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  1. dude havnt heard from you in a long time. where did ya go?

  2.   =Evolve Alpha=   Turtle rock studios recently announced that their new game Evolve will be on Alpha phase on October 31. Anyone who Pre-Ordered has a guaranteed Alpha access and have no fear! I found a "guaranteed" access referal and character code from RoosterTeeth. Keep in mind that you can also use this code to get a nextgen console access or PC access.   All you have to do is go to this website Evolvegame.com/bigalpha Then use these set of codes as follows Character Code: 08347-97365-66457 Referral Code: EVOLVETOWIN   Wish everyone luck on the Alpha
  3. Watch This :D

    pub matches are more stupidly fun anyway
  4. Watch This :D

    Was he the guy who follows pro player builds?   and here's something i made a few weeks back [YOUTUBE]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RD3rg6yxmqw[/YOUTUBE]
  5. Glad to see you joining the forums @[member='E Badger']
  6. Watch This :D

    Yeah i know and it sucks and the only proper skill level match making in Dota 2 would be is the ranked games. They match you up with the people who has the same MMR as you.
  7. Watch This :D

    Yeah and that's because everyone wants to be a Pudge or Invoker carry even if they can't. Some players even play support and try to carry with it. I do it too but im always successful at it, specially in pub matches. Not to mention the warding... warders are rare to have but that's only if your a low level in dota. You basically get matched up with players in the same level range and hours played as you are and that's mainly the reason why starting pub matches are awful. Best way to play with descent players is have someone in a high level or hours in your party. Dota is pretty complex and is beyond simple moba understanding. You can be any role with the hero you have, its just that new players don't understand and they insist that they do and they basically base their gameplay on the meta. I play league too and I was just a Silver II at a point but a friend of mine dragged me to the ground at duo ranking. He wanted me to drag him off from bronze but instead he brought me down with him. There are lesser noticeable mistakes in league done by players and that's because Dota is pretty overwhelming.
  8. Watch This :D

    Nope. It also happens in the playdota.com forum. It gets taken down too quickly thats why its unnoticeable.
  9. Watch This :D

    Well if you guys are interested. You can always just join any of us in Teamspeak. We're mostly online and would love to play with more people.
  10. Watch This :D

    Play with us sometime and lets fuck around while winning
  11. Watch This :D

    Join our Dota Cult
  12. Watch This :D

    *Grabs Valkyrie's ears and pulls him back to dota*
  13. My thoughts on Lucian

  14. [b]Name:[/b] League of Legends - English/Tagalog [b]Category:[/b] League Of Legends [b]Date Added:[/b] 03 May 2013 - 04:17 PM [b]Submitter:[/b] [url=http://www.adkgamers.com/user/3713-kingnut/]Kingnut[/url] [b]Short Description:[/b] This is just a fun gameplay of me and my crew [b][url=http://www.adkgamers.com/videos/view-44-league-of-legends-englishtagalog/]View Video[/url][/b]
  15. Fink Introduction Post

    Sup Fink

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