ Origin account, Load the app on your PC and be sure to check it every month for a new golden title..    Currently  Battlefield 3 and Plants vs zombies Complete edition w/e are still available as of May 30th 2014 ..      EA calls it the "On the House" games so they are not in the free section of origin you have to find the " On the house section".       Hope people find this info :)     Happy hunting and see ya'll in game.     SPREAD THE WORD!     I know lots of people LOVE FREE and aren't that great at Finding FREE  :P                                                                                                                                ALso if you are looking for GOOD free PC titles Feel; free to msg me I have years Of free gaming up my sleeve lol ..   < Cheap Bastard  B)                                                                                                                                                                     
  8. EA/Origin Games have been giving a FREE game a month for a little bit now. At the moment they have BF 3 FOR FREE( no expansions) but its free. for anyone who see's this make sure you check every month for a free new game. they are calling it there "On the house" games .. !))% full free games every month fropm origin .. I have gotten 3 now and missed one month .. not sure what I missed. Grab Dat sheet!!

    1. RigorMortiis


      100% free* lol damn typo's

  9. So i am picking up a new headset tomorrow in the evening sometime. I am having trouble picking out the right one because I want one that is not only PC but Ps4 compatible.. checked out this one from Plantronics named RIG (suits muh name lol) so far that seems to be the one that fits mu budget .. we will see.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. RigorMortiis


      yeah I ended up picking up the ones I was talking about .. everything is fine except I cannot seem to get any sounds to work except TS chat... no audio from youtube or even In game? can't find answers as to why.. its really frustrating.

    3. Fink


      What is your default device set to?

    4. RigorMortiis
  10. Free Elder scrolls Beta Keys !! ACT FAST go to Elder scrolls section of these forums and check out my post !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I got into the Upcoming TESO beta this coming weekend :) first one so far for me .. yay.

    1. Dimwit


      Hey, that's cool! Make sure you post on how it is when you have had a chance to play some? PM some of us to link?

    2. RigorMortiis


      actually I just found free beta keys for this weekend check this out over 300 left atm > http://www.gameitems.com/get-your-the-elder-scrolls-online-closed-beta-giveaway-684.html

  12. I am Back :) had some internet issues as well as things seem to be funky with my PC for some odd reason. been repairing it all week but things are up and running.

  13. -_________- F#%& I hate what goes on in my brain sometimes.... I feel like such a total asshat today. gonna be taking a break from posting in these forums,Don't know when I will return. I will still be around and in games, but I will not be posting here for a bit.

    1. RigorMortiis


      Just to clarify, I do stupid things a lot, I'm extremely over opinionated on matters that do not concern me, I repeat myself, I ask the same people I asked before the same questions more then once. I have a mental issue that makes me experience life as one giant Deja Vu, I don't know at times if I'm in that moment .. or actually repeating what I say and do to people,and because of it I have no doubtably annoyed or pissed off some or many people within this community.. I have tried...

    2. RigorMortiis


      Taking meds. and nothing works. (reason for my status)

  14. New Turbo Cartoon is awesome xD (turbo was a movie) and yes.. I'm a big Kid.

  15. well.. time off for holidays has come to an end, Back to work :/


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